Top 10 Reasons To Avoid Affiliate Marketing

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Stop, Don't consider affiliate marketing yet.As many of you know, I earn my living as an affiliate marketer. Just in case you don't know what that is, let me sum up it up in one word, Referrals. I basically get paid to connect people that have expressed a need to the companies that meet that need. The company in turn pays & provides me with a free website & marketing material so that I can facilitate the introduction. Affiliates can get paid a number of ways. The one that everyone knows about is getting paid per sale. But I bet you didn't know you can make money if someone just fills out an information form or clicks an ad on your site. This is known as pay per lead (aka CPA) and pay per click (Google Adsense). The best thing about this is it doesn't involve the need of your referrals to spend a dime for you to get paid! Sweet, I know. Incidentally that's how I've earned a 6 figure income and why my wife can stay at home raising the kids (Me & My Princess). So don't believe the hype that in order to make decent affiliate income you should only focus on pay per sale. Unfortunately most people aren't even aware of these other areas of affiliate marketing. So they end up missing out on this career because they think they need to sell to make money. Now you know better!

So Why Did I Change My Stance?

I haven't. I'm still a huge proponent of this career because ultimately it's the only one I know of where you can actually earn what you're worth. I'm happy to say that I've introduced many of my loyal subscribers to this career. Some of you have already embarked on your training or have had some success with this opportunity. So why in the world would I write an article about why you shouldn't get into affiliate marketing? Truth be told, it's because it's not for everyone. Sure I can make tons of money lying to you and convincing every one of you to become an affiliate. But my momma raised me better than that and it wouldn't be right. Because ultimately many of you would be destined to fail because you were mislead by me. That's not what I'm about. I wish could say the same about all those rebate processing, data entry, typing and Google money system scams. But I digress. My ultimate goal is to give you all various work at home options that you've never considered but are aligned with your own comfort level, needs and skill set. So with that said, I've been able to identify certain personal characteristics that aren't conducive to affiliate marketing. It doesn't mean that folks who exhibit them are bad or stupid. In fact I think it's just the opposite. It takes a tremendous sense of character when one can look at themselves in the mirror and acknowledge their weaknesses and strengths. God has different paths for all of us. So we need to be honest with ourselves and go with the correct one. Now with that in mind, here are the Top 10 Reasons To Avoid Affiliate Marketing.

The List:

1. You're afraid of failure & see obstacles as a road block instead of a challenge.

2. You rather scan through information than read it. (Are you doing it now?)

3. You're terrified of learning new things. (How did you learn your current job?)

4. You can't follow directions. (When an employer says not to call in a job description, you're the wild boy and calls anyway.)

5. You have a fear of computers or technology. (How did you get online today?)

6. You're desperate for quick money and aren't able to pay your bills at the moment.

7. Working to make a company rich for the next 20 years & getting a pat on the back and/or a gold watch at the end sounds like a good way to spend the rest of your life.

8. You have the utmost confidence that a company will always pay you what your worth & don't mind that they dictate when you can actually spend time with your family.

9. You're fixated on a date or time frame for success.

10. You have a negative mindset and use the words "can't", "maybe" or "try" a lot.

So there you have it, my Top 10 list of why you shouldn't become an affiliate marketer. Now with that said, even if you possess a few of these qualities, a career in affiliate marketing may still be an option for you. After all I had a few of them as well (Fear of failure, negative mindset & looking for quick money). However with some time and effort I was able to shake them all off. But if you possess more than half of the items on this list, it's best to focus on traditional work at home jobs. There's nothing wrong with this.

Judgement Day…

Please understand I'm not judging you. This is merely an exercise to help you make the right decision. Ever since I've written my personal story with affiliate marketing a few months ago, people have been open like a token (NYC Subway reference). I've seen people go and venture off on their own trying to master this career. Quite frankly that's like trying to become a brain surgeon after reading an article. It might work, but chances are it won't and you'll end up killing someone. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Recognizing what those are will ultimately lead to your happiness because you'll end up doing what's best for your particular situation.

What Should You Do?

Well depending on where you stand with that list above, you should do one of the following:

1. Continue to search & apply for traditional work at home jobs.

2. Get training & start on your affiliate marketing career with a company like Wealthy Affiliate.

3. Or do a little of both to cover all your bases.

What Did I Do?

Well the path I chose was a bit different than the options above. One, I wasn't as smart as many of you and I went this alone. It was a dumb move that cost me unnecessary additional years of my life working for "THE MAN" and lost potential affiliate income. However a smart thing that I did do was having a stable source of income. Because I had money coming in with a traditional offline job, it allowed me to pursue my affiliate marketing career without the worry of having to pay my bills. Having a job also helped me invest in more learning material. In my opinion, you can't really effectively learn affiliate marketing if you're worrying about putting food on the table. You'll end up rushing through your training and forcing deadlines to make money with this career. This can be disastrous because you could be one step away from success. But because your mind is so consumed with trying to keep a roof over your head, you'll be more inclined to give up at the first sign of an obstacle. Whereas someone that already has a job (at home or not) will plug away because their bills are being covered. The learning experience is more enjoyable and can happen at the right pace.

