Your Momma Was Right About Your Friends!

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Have you ever scolded your children for hanging out with the wrong crowd? Were you ever yelled at by your mother or father for the people you were hanging out with? I would argue that this has happened to most people at least once in their lives. Well for me it's definitely happened many times. In fact I was often embarrassed by my loving mother who would literally come out the house and drag me home. Growing up in the Bronx I can't tell you what that did to my rep in the “hood”. I went through this phase of hanging out on the corner with my crew of “friends” and my parents hated it. On my block everyone knew my folks because they were hard working immigrants trying to give us a better life and the people in the neighborhood appreciated that. So they often kept tabs on us and reported back to my parents like the spies that they were.

Perception Is Everything!

Word started getting back to my folks that I was hanging out with the wrong crowd and sure enough my mother literally put a stop to it. At the time I was so angry with my mom. My argument was that everyone knew I was a good kid and wasn't doing anything wrong. But in hindsight I realize my mom was worried about perception and influence.

Although everyone knew me and my family, their perception of me would be affected by the company I keep. I always felt that was very unfair to base your opinions of someone on something so superficial. But in the real world that's how it works. The other part of this equation was the influence factor which is the whole reason of this article. My mom worried that although I was a good kid, some of my seedy “friends” would influence me in the wrong way. She wanted me to surround myself with like minded kids that were doing positive things. But I didn't like those kids because I thought they were “corny”. lol

But it's funny, “Moms” was right. As I grow up, the cool kids grew up to be adults that were either in jail, struggling or worst. The “corny” kids ended up doing very well and working at some great companies or had a lot influence in various industries. That's very important to note for you folks struggling to look for work at home.

Show Me Your Friends & I'll Tell You…

Who are you associating with? Are you surrounded by other work at home seekers who are doing well and have a positive attitude? Or are you in a circle of “Negative Nancys” that complain about work at home and tagging everything as a scam but aren't actually making any money at home? Think about that. A work at home career is often like a regular job where it's not what you know, it's who you know!

Knowing bitter work at home seekers that have never worked at home isn't going to help you find work at home. You want to surround yourself with other work at home seekers that have actually made it. You need to have supportive and positive network of people.

The Power of Social Networks for Job Searches…

I'm sure you've all heard of MySpace and Facebook. Originally it was just a place for young people to hang out and waste time. For many it's still used in that way. In fact, last week I wrote about the dangers of using these social networks and how it can stop you from being hired. But some of the most popular social networks are evolving in terms of helping people find jobs. Others have been created just to help people find work.

I recently joined a social network and put up my profile which is kind of like posting a resume. To my surprise, a few months later an employer contacted me because they wanted to hire me. That happened without me trying. Imagine if I actively used the network and it's forums. Or more importantly imagine if I placed myself on multiple networks? That would have given me even more employment opportunities considering what happened when I was just located on one network.

Now, because I've retired and work for myself, it's not in my interest to use these networks. But for those of you that are still looking to work at home, you need to make use of social networks in a strategic way. You should approach it like posting your resume and hit every place you can. Networking is about being everywhere. So don't just set up an account in one place like I did. It worked but not as great as it would have if I was present on more networks. Go crazy and get on as many networks as you can find. You're already spending time searching for work at home jobs, why not take an hour or two to join and participate in some social networks.

We know that our loyal subscribers are a pro-active bunch so we've decided to do some leg work for you and compile a list of sites you should join.

Don't worry it's totally free! You just need to set aside an hour or so to go through them all and add your profile.

After you've registered for each of the sites below, become active in them like you are here in this blog. If you're not, get out your shell and start making friends. Many of these sites have forums, message boards and job boards where you can learn about work at home opportunities and talk to others. Furthermore you might make some friends that can give you advice or job leads. Remember it's not what you know, it's who you know! So sign up for all the sites below and take advantage of a network of people. Why go it alone when you can get help from multiple people.

But if you have all the work at home jobs you can stand and are already making money at home, please don't sign up for all of the sites below. It's not fair to the people who do need the leads and networking options that these sites could provide.

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