Is TapBooty Legit or A Scam?

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Is TapBooty legit or a scam?“I like big butts and I can not lie” . Awww Sir Mix Alot had it right. Eddy with a y does like the big booty on a small waist not to be confused with an overweight booty. There is a difference. lol But what does Eddy's curvy fetish have to do with making money? It was my corny segue into my TapBooty Review. Don't worry this opportunity has nothing to do with shaking what your momma gave you. So let's get to the “bottom” of it. 😉


Tapbooty was shut down on April 28, 2015. So I wouldn't recommend this company any more. You can get paid for downloading smartphone apps with the following companies instead:

What is TapBooty?

If you've gotten this far, thanks for not being a prude and having a sense of humor. You'll be rewarded for it. has nothing to do with twerking. It is basically a website that pays you primarily for downloading FREE apps from your iOS or Android smartphone.


Tapbooty will be shutting down on April 28, 2015. So I wouldn't recommend this company any more. You can get paid for downloading smartphone apps with the following companies instead:

How Do You Make Money with TapBooty?

Well aside from being paid to download apps to your phone you can get paid for the following:

  • Downloading apps/software to your laptop or desktop
  • Watching Videos on your phone.
  • Playing games
  • Referring other people

So you don't necessarily need a smartphone to make money with this company.

Watch my video walking you through how to make money with TapBooty down below:

How Much Money Can You Make with

Tap Booty uses their own currency like most extra money opportunities. It's called “booty coins” (snicker. lol). But these “booty coins” (snicker again here. lol) can be redeemed for REAL money via paypal or an amazon gift card. They can also be redeemed for other gift cards such as walmart, facebook, target and others.

1,000 booty points is equivalent to $1 and that's all you need to cash out. Since there are many apps that are as high as 500 “booty points” (giggle) you could probably cash out your first $1 and many more by today.

How Do I Join TapBooty?

TapBooty doesn't cost you anything to join and you don't have to buy apps or make in-app purchases to make money. Most of the apps are free. Signing up is totally free!

Sign Up Here Now & Get 100 “Booty Coins” instantly!

TapBooty Hacks & Tips

In order to increase your chances of earning more “booty coins”, here are some tips & “hacks”.

  • Refer a friend and you both get 100 Booty Coins, For every 1,000 Booty Coins your friend earns, you get another 100 Booty Coins. Forever. For Life. No Limit
  • After installing an app, you need to OPEN AND RUN the app for at least 30 seconds. Sometimes, it is not enough to open an app and wait.
    You need to open the app, go through the demo or signup process, and start using the app. Sometimes only after you actually use the app do you get credit.
  • Be patient! Usually you get coins right away, but sometimes it can take up to 24 hours. You may want to just check back tomorrow.
  • For apps, if you ever had the app in the past, even if you downloaded it from another site or directly from the App Store, you can't get credit again. So don't try to be slick, it won't work and they'll know.

TapBooty Complaints

Rewards aren't always credited.

Sometimes you'll download an app and your account is credited even after waiting the set time recommended. However when this happened to me, I just contacted support and they confirmed that I did download the app and rewarded my account right away. So you should keep track of which apps don't work. It doesn't happen all the time but it has to me. I also referred a friend which wasn't credited as well. So there seems to be some bugs that come up.

Rewards aren't instant.

Unlike one of my other favorite programs when you cash out your “booty coins” there seems to be a delay of up to 24hrs. That said when I cashed out I received my reward within a few hours. Either way it's not like you're waiting weeks for the money. A day shouldn't kill you. LOL

Facebook Sign up

In the past you were only able to sign up for this app using Facebook. But that is no longer a requirement. But because the option is so prominent you may be confused and think you have to use it. But you can sign up with an email address instead. I've used the facebook option and it was painless & it didn't do anything shady with my facebook info or wall.

The app is a little confusing.

When I was looking for the app, it was called MyTapBooty so I wasn't sure if it was the right app or someone trying to ride on the app's brand. And even when you do download and open the app, it pushes you to the mobile website instead of using the native app which is a bit confusing. Either way works but I think everything should stay in the app to avoid confusion.

Cash limited to Paypal

Although there are other cashing out options such as the gift cards, if you just want cold hard cash you need a paypal account. There isn't a check or direct deposit option so that may leave some people out if you don't like the other reward options.

Earning Potential is Limited

There are some people that don't think opportunities like this are worth their time and effort. They'll argue they need to make real money. Clearly TapBooty is more of an extra income opportunity that isn't designed for you to live off. But I take a multiple streams of income philosophy. Personally I think it makes perfect “cents” to get paid for things you do already. And I download apps all the time so if I can get paid for it then why not? All these little extra money making opportunities add up nicely and I tend to use them at the end of the year for holiday shopping or if I want to buy a new gadget like an iPhone 6. 😉 But that's me. To some folks this would be a total waste of time and that has to be acknowledged.

So Is Legit?

Yes it is! I've been paid as you can see here. While it's not perfect and has some bugs here and there. When it does work, it works well. And even when it doesn't support seems to be on top of their stuff to help you resolve any issues.

So I definitely think that you should try TapBooty as a way to make extra money and to add to your multiple streams of little income that I always preach about. If you like the idea of getting paid for using apps you may want to try Ibotta as well.

However if you just don't feel like this is a way to make enough money you might want to try some other options such as Wealthy Affiliate .

Either way, Let me know what you guys think of this app down below. Are you willing to give it a shot or have you? Are there any other cool apps like this? Chime in down below.

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Thanks for reading and dealing with sophomoric humor today. It was extremely hard not to laugh when writing this review. The name just kills me. lol

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