So Why Bother?

This begs the question, then why pursue an affiliate career at all? Well ultimately people that pursue an affiliate marketing career want to be able to do more for their families than what a job will allow. People that pursue an affiliate marketing career want true personal & financial freedom so they have more time with their families. They also want to earn the money that they actually feel their worth. A job will never allow for this. So I hope this gives you a clearer perspective about this career. Yes, it's great and can make you a lot of money. But you need to be real with yourself and determine if you're cut out for it. Hopefully this article has helped with this process. We all have to find our paths. For some of you it will be affiliate marketing, for others it will be a job. At the end of the day if you're happy then that's all that counts. Either way, I'll be here to help you along either path. What did you guys think of this article, Is there some truth to what I'm saying or am I totally off base? Has it moved you towards or away from affiliate marketing? Are there things on the list that resonate with you? Let me know below…

121 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons To Avoid Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Hi Eddy – you’ve got me with your honesty and humor. I feel like I might actually be onto something here (with your website). Since I’m not having any luck winning the lottery (my dream ‘job’ is having NO job!) and enjoy being my own boss I’m interested in affiliate marketing. I’m not sure if I have what it takes but only one way to find out. I turned my hobby (gardening) into a job but it’s getting way too hard on this old body. I’m hoping to find work I can do from home so that I have strength to play in my own garden til God brings me home (God willing!). I’m glad you made helping others your business and are doing well. I really enjoy reading and learning from your articles!

    • Thanks Becky! I’m glad you can appreciate my style and what I’m trying to bring to the table. I’m confident being here and reading the articles will lead you down the right path eventually.

      I think the fact you have experience in gardening can easily be transitioned online into a blog or website. With the right training you can carve out a niche for yourself. So anything is possible.

  2. Hi Eddy.   I came across your site as I was searching “wealthy affiliate reviews” in google.   I discoved WA through another website and I’ve been researching it for the past couple days.   I am very interested in earning a income online and have been for a while but I’ve been a little aprehensive.   My type of job allows me to work 25 hours a week and earn a good income to support myself (however I like my job, but I do not love my job) and I am also studying a university course (distance learning) online which I enjoy very much.   I am wondering if I sign up with WA will I be able to fit it in to my schedule, or does it sound like I will be taking on too much?   I have a very active social life as well.   I was thinking about waiting to sign up when this particular course is over which will be the end of July.   Do you know anyone who has a job, plus stydying, who has signed up for the course and was able to fit it all in?   I enjoy your writing and value your opinion,   thanks for listening!


    • Hi Loretta,

      Thanks for the kind words. It sounds like you have your plate full. So I don’t think you should really sign up until you have the time to dedicate to building your business. Because building a business will take time. Having a job is definitely a plus because you won’t rush through the learning process.

      But I say wait until you finish your other online studies because this will be a lot of studying and reading as well. I hope this helps.

  3. Hi Eddy, yes there is always some fear when doing something new and and different than others. I’ve been involved in Technology for over a decade and I like learning and being  coach-able and teachable. I  believe  we have all a part to play in God’s Master plan.  “The List” tells me a lot about you and your integrity; it is totally right on. I have not been detoured from wanting and becoming an  Affiliate Marketer. Thank you for sharing this with me.

    • Hey Ron,
      I’m glad you read the articles I sent you and you still want to pursue this. It means you understand the challenge at hand and are ready to take it on.

      So I applaud you. Follow the advice I gave in the article and get the training you need to succeed.

  4. You’re welcome Isabel! That’s how we all grow. We identify our weaknesses, admit to them and work on them. So I applaud you for taking the same steps. You will eventually see success because of it. Just remember the road to success is long and has many failures along the way. But eventually you get to your destination if you’re persistent and never give up on your dream.

  5. Hi Eddy,
    I have read your articles on affiliate marketing for at least 2 years and tried at various times to take advantage of this oppty, but seem to always fail.   Thank you for this article, yes you have identified some weaknesses I have and that is good.   Now I can work on getting them out of the way.   Thank you isabel

  6. Hi Eddy
    I found your site today and am very interested in some of the ideas you present for affiliate marketing. I have been researching this idea for a while and you have given me some valuable information thanks heaps.

  7. You’re welcome Lance. Look there’s nothing wrong with looking for a job. Keep in mind that I had a full time job that paid my bills while I built up my business on the side. It made it much easier to focus and succeed this way. Because i didn’t have the pressure that I had to succeed otherwise the lights would be shut off. lol So keep that in mind. Starting and succeeding in a new business takes a lot of time, patience, hard work and delayed gratification.

