Slidejoy App Review – Get Paid To Unlock Your Smartphone Screen?

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slidejoy_app_review_scamLet's face it more of us are using our smartphones as a replacement to our computers and laptops. It only make sense because we usually carry our phones with us more than anything else. If you've read my blog in the past, you know I've provided you with a few smartphone apps that have made many of you some extra money such as Ibotta, TapBooty (giggle. lol), Instagc, Checkout 51 and others. Well today I've discovered another app that may help you make some extra money for something you already do with your phone. So sit back and enjoy my SideJoy Review as we determine if it makes “cents” for you to use.

What is the SlideJoy App?

Let's face it most of us have locks on our smartphone for various reasons. It could be because of those incriminating selfies, your nasty slick “sex'ting” messages or like most normal people you just have personal information you want to keep safe. Either way, the SlideJoy app pays you some extra cash for simply unlocking your Android phone.

How To Get Paid For Unlocking Your Smartphone Screen?

1. First download and install the free app from google play.

2. After you install the app, you'll start seeing ads when you try to lock or unlock screen on your phone.

3. Swipe left to see the advertisement that pays you.

4. Swipe right means that you want to ignore the ad and just unlock your phone.

Whether you are swiping your phone right or left you still earn money. Visiting the ad doesn't pay you more so it increases the chance that you'll only visit the ad if you're truly interested which is what advertisers want anyway.

How Much Money Do You Make?

Damn'ed if I know. The website is allusive and doesn't really tell you. My homegirl Anna at has heard whispers of $5-$15 per month. Either way you're getting paid for something you're doing for free. So in my mind you're winning either way.

SlideJoy App Hacks

Are you looking for ways to earn more money with this app? Well check out my secret tip below.
[wpsharely id=”5779″] According to their FAQs: “if you sign up through Facebook, then you will be able to earn more money on average.”[/wpsharely]

SlideJoy Cons & Complaints

As you already know, no company is perfect. There are always some things that are going to rub us the wrong way. That said it doesn't mean the company is bad or a scam. But it's things I know will annoy some of you so it's worth mentioning so you can make an educated decision. Now that's out the way, let's get into it.

Android Smartphones only

This is the one time I'm actually jealous of you android users. LOL But apparently they are working on an iphone version. But unfortunately Apple closes certain features to developers which may make this hard for SlideJoy. It's the gift and curse of being in the Apple ecosystem.

Born In The US only…

Unfortunately for my international brothers and sisters, this app doesn't work for you if you're outside the USA. They hope to change this soon. It's not my rules people. But you know Eddy got love for you too. So check out my international section here.

No Tablet Love

You won't be able to use this on your android tablet. I'm not sure if your big ass “Phablets” count in that restriction.

Long Ass Wait for Pay

For your first payment you're going to need to wait 3 months. After that the payments will be steady every month if you continue to use the app. I don't understand the logic of why you have to wait so long for the first payment especially when you have apps like Ibotta or TapBooty that pay damn near instantly. But they claim it's because they have to wait to get paid from the advertisers. I say invoice those suckers within 30 days. LOL

So Is SlideJoy A Scam or Legitimate?

Judging by the positive feedback and ratings, the app does seem to be the real deal. So if you're like me and enjoy getting paid extra money for things you would do anyway, then this is a great little opportunity to add to your multiple streams of income. I'm big proponent of multiple streams of any income because it all adds up in my mind especially if it doesn't require a lot of effort.

But some of you ain't with that. You want to make real money and lots of it. So with that in mind, I would recommend you check out:

Paparazzi Accessories Opportunity

Wealthy Affiliate

Both are opportunities that will pay you more than this SlideJoy app in the long run. But if you're smart I would just do them together to maximize your income. In any event, I hope you enjoyed my SlideJoy App Review. If you did, let a brother know down below by posting a comment. I always love hearing from you.

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Thanks for reading! Speak to you soon.

Eddy with a y. (No it's not with an ie. lol)

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