SnapWire: Get Paid To Take Pictures With Your Smartphone

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snapwire_reviewRemember back in the days when you needed to lug around a big ass camera to capture life's precious moments? (Some of you still do it now.) Boy, I hated those days and it's probably why I never took many pictures. It just seemed cumbersome to have to carry around my camera, mp3 player, cell phone and all the other devices I usually had with me. Yes I was that guy.

Fortunately things have changed and many of the multiple devices we once carried around have been combined into our smartphones. Because of this convergence I and many other people can now take pictures at a whim which means you can capture a lot of life's great moments. Awww, it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, doesn't it? That's cool but this site is about helping you make money. So my Snapwire Review is going to show you how to turn your smartphone pictures (EXCLUDING YOUR SELFIES. LOL) into an atm machine.

What is SnapWire?

Snapwire is a website and app that basically connects people who need pictures (Buyers) with mobile photographers who will go out and take the pictures for the buyers. At the time of this review they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau if that's important to you. It shouldn't be for the reasons I've discussed here, but I digress.

How Does Snapwire Work?

Let's say a company needs a picture of a skyline in a city they don't live in. The buyer would post a request for certain types of pictures on Then you as a mobile photographer who lives in that area might go out and take the photo requested by the company. You would then respond to their ad by posting some of the pictures taken by you. The buyer would then pick the winner, and pay them for the photo.

How Much Money Can I Make with Snapwire?

The pay will vary depending on the money a buyer is willing to pay for a particular photo. But it can range from $7 to $225 from what I've read online. You are paid via paypal or via a direct deposit to your bank account according to their FAQ. You just need to log into the app or website and click on the withdrawal link within your account settings to get your money.

How Do I Sign up?

It's totally free and you can sign up by clicking here. By the way, you don't necessarily need a smartphone to work for this company. As long as you can upload your pictures using their website and your computer, you can still work with this company.

Snapwire Complaints

Time is money..

Let's say you see a photo request you really like. You head out and take some pictures. You're thinking this is great. So you try to post the pictures via your smartphone or website but you are not allowed to upload the photo. Well apparently a buyer can close out a photo request at any time. They're not doing this to be mean. But other photographers may have already beat you to the punch and uploaded some good pictures faster than you and the buyer has enough to choose from. So there is a chance of wasting time. But given the pay rates of some of these photos, it may still be worth the risk.

iOS smartphones only…

At the time of this review they only have an Apple app that you can download to your smartphone. Sorry Android users, you lose again. Just kidding. LOL But the work around is just uploading your pictures via their website. You can then use whatever device you have to take your pictures and upload them. But it may be a disadvantage because now you have an additional step to take which may slow you down. Whereas someone with the app can quickly take pictures and upload them on the run. This seems to be a temporary issue as they are working on an android app. They just haven't provided a clear deadline for the Android app as of yet. So keep this in mind.

Pocket Change

There appears to be some great photo jobs that may pay large amounts of money on Snapwire. They definitely pay better than some other photo sites. But I think for the average user, is only a way to earn some extra money which is never a bad thing in my book. But some of you are looking to replace your income and pay some major bills. That said this opportunity may not cut it for you.

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So Is Snapwire A Legit Way To Make Money With Your Smartphone?

Based on the research I've done for this Snapwire Review, I believe this is a legitimate way to make some extra money. Don't expect to live off the money you earn but if you're the type that takes a lot of pictures and you're out and about, this may be a nice opportunity for you.

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