Top 10 Reasons To Avoid Affiliate Marketing

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Stop, Don't consider affiliate marketing yet.As many of you know, I earn my living as an affiliate marketer. Just in case you don't know what that is, let me sum up it up in one word, Referrals. I basically get paid to connect people that have expressed a need to the companies that meet that need. The company in turn pays & provides me with a free website & marketing material so that I can facilitate the introduction. Affiliates can get paid a number of ways. The one that everyone knows about is getting paid per sale. But I bet you didn't know you can make money if someone just fills out an information form or clicks an ad on your site. This is known as pay per lead (aka CPA) and pay per click (Google Adsense). The best thing about this is it doesn't involve the need of your referrals to spend a dime for you to get paid! Sweet, I know. Incidentally that's how I've earned a 6 figure income and why my wife can stay at home raising the kids (Me & My Princess). So don't believe the hype that in order to make decent affiliate income you should only focus on pay per sale. Unfortunately most people aren't even aware of these other areas of affiliate marketing. So they end up missing out on this career because they think they need to sell to make money. Now you know better!

So Why Did I Change My Stance?

I haven't. I'm still a huge proponent of this career because ultimately it's the only one I know of where you can actually earn what you're worth. I'm happy to say that I've introduced many of my loyal subscribers to this career. Some of you have already embarked on your training or have had some success with this opportunity. So why in the world would I write an article about why you shouldn't get into affiliate marketing? Truth be told, it's because it's not for everyone. Sure I can make tons of money lying to you and convincing every one of you to become an affiliate. But my momma raised me better than that and it wouldn't be right. Because ultimately many of you would be destined to fail because you were mislead by me. That's not what I'm about. I wish could say the same about all those rebate processing, data entry, typing and Google money system scams. But I digress. My ultimate goal is to give you all various work at home options that you've never considered but are aligned with your own comfort level, needs and skill set. So with that said, I've been able to identify certain personal characteristics that aren't conducive to affiliate marketing. It doesn't mean that folks who exhibit them are bad or stupid. In fact I think it's just the opposite. It takes a tremendous sense of character when one can look at themselves in the mirror and acknowledge their weaknesses and strengths. God has different paths for all of us. So we need to be honest with ourselves and go with the correct one. Now with that in mind, here are the Top 10 Reasons To Avoid Affiliate Marketing.

The List:

1. You're afraid of failure & see obstacles as a road block instead of a challenge.

2. You rather scan through information than read it. (Are you doing it now?)

3. You're terrified of learning new things. (How did you learn your current job?)

4. You can't follow directions. (When an employer says not to call in a job description, you're the wild boy and calls anyway.)

5. You have a fear of computers or technology. (How did you get online today?)

6. You're desperate for quick money and aren't able to pay your bills at the moment.

7. Working to make a company rich for the next 20 years & getting a pat on the back and/or a gold watch at the end sounds like a good way to spend the rest of your life.

8. You have the utmost confidence that a company will always pay you what your worth & don't mind that they dictate when you can actually spend time with your family.

9. You're fixated on a date or time frame for success.

10. You have a negative mindset and use the words "can't", "maybe" or "try" a lot.

So there you have it, my Top 10 list of why you shouldn't become an affiliate marketer. Now with that said, even if you possess a few of these qualities, a career in affiliate marketing may still be an option for you. After all I had a few of them as well (Fear of failure, negative mindset & looking for quick money). However with some time and effort I was able to shake them all off. But if you possess more than half of the items on this list, it's best to focus on traditional work at home jobs. There's nothing wrong with this.

Judgement Day…

Please understand I'm not judging you. This is merely an exercise to help you make the right decision. Ever since I've written my personal story with affiliate marketing a few months ago, people have been open like a token (NYC Subway reference). I've seen people go and venture off on their own trying to master this career. Quite frankly that's like trying to become a brain surgeon after reading an article. It might work, but chances are it won't and you'll end up killing someone. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Recognizing what those are will ultimately lead to your happiness because you'll end up doing what's best for your particular situation.

What Should You Do?

Well depending on where you stand with that list above, you should do one of the following:

1. Continue to search & apply for traditional work at home jobs.

2. Get training & start on your affiliate marketing career with a company like Wealthy Affiliate.

3. Or do a little of both to cover all your bases.

What Did I Do?

Well the path I chose was a bit different than the options above. One, I wasn't as smart as many of you and I went this alone. It was a dumb move that cost me unnecessary additional years of my life working for "THE MAN" and lost potential affiliate income. However a smart thing that I did do was having a stable source of income. Because I had money coming in with a traditional offline job, it allowed me to pursue my affiliate marketing career without the worry of having to pay my bills. Having a job also helped me invest in more learning material. In my opinion, you can't really effectively learn affiliate marketing if you're worrying about putting food on the table. You'll end up rushing through your training and forcing deadlines to make money with this career. This can be disastrous because you could be one step away from success. But because your mind is so consumed with trying to keep a roof over your head, you'll be more inclined to give up at the first sign of an obstacle. Whereas someone that already has a job (at home or not) will plug away because their bills are being covered. The learning experience is more enjoyable and can happen at the right pace.

So Why Bother?

This begs the question, then why pursue an affiliate career at all? Well ultimately people that pursue an affiliate marketing career want to be able to do more for their families than what a job will allow. People that pursue an affiliate marketing career want true personal & financial freedom so they have more time with their families. They also want to earn the money that they actually feel their worth. A job will never allow for this. So I hope this gives you a clearer perspective about this career. Yes, it's great and can make you a lot of money. But you need to be real with yourself and determine if you're cut out for it. Hopefully this article has helped with this process. We all have to find our paths. For some of you it will be affiliate marketing, for others it will be a job. At the end of the day if you're happy then that's all that counts. Either way, I'll be here to help you along either path. What did you guys think of this article, Is there some truth to what I'm saying or am I totally off base? Has it moved you towards or away from affiliate marketing? Are there things on the list that resonate with you? Let me know below…

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