  8. Eddy,
    I just subscribed to your blog today. If I had spent the time and effort learning what you’ve been teaching instead of sending resumes and scrounging for another job I’d be way ahead. I like your site your style and your honesty. Thank you for launching me in a new direction.

  9. Hi, Eddy –

    Thanks much! I like your style of writing, even though you have a few typos! Good mix of information, personal stories and humor.

    Nana : )

    • You’re welcome. Glad you like the information and can look past the imperfect spelling and grammar. There will be plenty more of that all over the site. lol But most people like you are just happy to find a resource that can help them make money and avoid scams.

  10. Hey Mike,

    Thanks for the kind words man. I’m glad we’re both on the same page when it comes to the mindset and work ethic aspect.

    I’m glad you appreciate my honesty about one can expect with this business. I know there are people out there that want to make it seem like all this stuff is “sweet” and easy. But it sets people up for unrealistic expectations which not surprisingly leads people to being jaded about this business. So I try to set the bar high so it disuades the wrong people from getting into this because it’s definitely not meant for everyone and that’s fine.

    You’re right building a business is very difficult but you’re absolutely correct about that old saying. That’s why most people aren’t business owners and are employees. Although in my mind it’s always been harder for me to be an employee and have another person dictate how much money I’ll make the rest of my life. But I’m a weird one. lol

    In any event, thanks again for the kind words. It’s always great to hear when my efforts are appreciated. Good luck to you!

  11. Hi, Eddy,

    Just came across your site today and what you’ve talked about struck very deeply (in a good way). I’ve searched the net for a very long time looking for reputable and honest sites regarding internet business; affiliate marketing had never occurred to me, until now. After reading your very helpful pages regarding WA and the proper mindset for affiliate marketing, I’d say it fits the bill. Mostly, it’s because certain key words are included, such as “work,” “dedication,” with no “get rich quick” nonsense attached.

    I appreciate your candor in leveling with your readers, this one included, regarding the realities involved with affiliate marketing. As a newcomer to this business, I’ll admit the task seems daunting. However, I’m no stranger to challenge…or failure for that matter and have always appreciated the old saying, “If it were easy, everyone would do it.”

    In closing, and above all else, thank you, Eddy, for the open and honest information you are providing; all those scams out there make me sick. Keep up the good work and best wishes to you and your family.

  12. Eddy, your comments here are right on the money! I just signed up with Wealthy Affiliate (7-day trial for $1) because I wanted to finally find out how to market effectively on the Internet. Before WA I’ve tried marketing techniques that failed miserably. But now I think I’m in a better place thanks to your blog. I am an aspiring affiliate marketer who thinks she deserves more than a regular 9 to 5 job. Let’s face it- 9 to 5 is not for everyone just like affiliate marketing is not for everyone.

    I will put forth the effort necessary to be successful in Wealthy Affiliate because I just feel like I was never cut for a 9 to 5 job.

    I so enjoy reading your blog and very much inspired by you and hope to one match your success!

    God bless.

    • Hey Samantha,

      Thanks for chiming in and the kind words. You’ve followed the path many aspiring business owners have followed. We’ve all failed miserably once, twice or even many times. But without the failures we would have never learned to be successful and it wouldn’t taste as good when you do finally achieve it. So I applaud you for pushing forward with your dreams and taking the right course of action by getting the additional help you need to succeed. Most people give up after failure but the ones that ultimately succeed are like and dust their shoulders off and keep coming back until they achieve their goals.

      I totally agree with you not everyone is cut out for a 9-5 or running a business. Different strokes for different folks. It’s whatever makes you happy. I feel fortunate to be in a place to give folks the various legitimate options out there so they can determine what’s the best place for them. At the end of the day it’s all about finding the right path and it looks like you’re on the one that suits you.

      Congrats! God bles you as well!

  13. I hear what you’re saying. But the point still holds true. I could work real hard at trying to do brain surgery on my own but it doesn’t mean I’ll master it on my own and If I do I’m going to make a lot of deadly mistakes along the way that could have been avoided if I went to medical school. Obviously with affiliate marketing the consequences aren’t as great. The point is why go trying this on your own and making unnecessary mistakes when there is a resource that can help you avoid them and learn faster.

  14. If I was to be honest, I was a bit put off by “I’ve seen people go and venture off on their own trying to master this career. Quite frankly that’s like trying to become a brain surgeon after reading an article. It might work, but chances are it won’t and you’ll end up killing someone.”

    I see the truth in it but.. I always believe that if you’re really dedicated and willing to work hard then you can become a master at it, it says on the wealthy affiliate website. (as long as you work hard)

    was a bit too harsh in my opinion then again.. its true in a way 🙂

  15. Hey Paul,

    Thanks for the kind words. I’m sorry to hear about your tough financial times and your experience with WA. Honestly you really need to learn a lot of basic internet skills to get the most out of WA. Even aside from that if you’re living off of credit cards it just doesn’t make sense to add another expense. As you read above, financial distress is one the reasons I list that people should avoid this business. Because it’s not going to relieve that issue anytime soon.

