The 3 Best Ways To End Job Search Frustration!

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I just received a pleasant email from a work at home seeker basically telling me to "F off". Strangely enough it was after receiving one of my tips about preparing your home office for working at home.

In general I try to provide as many tips as possible to better prepare job seekers to work at home and edge out the competition. It's not enough to just provide you job leads because that's only half the battle. I send out these additional work at home tips because as a person that hires work at home seekers from time to time, I think it's important for you to know what we as employers expect. However during my "travels with work from home seekers" I've noticed that there are two camps and schools of thought. On one end you have the newbies who are fresh, eager, naive and haven't been jaded. Then on the other end there are the ones that have been around the block a few times. They have grown to become cynical and skeptical about any work at home opportunity whether legitimate or not.

Honestly I really sympathize and feel for the latter group. Who can blame these folks? Everyday there are some new slick bastards promising the equivalent of the Brooklyn Bridge but deliver nothing more than an empty wallet and awful aftertaste. So when I get a few nasty emails from these folks I don't take it personal. I've been there. But for those of you who haven't reached the late stages of the "Angry Work At Home Seeker Syndrome" (AWAHSS). I would like to share some tips that will help you avoid this contagious disease. Trust me you don't want to catch this career halting affliction, because ultimately you end up missing out on a lot of great work at home opportunities. Furthermore you just won't make money at home being bitter and angry.

So let's get proactive.

3 Best Ways To Avoid Job Search Frustration

1. Follow Directions
As someone that has been on both sides of the fence as a work from home seeker and an employer I have some great insight on this topic. Nothing makes me hit the delete button faster than receiving an email from a prospective work at home employee that failed to follow my specific directions in a job description.

If a work at home employer states in job description, No resumes! Then don't be a trailblazer and send in a resume. I know how it is when you get in that submitting resume zone. You're just trying to get out as many resumes out there in the hopes that someone will respond. However when you don't follow the specific directions that an employer provides in a job description, It tells the employer you lack attention to detail and can't follow directions. And would you want to hire someone like that? So be sure to read those job descriptions very carefully and ask yourself have I addressed this employer's request?

2. Be Easy
Get your mind out the gutter, that's not what I was implying! Here's where I was going with that statement. Virtual employers are inundated by tons of emails and resumes everyday. Often they're already overwhelmed and frustrated because so many prospects are ignoring the 1st tip. So when they come upon your resume, the least you can do is make it easier for them to hire you. Try the following technique.

Prioritize your skills and work history based on the specific job description you just read. Yes, it means that you'll probably have to take a few extra minutes to adjust your resume each time you apply at a given position. But trust me it makes a world a difference for the hiring manager to be able to easily scan a resume and find the skill set being sought within a few seconds rather than trying to scan through your whole resume like a scavenger hunt which incidentally they won't!

Here's an example. Let's say you read a job description where a typist is needed that has experience with Microsoft Word, Excel, and typing 90 words per minute. It doesn't make sense for you to send in a resume where the first job listed is your experience as a Burger Flipping Technician at McDonald's. Sure you may have worked at a doctor's office typing 100 words a minute and was your company's resident Microsoft office wizard. But I won't know that because you buried it on the last page of your resume which incidentally I stopped reading after the first job within 10 seconds. Don't be difficult, Be easy! You shouldn't make an employer struggle to figure out if you qualify for a given position. Just give up what they want right upfront and be quick about it.

3. Network!
Ever heard the expression, "It's not what you know, it's who you know" or "Birds of a feather flock together." Well the same applies for work at home seekers. LinkedIn is a wildly popular professional social network website totally geared towards this concept! It's where people can connect with other friends and colleagues but in a work and networking capacity. It's not really geared towards working at home but you never know who you can run into on Linkedin that can offer you a partial telecommuting arrangement. With that said there are other great places where you can meet people that already work at home or provide leads on companies that are hiring work at home seekers. Visit parenting and work at home message boards and actively participate. You'll make friends but more importantly you often hear about work at home positions before they get out to the general public. Below are some great places to network with other work at home seekers:

Bonus Tip
Well those are my 3 tips. Hopefully you won't post obscenities in the comment field below because I tried to give you some further insight. lol
Here's another bonus tip for you, Stay flexible! Too often work at home seekers become so fixated on one type of work at home job that they let other great work at home opportunities slip away. I know it was a big road block for me which caused me to be one of those bad mouthed cynical work at home seekers. Learn from my mistakes, explore different opportunities. There is a world of possibilities out there if you're open minded and really serious about working at home!

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