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Have you ever visited a website and thought to yourself who the hell created this confusing thing? Well, that's actually every website owner's nightmare. Some smart ones will pay people like you and I to tell them why their website sucks, and that's why website testing jobs exist.

Chances are you are looking for such jobs but don't know where to start. We have everything you need to know right here, including some of the best companies that will hire you to test websites. So here goes.

What Does A Website Tester Do Exactly?

A website tester simply tests the usability of websites. In other words, as a website tester you are basically tasked with going through the different functions of a website and reporting back your experience to the owner(s).

Website owners are willing to pay companies to find website testers like you because having a sucky website can cost them money and traffic!

So they're willing to pay folks like you and I to give an honest opinion of their experience. That's why website testing jobs exist, and they are definitely here to stay.

How Much Money Can I Make Testing Websites?

It can vary widely depending on the company. Some will pay you $5-$10 to give 10-20 minute feedback about a website. Some companies will pay you per hour. They'll usually tell you up front how much you can expect to make. But it's usually more than you might make with a typical survey type of website.

What Type of Experience Do I Need?

I know most of you are wondering whether you can be a website tester if you've never done it. Well, of course you can! First and foremost you'll need to be internet savvy. This means you feel comfortable visiting websites and clicking on links.

You'll also need to have great communication skills; both verbal and written. So you should feel comfortable talking via your webcam and writing whatever feedback you have. The websites owners often want to hear and read what you're experiencing as you're going through their site.

What Equipment Do I Need?

Most companies that offer website testing jobs will require you to have high speed internet and a laptop or desktop. You'll also need a headset, a webcam and a modern web browser. In some cases you'll need a smartphone or tablet but that's not always required.

If you don't have any of these you can easily find great deals on Amazon. You can get a Chromebook for as little as $200 on Amazon.

Some websites have special software you might need to install into your computer before you get started, but basically the above mentioned equipment go into your starter-pack.

Complaints about Website Testing Jobs

Just like any other work at home job, not everything is sweet. There are pain in the ass problems you might bump into. What better way to avoid that than knowing about them beforehand? If you can't handle the following truths, don't get into website usability testing.

Don't quit your day job

Well, don't expect to make a livable income working as a website usability tester. There are tons of testers out there burning the midnight candle trying to get gigs. They pay is decent but getting jobs is a hustle. Since this is first come, first served you have to jump on these jobs right away. Because there are usually more testers than there are jobs.

Fortunately, there's a workaround I would recommend. You can sign up at and get updates on user testing and website testing jobs in real time. In addition, these jobs are screened for legitimacy, the company is BBB accredited and it's totally risk-free to use their services.

No Set Schedules or Consistent Jobs

Website testing jobs come randomly. So you don't have regular scheduled hours. A company will randomly email or post when they have jobs. Then it's up to you to hurry the hell up and respond to secure these jobs. Whereas with My Top Work At Home Recommendation you control when you work and how much you make.

Testers out there say that most companies notify you via email, but you'll have to be alert most of the time. You can take advantage of the downtime and get paid to use the internet, shop or even take surveys at, or

Complicated Application Process

So as I mentioned earlier you need to feel comfortable using the internet and technology. They won't take your word for it. Some of the companies will require you to hold a video chat interview to prove your ability to download and use their software among other things.

You might have to apply more than once with different websites to find a website that's willing to employ you.

Website Testing Companies

Okay so we've babbled enough about how website testing jobs work, it's time to actually provide you a list of the good ones now that you know the good, bad and ugly about these jobs. Here are some companies that will pay you to test the usability of websites.

UserTesting – UserTesting hires website testers from anywhere in the world. If your country allows PayPal services, you can apply with your email. They pay $3-10 per test a week after you completed the paid test. You can read my full UserTesting review here.

Userlytics – At Userlytics you'll be earning money testing websites and prototypes. Once you register with an email address and pass the application process, they'll send you project invites via email. It appears they accept applications from anywhere in the world. You'll be earning $10 per task and they pay via PayPal.

UserZoom – The website pays people to test websites and mobile apps alike. Once you pass the application process and test, you'll be earning anywhere between $5 and $10 per 10-15 minute task depending on how complex it is. They pay via PayPal two weeks after the test. You can only apply if you are in the United States or United Kingdom.

Userfeel – UserFeel pays people $10 to share their opinion about websites. You can apply from anywhere in the world. Once you pass the initial test they'll send you 10-15 minute project invites periodically. UserFeel pays via PayPal every week

WhatUsersDo – This UK-based company recruits user testers from all over the world. They pay $12.5 per test every month via PayPal. All you have to do is take an initial test while applying. If you are successful they will email you jobs when available.

Enroll – With Enroll you can choose what platform you want to use to test websites; laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone. Once you apply with your email and a password, you'll do a test. If successful, you'll be earning upwards of $6 per hour. They pay via PayPal.

Validately – At Validately you'll do a test via phone with a moderator, once you apply with an Email address. You can use your smartphone or desktop to test websites for clients. Validately pays via PayPal after every five working days, form the time you first received payment. It appears you can apply from anywhere in the world. You can straight away apply using your Facebook account.

Trymyui – TryMyUi recruits remote usability testers from anywhere in the world. If you meet the requirements all you need is a computer, webcam and internet. Once they approve your application, you can start earning $10 for a 15-20 minute job. They pay bi-weekly via PayPal.

More Website Testing Jobs

Website testing jobs are hard to come by and sometimes you might have to live off other income sources. You can join to always be in the loop about available user testing and other work at home jobs in your area. It's totally risk-free and the jobs are hand-screened for legitimacy.

Alternative Work At Home Jobs

As mentioned earlier, website testing jobs won't always put food on the table. You can make every minute you spend online count at sites like, or You'll be making money using the internet for things like visiting websites, watching videos, searching the web, playing games and much more. However if you want to make a full time or part time income, then you should check out My Top Work At Home Recommendation.

Are Website Testing Jobs Worth It?

Website testing jobs are definitely worth it if you are internet savvy and like sharing feedback. It's pretty much something anyone can do and it pays better than typical survey sites.

However, jobs are hard to come by at times and you need to feel comfortable communicating by writing and/or on video. So that may not be for everyone.

If you don't like anything you've just read, maybe you are better off trying out My Best Work At Home Recommendation which allows you to be your own boss and make money with your own site.

Well, that's about it from me. I hope you find this useful. Feel free to chime in below. If you have any questions about the companies we listed above feel free to visit them directly and use their FAQs or contact them directly.

Until next time

Eddy ”with a Y”

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