    You’re best bet is trying to focus on a traditional work at home job: and then working your way towards that business assuming you work on your basic internet skills first. So no, don’t give WA another go. Try to focus on getting a job to stop the bleeding first. I hope this makes sense. It may not be what you want to hear. But given your circumstances, I think it makes more sense.

    You can also make a bit of money with many of my non-traditional opportunities listed here: Most folks that take action on that stuff are making money.

    I hope this helps either way.

  16. I would like to compliment you on what comes across as an honest and in depth explanation of affiliate marketing. I was a member of WA about 2-3yrs. ago
    for about 4 months and I didn’t know how to utilize the
    forum and couldn’t communicate with anyone. I was
    still working at the time so I just gave up, not knowing
    much about computers. I’ve been ripped off numerous
    times also, being told that I didn’t need much computer
    exp. . I am a senior citizen and I have this burning desire to learn the affiliate marketing business and
    feel that if I had a little guidance this time, I would like
    to give WA another chance. I’ve been out of work for 18 mnths. and have to make things happen with credit
    ccards. My wife still works also. I like your honesty and
    wonder if you want to give me a hand at WA—
    Paul Christie

    • I didn’t know I was trying to hide I’m a marketer. I mean I repeat it hundred times on my blog posts. It states it right under my picture on the right of every page. Oooo you’ve exposed me. lol

  17. I cannot begin to thank you enough for your site. I have been on his site all morning! It’s totally time for me to back away from my computer. I have learned so much from it AND will also use sites you recommended to view ads and get paid. I hope to make 5 figures monthly like you. There is nothing more awesome than being able to stay at home with your child and make REAL money. Man, I truly applaud you (standing up clapping). Your site is beautiful and VERY informative. I would love for you to be my mentor so I am bookmarking your site. : )

    Have a great day,


    • Telisha,
      You’re quite welcome. It’s great to see that you’re actually READING through the site and planning to take action. That’s the only way to succeed in this industry. We equip you with the information and resources to succeed. So as long as you continue to read and take action you’ll be on your way. If I can make 5 figures per month, anyone can if they’re dedicated, hard working, have the proper training and don’t understand how to quit. Working at home and being with my family is a great blessing that I thank God for every day. Somedays I would prefer to be outside the house when my daughter is acting crazy. lol But for the most part I wouldn’t trade my life for anything. Hopefully this site will lead to a lot more parents being able to stay home with their kids. The world would be a better place if more parents had the option of doing this.

      In any event, thanks for the kind word and keep taking action on the information we have here. All the mentoring you need is already in my articles and comments. Just run with it.

  18. Eddy, Eddy, Eddy,

    I feel like I know you personally. I’ve been reading so many of your articles. First of all, a MILLION thanks for your articles, your honesty, your truth, your humbleness. I want to desperately do the WA course!! But am I scared??? Of course, but I have such a humongous desire to learn anything and everything about internet marketing. Right now, I know nothing about nothing other than emailing……….that’s it!!! Unfortunately, my husband Randy is a Chaplain in the Army and is in Afghanistan for a year leaving me behind with 4 little ones and a doggie to care for. I needed to make money online while he was gone, but thru much research I realize I won’t be able to be truly successful until I start studying and basically go back to “school”. I realized I have lots and lots and lots to learn before I can make even a dime! Yes, I’m one of those that have already tried other programs and have failed miserably!! (and waisted $$$$) 🙁 This WA sounds like the perfect internet training “school” for me. I want to take advantage while my husband is gone and study hard these next 12 months and hope to become an expert or internet “guru” (and hopefully end up helping others!). I’ve read all your “cons” and the lack of multimedia and the overwhelming info does scare me a lot, but I won’t let that fear stop me from my ultimate goal of making money for my family and hopefully, prayerfully, enough money so that my husband will finally be able to quit his awful job that our children and I dislike so very much!! I will need to ask Randy about this WA first before I sign up for the 12 month program. (I am extremely interested about signing up for WA’s 12 month program for $66 a month). Another thing I’m scared about is lack of time. Because I’m alone with practically 5 little ones, I’m already extremely busy. I’m praying that I will be able to dedicate at least an hour a night to this training. Do you think if I do 5-7 hrs a week for at least 12 months would be enough for me to learn at least the basics? I’m willing do this training for 2 yrs or more or however long it takes to become an internet marketer expert. I desperately want this. I’m praying about this. Like I said I know absolutely nothing; I’m newer than a “newbie”! I know Kyle and Carson are so very busy, I just wish they could take my hand personally and guide me mini-step by mini-step.

    I absolutely love reading all your articles. Eddy, may God bless your, your wife and your beautiful little “Princess”. I wish I could see a picture of her, I’m sure she’s adorable and is so blessed to have a daddy like you!

