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If you've read this blog long enough you already know I'm really big on multiple streams of income and getting paid for things I'm going to do anyway. I don't care if it's only a couple cents or bucks because I know it all adds up. So I'm always on the hunt for opportunities that are paying me for what I do now unpaid. Well today I've found one of these opportunities that help me earn cash for using my smart phone and buying groceries. If you engage in one of those activities then you want to listen up. That pretty much means everyone should read this because I know you still need to eat and buy groceries. lol

What is Shopmium?

Shopmium is an award winning French start-up that was founded by a group of web Jedis (a lil something for you Star Wars fans lol) and market gurus. The group came together and wanted to change the relationship between product brands and the consumer, making it a much better experience for both; thus, Shopmium was born. Like ibotta, Shopmium is one of those smartphone “apps that pay you money” programs. Free and easy to use, the Shopmium app is available in the App store for iPhone and Google Play for Android. Shopmium rewards participants with cash rebates for finding and taking advantage of exclusive store product offers. Fox Business, Tech Crunch, and Rude Baguette have all featured Shopmium within the last 2 years.

How does Shopmium work?

To get in on the goodies, here's what you'll need to do:

  1. Create your free account. Once created, you'll have the option of logging into Shopmium with your Facebook credentials
  2. Complete the free app install for your smartphone (App Store or Google Play)
  3. Select a product offer from the Shopmium list. Find the product in any store
  4. Buy the product and make sure to hang on to your “Lug Nuts!” LOL (for you Jim Carrey “The Mask” fans), just kidding but you will need to hang on to your purchase receipt 😉
  5. Scan the product bar code and take a picture of your receipt
  6. Request your cash back rebate
  7. Upon request verification, receive your cash back rebate

How and when does Shopmium reward you?

At the time of this review Shopmium does not have a cash-out threshold. Cashing out takes place automatically. Every approved rebate payment is sent directly to you right after the offer has been processed. Get your cash back rebates in one of the 3 following ways:

  1. PayPal account: Allow up to 3 business days for credit to post
  2. Bank account: Allow up to 7 business days for credit to post
  3. Charitable donation: You may request to donate your cash back rebate to one of the charities listed on the Shopmium site

Shopmium Hacks, Tips, or Tricks

Shopmium offers a Referral Program. The referral program works like this:

  • Getting your referral code – Upon your initial sign-up or Shopmium registration, you will be prompted by the app to enter your generated referral code. NOTE: You'll need to watch carefully for it because if you accidentally by-pass this step by clicking through it you won't be able to go back to it.
  • Using your referral code – Once you have gotten your referral code you can now begin sharing it with others to use so that you'll be credited when they sign up: On the app there will be a “Friends” tab for you to choose which method you want to use for sharing your referral code. There will be a pre-written message that will include your unique code ready for your to use.
  • Referral credit -Each time one of your referrals uses your code when their first offer is accepted, you will get $2 added to your Shopmium account. NOTE: Referral credit is NOT sent to you via PayPal and is NOT subject to cash-out but will be automatically applied to your account to be used for future offers that you claim.

So even if you don't have a smart phone refer your friends and family so you can earn cash helping them make some money. Its a great way to make money online. I've made thousands in referrals by directing folks to free companies just like this one by following the techniques I teach here. So it's something you should consider for this or any other online reward program like this.

Shopmium Complaints

This is the part of my reviews that we all have come to love lol. So without further ado … drum roll please …

Smart Phone Required

Apparently there are many of you out there that don't have smartphones because they're too expensive, you don't need one, etc. Or maybe you just have a “dumb” phone. Either way, no soup for you! LOL Maybe in time this will change and there are other companies that will still accept you. But not Shopmium.

It's my money and I want it now!

So according to Shopmium you can't use the referral credits you earn for real cash. Now ain't that about a b. What the heck is the purpose of earning referral credits if I can't get my Paypal cash on. That's just a dumb referral program if you ask me.

What the hell is that?

Apparently there seems to be a decline in the popular products that we all use. Lately a lot of the products are from companies you probably never heard of or use. Some folks are happy to try new products. But I'm a creature of habit and you may be too so that's a bit annoying. Maybe it's a supply and demand thing.

Stop kicking me!

Shopmium members are saying they have been booted or kicked out of the app when trying to upload purchase receipts. Scanning the receipts goes well but some type of glitch is happening afterwards. Technology is great when it works, but when something goes wrong … it's chaos city.

Coupon frenzy!

There seems to be quite a few Shopmium participants having a fit over coupon usage with the program. Apparently, the final cash rebate amount will be affected if a coupon is used at the time of product purchase. A whole lot of misinformation, misunderstanding, and confusion over this! Not to mention frustration when you're expecting a cash rebate of one amount only to end up with a lesser amount because of a coupon. I guess most people did NOT take time to check out Shopmium's help center … oops. Guess what? I found this tid bit of helpful information about coupon usage right in the Help Center under the “Payment Questions“.

Shopmium Alternative

If any of the minor complaints above make you uncomfortable, no need to fret. There are similar programs you can try such as Ibotta, Smart Panel and Checkout51. All these opportunities are great to earn some extra cash but they're dependent on your shopping habits and they probably won't add up to paying any major bills consistently. You have to step up your game to do that. I make thousands of dollars per month because of My #1 Free Work At Home Recommendation. They can teach you the same skill sets that has helped Eddy with a y earn a full time income online. But keep in mind the work isn't quick or easy and it does require patience. But in the end it will pay off nicely for you. So it's something I encourage you to look into as well as my other courses where I teach you how to make money online.

Is a scam?

Shopmium is definitely not scam from what I can tell. They are legitimate way for you to make money for something you're already doing. You're not going to be able to live of this and pay major bills. But if you couple it with other ways to make extra money, it will add up over time. So, there it is folks, another review for ya. It's your turn now because I've rambled on long enough lol. So before you raise up out of here, leave a comment down below.

I love hearing from you.

Eddy with a y

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