Swagbucks Update (50 Swagbucks Code!)

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Hey Guys,

This isn't one of my usually scheduled posts but I thought it would still add some value in your wallet. lol So listen up as it will be quick.

1. If you're already a member of Swagbucks.

– This week SwagBucks.com will be doubling the amount of winning moments awarded throughout the day via searches. Based on my personal usage I win swagbucks about 3 times a day. But this week that may go up to 6 times a day. It may be more less for you depending on how often you use the SwagBucks website to do a search or if you use their tool bar to do a search. Either way this is a great week to use Swagbucks.com a lot! It's always been easy money but this week it's going to be even easier.

– Swagbucks.com will also be introducing a larger range of Swag Bucks that can be awarded so its not only 1's 10's, 20's and so on, but rather you will be able to earn every amount in-between too! Keep in mind it's only for this week.

– And if the above announcements weren't enough, starting this Tuesday you'll be able to earn swagbucks for answering their daily polls. This apparently is a permanent feature not just for this week. So it's a great way to earn swagbucks in addition to searching. The only negative issue with this poll thing is that you won't earn matching bucks on these polls from the people you may have referred. Oh well, no company is perfect. lol

In short, just get your swag on like crazy this week and make this money. lol

2. If you're not already a member of Swagbucks.

So if you're wondering what is SwagBucks , just read my Swagbucks Review. After doing so, be sure to join this week because SB is offering new members 50 Swag Bucks just for joining. Just use the Swag Code: SWAGNATION5 (case sensitive) when signing up. This offer will expire on May 7 at noon PST. So if you have been on the fence about Swagbucks or never heard of it until now, this is the week to join and make money for searching the internet which you probably aren't doing at the moment.

Enjoy all. We'll be back to our regularly scheduled programing the rest of the week. lol

22 thoughts on “Swagbucks Update (50 Swagbucks Code!)”


    • Corina,
      I have two very popular work at home sites that reaches thousands of people because of my internet marketing training. Once they get to one of my articles I make sure to provide a nice balanced view of what to expect with a given company which means giving the pros and cons. I also let folks look over my shoulder (via video) so they can see I’ve actually tried what I’m recommending and that it works. Folks seem to appreciate the information and choices. From that, they’ll leave or they sign up. Fortunately most people tend to sign up for my trusted recommendations. That’s pretty much my secret on how I get tons of referrals to any of the legitimate programs I promote. It involves a lot more work than most people are willing to put. But as you can see the rewards are great for me and my users. It’s win win for us all.

  2. @Shannon:
    Girl I recommend you that don’t spend your swagbucks in restaurant gift certificates because if you go to that page they sell those for $3 they are always cheap. Just save ur swagbucks for amazon and its better to get the $5 amazon e-cards. Oh and i don’t know if u know but you have to spend at least like $35 to use your $25 gift certificate.

  3. Thanks Eddy! Swagbucks is real. I had to go through it just to prove to myself how valuable this free program is. The great thing about it is…that it’s free to sign up and you get rewarded just for using their search engine even if you never take advantage of all the other things they offer. When you tell your friends about it and they sign up using your referral link…you earn points when they do too! There’s nothing to lose. I can’t wait to take my kids to Ollie’s Koala. I usually spend about $10 there but now I have a $25 gift certificate (earned by using Swagbucks search engine)!

    Thanks for the shout out!

    Have a great day!

  4. Hey Shannon,

    You go girl! Pretty easy huh? I was so happy for you I just gave you a shout out on my facebook fan page wall:
    http://www.facebook.com/workathomenoscams Check it out when you can. Congrats! I’m sure there will be many more to come. I’m sure your visitors are going to be just as excited as mine are. Social proof is always a good thing and will inspire them to follow your lead. Everyone wins. Thanks for coming back and sharing the good news. It would be great if more folks did that.

  5. Just dropping by to let you know I redeemed my first reward at swagbucks.com. I got a $25 Restaurant.com gift certificate. It was only 500 swagbucks! I earned that in 2 weeks! Now that I have officially won my first reward, I can let everyone on my blog know how easy it is!

    Hats off to you Eddy! 🙂

  6. Eddy is a Excellent job developer, so everyone get that money in to your pocket why you can
    Keep up the good work…….


    I just added you a few days ago on my twitter on legit job section
    Have a fantastic day Eddy.

  7. Thanks Eddy. I did not know about this. I’ll have to let all my friends know so that can jump on this opportunity. Whoever signs up for this will at least have 100 swag bucks by tomorrow!

  8. Yea…I kept passing swagbucks up. I just signed up and got the 50 points. As soon as I started a search I earned another 20. This should be interesting.

  9. Eddy,

    Good looking with that promotional code! I got 50 swagbucks for having that code and as I began my searches this morning, I made 7 swagbucks and I just made another 30 swagbucks a few minutes ago!!! How exciting is that!! You weren’t kidding when you said this was easy money!! Thanks for sharing the love by giving out this information and not just keeping it to yourself! You are the bomb!! =)

    • Dee,
      You’re welcome! Told you it was easy to make this money with SB. Soon enough you’ll be cashing it out for a paypal cash or whatever else you decide on. Make it happen! lol

      Congrats! I never understand why folks are on the fence about an opportunity that is free, legit, proven and makes you money for something you already do. lol Either way I’m happy you’ve seen the light and jumped in. Hopefully it will help you take action on other legitimate opportunities that I’ve introduced and others are making money with. Keep me posted either way.

      You’re welcome. I’m glad you’re going to take action and pass down the word. After all who doesn’t want to make money for something they probably already do for free?
      Just make sure you use your referral link to send your people to so you earn from their efforts. You can send them here if you want. lol But I would prefer if you made that money. Good luck.

  10. Thanks Eddy,
    Since you introduced me to Swag Bucks, I’ve won 3 PayPal cards.
    Also, they seem to be paying faster, from 2 weeks down to 1 week. I wonder if your last article encouraged them.
    Thanks again. I’ll be searching!

    • Hey Lynn,

      That’s great! I really appreciate that you have shared how you’re doing with it. I wish more people did because I know there are a lot of folks doing just as well as you.
      I definitely think with certain prizes they are being faster. I would love to think my review had some influence over that. But I doubt I’m that important or influential. lol

      I’m currently waiting on 2 $300 Apple Gift Cards that I redeemed from them so I can buy my iPad 3g. It’s been a few weeks now. So unfortunately they haven’t speed up processing on all prizes because I’m still waiting. lol But I’m not complaining. It was easy money either way for something I would be doing for free. Gotta love it!
      Thanks for sharing!

  11. Eddy Is right Again, take action people this is the opportunities to make money now

    Go for it if you need money in hand and want something in mind
    This is the time to put bread in the table

    Have a great day



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