Top 12 Best and Safest Ways To Sell Used DVDs Online

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Back in the day the only way to convert used stuff into money was to sell them in a pawn shop or hold a garage sale. But now we have the internet that’s making it easier to get value for all the junk stuck in our shelves and garages. But the internet can be a dark dangerous place to do business if you are not careful. So if you have some old DVDs you would want to sell, here are 12 Best and Safest Ways To Sell Used DVDs Online!

How Much Do Used DVDs Sell For?

While you don’t expect to get the full purchase price for used DVDs, a quick spot check around the internet reveals that you should expect to sell used DVDs for a few cents to a dollar. Games sell for half their original price, while Blu-Ray discs sell for around a quarter to a third of their market value. However, rare items and collectives tend to fetch a tidy sum if you use bidding websites like eBay. But it all depends on where you are selling your merchandise and the condition of the DVD. 

Where Can I Sell Used DVDs Online?

There are lots of resources you can use to turn your old DVDs into cash. Some may help you handle fulfilment while others require you to complete the sale once you find a prospective buyer. With that in mind, here are 12 places you can sell DVDs, CDs and even Blu-Ray discs. 

E-Commerce Platforms

Decluttr– Decluttr will buy your used DVDs, bBlu-Ray movies, cell phones, tablets, game consoles, textbooks and similar items for cash. To start selling DVDs, just enter the barcode for the item you want to sell and ship it to them free of charge. You can sell via their app as well. If you choose to get paid via PayPal or direct deposit you’ll get your payment within 24 hours. Otherwise you’ll have to wait for a check in your mail after a couple of days. You can read more in our full Decluttr review

Amazon – There are a couple of selling options with Amazon. You can use the Amazon FBA (Amazon fulfills your sales), FBM (You are in charge of shipping and after sale services) or AMZ (Sell directly to Amazon). You can also trade in your DVDs for Amazon gift cards. The most profitable way would be to list the DVDs yourself as a third-party seller (FBA or FBM). Either way, unlike buyback vending, you’ll get your money once a buyer buys your merchandise on Amazon. 

eBay – eBay is a no-brainer when it comes to selling anything used. Selling on eBay can be really lucrative as you’ll just sell to the highest bidder. This is the best platform to sell collectives and rare items. All you have to do is take pictures of your item, set a starting price and monitor bids. You can also set “Buy It Now” offers as well. 

Buyback Vendors

Eagle Saver– Eagle Saver allows you to sell both new and used DVDs, CDs and Blu-Rays. All you have to do is enter the 12 digit barcode printed under the UPC barcode in their system. You’ll then receive an instant quote for the item. You can even sell your movies or TV series on Eagle Saver. They’ll give you a USPS or FedEx prepaid shipping label to ship it to them for free. Once they receive your item and everything checks out, they’ll pay you via PayPal or check the next day. If your item doesn’t pass their quality check they’ll ship it back to you for free.

SecondSpin– SecondSpin accepts any DVD title as long as it is coded as Region 1 or Region Free/All Disc. To stand a better chance of getting the best price, your disc needs to be as close to new as possible, with minimal writing or stickers on the printwork. SecondSpin also allows you to get an estimated trade-in value by keying in the barcode or DVD name on their website. They’ll refund your shipping cost if they accept your items. They pay via either PayPal, mailed check or store credit. Again, if you live near a SecondSpin store you can sell your merchandise in person. 

Sell DVDs Online – Sell DVDs Online is another trusted buyer of DVDs, CDs, video game consoles, games and controllers. They’ll need you to enter the UPC barcode into their system and then you’ll get an instant quote. Your item needs to be in good working condition with no scratches, stains, chips or missing parts. You’ll then ship it to them for free and they’ll pay you within 3 working days if everything goes as planned. They pay via PayPal or check. However, Sell DVDs Online won’t accept anything new, as they can’t verify ownership or that the owner is trying to cash out quickly. 

Bonavendi – This is basically a price search engine that allows you to compare the prices from 20 different buyback vendors. You can either scan your barcode using their app or feed in the numbers on the website. You’ll then get a quote for the items and the vendors willing to buy your DVD. You can then sell the DVD to your vendor of choice as per their individual selling policy, after sending the item to Bonavendi. 

Social/Classified Ad Websites

Facebook– There are tons of buy and sell groups on Facebook. Listing is free, and you don’t have to worry about meeting the buyer in person or shipping as everything can be negotiated on the spot. All you have to do is find a legit buy and sell group in your area, take photos of the DVD and make your listing. You can then follow up with interested buyers. You may also opt to sponsor your listing and use Facebook Ads to increase the size of your audience. 

Craigslist– This golden oldie platform also allows you to list and sell stuff for free. Just take photos of your item, describe it and let it fly. You’ll then discuss fulfillment logistics with the buyer. But be careful, Craigslist is a hotbed of all sorts of scams and crazy people. Try to meet a buyer in a public space and you should tag a friend along or meet in public. 

Apps That Let You Sell Used DVDs

LetGo App – The LetGo app allows you to sell anything used for free. To list your DVD, just take clear photos of it, describe it in detail and make your listing. A potential buyer may contact you within the app or directly. You can then discuss terms afterwards. LetGo also allows you to pay for a classified ad. If you do so your item will lead the pack in search results. But take caution as LetGo won’t be held liable for a deal gone bad. You can read this LetGo app review to find out more about the app. 

VarageSale– Selling on VarageSale is somewhat safer than LetGo or Craigslist as they verify all users and have some control over transactions and information exchange. To sell your DVDs on VarageSale, just take photos of your merch and post them up. If a buyer is interested they’ll contact you within the app. You can then discuss fulfilment with the buyer. VarageSale is safer as admins take you through a screening process before accepting you as a buyer or seller. You can read all about that in this VarageSale app review

DePop App – Depop is also great as they do monitor your interaction with buyers. As a seller you are protected by PayPal seller protection. To sell using DePop, you’ll have to take photos of your DVDs, make a detailed description and wait for a buyer to contact you within the app. A buyer will first pay for the item via PayPal, and you’ll then ship the item to them. When the buyer gets the item they’ll give your profile a rating based on their experience with you. You can do the same as well. You can read more on that in this DePop App review.

Is It Safe To Sell Used DVDs Online?

Yes, it’s definitely safe to sell used DVDs online, but there are a couple of unwritten rules to follow. Whenever possible, make sure you get paid first or structure the transaction in a way that you are protected. Remember to compare prices to ensure you get the best deal possible. 

I hope you found this article useful. Have you ever successfully sold used DVDs online? Is the option you used listed in our list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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