    • Hey Claudia,

      You’re very welcome!
      I’m glad to hear you’ve been READING many of my articles. Too often people just skim through them and miss a lot of information. But it’s obvious you’re not and I appreciate it.

      I’m really sorry to hear that your husband’s job keeps him away from you and your kids. But you have to try keep everything in perspective. At least your husband has a job to pay the bills which is rare things nowadays. That being said, I obviously understand the need to have him spending more time with his family rather than working. How you’re managing four kids and a dog is beyond me. I have enough trouble managing my princess: and I have the help of my wife who takes on most of that responsibility.

      In any event, I’m happy you’re considering WA but considering your time or lack of it, I don’t know if that’s a good option for you at the moment. Honestly, you’ll probably need a lot more time to dedicate to this to be successful. I usually suggest folks in your situation focus on a job:

      But the 5-7 hours you could put would probably limit the type of jobs you can get. I’m at a lost as to what to suggest which is a first for me. lol If there is a way for you to squeeze more hours per day which I think is damn near impossible because of the super woman you have to be every day, I would say focus on a job for now. Then work your way up to trying to get into the business. I just think it would be really hard for you to gain a lot of head way with the little time you have. You would definitely need more time than what you currently have. I’m sure that’s not what you want to hear but I’m just trying to be honest. I hope you can appreciate that.

  19. I think you just scared me not to go on with my affiliate marketing. Kidding.
    It is hard and you really learn through all your mistakes.
    But giving up won’t help, no matter how scared you are.
    I am still scared for any technology.
    Must be the age or something.
    In any way.
    Thanx Eddy.
    You really do make a difference in my way of thinking.

    • Berlina,
      It wouldn’t have surprised me if you did become scared. That was the goal. lol It’s not easy and there are certain people that should avoid this. Obviously you’re not one of them. Technology isn’t complicated as long as you can read instructions you can learn any technology. But for some reason people think technology is in some foreign language. Learning it is like taking an open book test where all the information needed to pass the test is in front of you. So don’t let deter you. As long as your brain is still functioning, you can learn anything regardless of age.

      In any event, I’m glad I can help you see things very differently. That’s always the goal!

  20. Ha Ha I went looking back to the 2009 posts that convinced me to join Wealthy Affiliate! This was one of them, and all I can say is I am glad I did. what is even more amazing is how much more information Eddy has added to this site since then!
    Yes, affiliate marketing does work, and it is a lot of work and lots to learn and yes if any of those ten reasons fit you, you should avoid it!
    I joined July 5, 2010 –
    glad I did!

  21. Thank you so much Eddy for all your insight about the issue. My problem is I feel I won’t get anywhere in this business. My goal in life is one thing to be a stay at home mom I got a 8 month old little boy and I would love to stay at home with him and work. I don’t have any other skills out side my regular job. So I would love to try something else.

    • Dana,

      You’re quite welcome. Here’s the thing, what your mind focuses on is what you’ll get out of life. Nearly all my life I focused on escaping working for the man. It took me a while but eventually I succeeded. Now imagine if all I focused on was failure. I would get more of that in my life. Now don’t get me wrong I’ve had my fair share of failures in this business and others. But the difference between me and most people is that I’m the type to dust my shoulders off and come back for more.
      Most entrepreneurs are like this. But it’s a rare talent. This explains why there are only a small percentage of people that are successful entrepreneurs while everyone else are employees. There is nothing wrong with that. But you have to be real with yourself.

      If you really feel you won’t stick this through and make it work, then you shouldn’t try it. Focus on other options like a traditional work at home job:
      It would still allow you to be home with your boy. Affiliate marketing isn’t the be and end all. It just happen to be the best option for me and a lot of successful internet entrepreneurs. But it doesn’t have to be your path. I hope this makes sense.

      Good luck.

  22. Great day eddy, i pray all is well. But look eddy im just going to be real with you. I’m a freshman in college and i’ve done well my first year. But now im home this summer and needing some income. I’m only 19 but i been working since 14. My parents want me to get any job (like fast food or grocery store) just to say i have one! And i understand that, but at the same time i know my work ethic is worth more than $6-$7 an hour (if i work for you, IMA WORK FOR U). Plus i really don’t feel like working under any one, i want to make a reasonable income, have free time, and even help my family and church. So ive been researching since i been home for “work from home” jobs, but i’m afraid of getting scammed! However, i happed to come across the Wealthy Affiliate University and it sounds very reasonable. Just that I don’t have the $29 or $39 to pay monthly. I really need some income bc my school has just informed me that i can’t return till i pay $1,400 back. So i’m just coming to you for advice to see what “work from home jobs” would you recommend for me to do that you have found success in and do you believe that Affiliate Marketing would be good idea for me? Thank you for all your help and advice in advance! Have a bless day!

    • Hey Corey,

      First let me say I applaud a young man like yourself that is do dedicated to doing bigger things for themselves. That being said let me address some of your questions.

