Swagbucks Update (50 Swagbucks Code!)

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Hey Guys,

This isn't one of my usually scheduled posts but I thought it would still add some value in your wallet. lol So listen up as it will be quick.

1. If you're already a member of Swagbucks.

– This week SwagBucks.com will be doubling the amount of winning moments awarded throughout the day via searches. Based on my personal usage I win swagbucks about 3 times a day. But this week that may go up to 6 times a day. It may be more less for you depending on how often you use the SwagBucks website to do a search or if you use their tool bar to do a search. Either way this is a great week to use Swagbucks.com a lot! It's always been easy money but this week it's going to be even easier.

– Swagbucks.com will also be introducing a larger range of Swag Bucks that can be awarded so its not only 1's 10's, 20's and so on, but rather you will be able to earn every amount in-between too! Keep in mind it's only for this week.

– And if the above announcements weren't enough, starting this Tuesday you'll be able to earn swagbucks for answering their daily polls. This apparently is a permanent feature not just for this week. So it's a great way to earn swagbucks in addition to searching. The only negative issue with this poll thing is that you won't earn matching bucks on these polls from the people you may have referred. Oh well, no company is perfect. lol

In short, just get your swag on like crazy this week and make this money. lol

2. If you're not already a member of Swagbucks.

So if you're wondering what is SwagBucks , just read my Swagbucks Review. After doing so, be sure to join this week because SB is offering new members 50 Swag Bucks just for joining. Just use the Swag Code: SWAGNATION5 (case sensitive) when signing up. This offer will expire on May 7 at noon PST. So if you have been on the fence about Swagbucks or never heard of it until now, this is the week to join and make money for searching the internet which you probably aren't doing at the moment.

Enjoy all. We'll be back to our regularly scheduled programing the rest of the week. lol

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