      In terms of a work at home jobs and being scammed, that’s an easy fix. We list new work at home jobs daily here: that have been prescreened to the best of our ability. So you can visit that area daily and eventually you should land something. Scams are pretty easy to avoid. Visit my scam page, watch the video listed there: read the articles and the comments. Once you go through that the chances of you getting scammed will decrease significantly vs someone who doesn’t have access to any of that information. Most scams repeat their patterns so even if I haven’t listed every scam on the earth most people are able to recognize the patterns because they’ve studied that scam section. So that handles that.

      In terms of affiliate marketing I don’t think it’s a good idea for you at this juncture. You have some financial burdens you need to worry about first. Once you’re in a comfortable place in terms of your finances and studies then you can consider a business like this. But you have to get your other priorities in other first.
      Let me also say this. I worked several jobs I didn’t necessarily enjoy or felt really maximized my potential. But they were a means to an end. They helped paid for the training and business ventures I needed to grow. Sometimes you have to do what you gotta do to get to the promise land. Just because you’re at a job that may be paying you less than you think your worth doesn’t mean you have to end up being there the rest of your life. It should just be viewed as a step in the direction of reaching your goals. Take some of the money you earn from those jobs and leverage it like I discussed in my recent recap article: There are always opportunities to leverage a given situation. Keeping an open mind will allow you to see this and maximize on it.

      So keep that in mind.

      By the way you can also make some easy money with the recommendations on the following page: Folks are doing very well with the Amazon and Swagbucks opt I listed there among other things. At the end of the day you have a lot of options. Just be sure you don’t turn some good ones down because of a perception issue. Hope this is clear.

      Good luck.

  23. Eddy,

    Thanks for your website, and the “no holds barred” scrutiny you give to both WA and to prospective affiliates. I have been looking at the littany of online and at-home businesses, the vast majority that are some iteration of MLM schemes that just leave muttering William Tango Foxtrot, after reading their rah rah boombeeay teaser site.

    I happened upon your site through researching Ameriplan (which was a breath of fresh air, I talked to a real mom and they have a tangible product AND identified themselves from jump street). I appreciated your candor about Ameriplan, and finally yielded to one of your many links to “affiliate.”

    Understanding that I possess at least two of your ignominious qualites (uh huh – SAT word!!) – I need money and I skimmed, only to have to go back and re-read ALL of it thoroughly, haha! I am likely to join. I will research a bit more, but I have to tell you that the thing that excites me the most is that mastery of these skills is also translatable to real offline businesses. In other words – I can help a local businesses achieve a greater online presence and perhaps help them achieve measurable financial success, too. While I might be looking at this incorrectly, this is a whole dimension that lifts this endeavor from being potentially anonymous, to helping some some really great people.

    So, thus will begin the earnest and methodical process of learning this craft, I look forward to being coached.

    Peace, and much gratitude to you,

    • Shemsuddin,

      Thanks for chiming in and giving me a laugh. I had to whip out a dictionary to figure out a lot of the words you were using. lol
      I’m glad you went back and actually read the article. I think that always gets people when they read that line. But I’m sure most miss it because they skim
      through the article as you planned to do. lol There is a lot of good advice and information that can be missed when folks do that. So I’m happy it was a lesson learned.

      In any event, I can tell you’re a smart cookie. Most people don’t even think about applying the training to an offline business. They all just try to apply it too promoting
      existing online products. But you’re right it can be used to help an offline business get more visitors to their sites. I’ve actually seen a few case studies in the past where a marketer approached a local business owner that they were a customer of. Then basically explained how he could get them more visitors in the door. He then basically applied things like SEO and other internet marketing to get visitors into the store and was paid a set fee per person that came in. So you can definitely use it in that way.

      But ultimately this is all dependent on if you’re able to understand the material and actually apply it. If so then it can have a wold of possibilities. However the fact of the matter is it won’t happen for everyone. So it’s a risk one is taking but we take them all times in our lives. In any event I wish you the best of look if you decide to join. Keep me posted.

  24. Hi Eddy. I had read if not all than most of it… Self determination. I tell you what… I think that person with self determination will succeed in any bussiness. But what about immigrants. Although I did best A+in intensive writing marketing in collage I’m not equipped with writing and reading skills for a real wold marketing or so i think. Do I make a #11 on your list?

    • Iryna,

      I totally agree with you in that anyone with self-determination and a strong work ethic can succeed in nearly any business. In regards to your question, I don’t think being an immigrant has to do with anything. Last I checked immigrants are human beings that can work hard too. This country was built by immigrants. And America is known as one of the greatest country in the world, what does that say about the immigrants that built it? Think about it.

      So if you have your mind set that you can do this, you can! Even if english isn’t your strength, a person with self determination will work on it until it is. I was born here and my grammar and spelling suck. But it hasn’t stopped me from succeeding. I’m able to get my point across. But more importantly I help people achieve their goals by providing solid recommendations and opportunities. When you help people achieve what they want they’ll look pass a lot of your flaws. Because at the end of the day, you produced results for them.

      Sure there are always going to be a few people that may criticize you for something whether it’s your poor english or even some of the advice you provide. It doesn’t matter if most people find what you’re doing helpful. So keep that in mind. By the way I was able to understand your English just fine. Take care.

  25. Hi Eddy, it’s been a month and I was still running affiliate marketing through my mind, I want to let you know tonight though that “I Have Now Joined” Wealthy Affiliate from the link in your article. Please send me the information I read about that would keep me a bit more focused; your inside scoop. I believe, I believe, I believe. Thanks in advance!


    • Congrats Denise!
      I’m glad that even after reading this article and my review that you decided to take a chance on yourself. It sounds like you’re up to the difficult challenge ahead of you. I’ll email you privately regarding my guide shortly.

  26. Hi, Eddy! I work from home as an independent contractor doing phone sales. I have been reading your blog for a few months now and I have told a few others about it who also work from home. I am open minded and I am motivated to make more money!! I like this article and I really want to try affiliate marketing. The absolute only thing that is holding me back is fear that I will have difficulty with the material provided by WA. I have always been a pretty good student but I am so burned out from educational programs. I completed my associate’s degree but not my bachelor’s even after two tries. As I said before, I am a good student but life always seems to get in my way. I also have a five year old son and it is getting harder and harder for me to concentrate. Eddy, what advice can you offer me? I really want to make this work!

    • Hey Tara,

      Congrats on your work at home job doing phone sales! Thanks for referring others to this site, I really appreciate it.
      In terms of this affiliate marketing career, honestly you have to be focused and willing to put in the time to study and make it work. You know your resolve better than I do. If you’re burned out at the moment than that’s your body telling you it’s time to just chill out a little until you’re re-charged. I make it a habit not to pursue anything that requires a lot of my mental energy unless I’m in the right state of mind and ready. So my advice is not to pursue this unless you’re ready to put in the work. Otherwise you’ll be wasting your time and money. Affiliate Marketing isn’t going anywhere and neither is WA.

      Everything will still be here when you’re ready. In the mean time just focus on your job and relaxing. Sounds like you need a nice long vacation. So if that’s possible I suggest going on one right away. lol Hope this helps.

  27. Hi Eddy, I have completely read your articles and I am amazed at the level of information you provide; I was here about 3 months ago, and took to heart the part about working to pay bills so that when I do join wealthy affiliate I would not be more concerned about that and more able to focus on doing this business (I have recently landed a job). I am ready to join; however, please pray for me that I get with it and stay. I have tried many other ventures and was always one of those “running around like a chicken without a head”, that alone has helped. See you in my future business adventure! Thanks!

    • Wow Denise!
      I’m impressed that you’ve read all my articles. I think I’m the only other person that has but I’m biased like that. lol
      In any event, I’m glad you heeded my advice about getting some other stable income in before venturing into affiliate marketing. Trust me when I say it will be a better experience because you won’t feel the need to rush. You can learn at a nice pace. And congrats on landing a job! We all know how hard that can be right now.

      In terms of your focus, I’ll definitely pray for you. Don’t feel bad. I even lose focus sometimes. But it’s usually because I have become overwhelmed with the information I’m reading. So when that starts to happen, I step away for a few days to clear my mind. Then when I’m all relaxed and refreshed, I’m able to see things clearly again. You’d be surprised how much this helps. The other trick that use to work for me was to focus on the reason why I was doing this. At the time it was because I hated commuting to work, I hated an idiot boss dictating how much I was really worth, I hated feeling like I was less of a person because I didn’t like playing their corporate america games. I hated the thought that I may spend the rest of my life making the folks that I didn’t really respect rich while I got the scraps. That was pretty strong motivation for me. But you need to find what that is for you. It may be spending more time with your loved ones, maybe it’s the freedom to go on vacation whenever your want, etc, etc.

      So find your focus. Post pictures of why you want to do this near your computer or in your bathroom mirror so you’re always reminded this is why I’m doing this. Incidentally I still do this. People come by and ask why I have that up and then I tell them. In the past they would think I’m crazy or laugh. But now they know Eddy is serious and will probably obtain that. Just something to think about. I’ll pray for you either way. Good luck.

  28. Today 2-11-10 was the day my house was scheduled for foreclosure. I declared bankruptcy, which will sae it for awhile.I was an xray tech for 36 years but was fired from my last job of 6 1/2 years for a health related incident. I cannot get another job in my profession, and there are no jobs who want a 57 y/o unskilled (other than xray) person working for them.I ran across your site, and am intrigued. I do get the impression that WA is legitimate, and I need to have somewhere else to direct my life now. I did want to respond to th enote in this post stating that your relatives were from Haiti. In light of the recent earthquake there, I hope if you still have relatives there they are ok and accounted for. I have just downloaded the free book about WA, and will be reading it.Thanks for the info, and, by the way, I think the image of a large black man walking an italian grayhound is quite sweet. Your wife and children are lucky.

    • Hi Marilyn,

      I’m sorry to hear about your financial situation. I’ll be praying for you. I’m happy you have found us because there are a lot of options available to you. So there is hope.
      Just be sure to check out the following pages:

      I’m confident that eventually you’ll be able to find something to help your situation. In terms of my family in Haiti, everyone is accounted for. Their homes may be destroyed but their faith isn’t. They have great faith in God and shared some amazing stories of his miracles with me. I’ve been able to send them money so that feels good. So thanks for asking and sharing your concerns.

      In terms of a grown man walking a tiny dog being sweet, I’ll just take your word for it. I find it embarrassing but I never let it show. lol I have to disagree with you though. I think I’m the lucky or blessed one to have my wife and daughter. They deal with me and that takes a lot of effort. lol In any event, thanks again for sharing with me. I’ll keep you in my prayers. I hope you find the WA information useful. Good luck.

  29. Eddy,
    I knew you would say that! I think I am going to try something other than affiliate marketing because we probably need to begin adding to our income sooner than later. I just received a magazine in the mail entitled “Money Making Opportunities.” There are so many offerings in it on how to make money from home, it’s overwhelming. It’s hard to tell if they are legitimate or not. I would never join one that asked for a lot of money up front. I’ll probably just stick to the list you sent me. Anyway, thanks again for your time. 🙂

    • Well I repeat the advice often enough it should be predictable. lol In any event watch out for stuff that comes in the mail regarding work at home. It should be treated like unsolicited emails, proceed with caution. Or better yet do what I do, delete or trash it. At the end of the day, always do your research. My scam video will help you with that:

      Good luck.

  30. Hi Eddy! Wow, your response time was so quick–kudos to you! Right now, because of my unemployment $, we do have extra money, but that will end in June. About how long would you say it might take for an affiliate marketing position to start generating an income? I know that is probably difficult to judge, as I think it all depends on how much time one puts into it, but a ballpark figure is fine. My husband and I are looking into several other options for building additional income, and my brain is constantly going, going, going…trying to think of ways to generate extra cash. I am grateful and God has truly blessed us with his stable job, even if it isn’t an exorbitant amount. We are so happy together and we absolutely love parenting–looks like you do, too. Your daughter is sooo cute! So, I will continue to search for just the right opportunity and check out the website you mentioned. Thanks again for your help!

  31. Eddy,
    I just wrote you a long message but lost it! So I’ll summarize by thanking you for your article and all your information and humor. I am in a similar boat as you were, looking to make money from home since I am on unemployment, but primarily because I want to stay home with my precious new son (well, he’s 17 months) and my husband works for “The Man” and barely makes enough money for us to get by. I am going to check out some of your work at home options, since I like to write, and also seriously consider WAU. I appreciate you and may the Lord bless you!

    • Jenny,

      Don’t you hate when that happens? Arrggg. lol In any event, I appreciate the kind sentiments. God bless you and your family. You’re fortunate in that your husband has a job even if the Man may be jerking him out of how much he really deserves. So you have to count your blessings in that respect. WA may be helpful but keep in mind it’s not a fast solution to your money problems. If you guys are barely getting by, I wouldn’t spend money on the WA course right away. It’s better to hold off when you guys do have a little money to spare. In the mean time you have other non-traditional options you can try here:

      Hope this helps. Try to have a great 2010!

  32. @Eddy Salomon:
    Eddy I am extremely new to all of this but have read much of your stuff and find your positive demeanor wonderful to surround myself with. My question to you is off the subject of business. Since your grandparents are from Haiti do you speak Creole?

    • Thanks Wess. I’m glad you’re finding my style uplifting. That’s the goal. In terms of your question, my parents and obviously my grandparents are from Haiti. I understand Creole perfectly but speaking it is another matter. I can hold my own if forced into a situation. But because I know my creole sounds like a “yankee” I’m less inclined to try to speak it in fear of embarrassing myself and shaming the culture. lol

      But I definitely understand it. I’ve actually surprised a few of my brethren when they were speaking creole when I respond to their discussions. They always seemed to be so shocked that I’m Haitian. Maybe I’ve assimilated too much. That being said, I’m really getting on my parents about speaking to my daughter in Creole only so she learns or understands at the very least. But it seems to slip their minds. So I have to keep at it with them.

      In any event, now that I’ve babbled on, why do you ask? lol

  33. @Eddy Salomon:
    Thanks Eddy! I again want to say I am sorry, I think I wasn’t paying attention, so anxious in getting an answer! I didn’t mean to step on any toes, great info! I will use you as a last resort if you don’t mind? And again I want to thank you for ALL you have put into your website, I am a visual person, and you have a lot of visual clips on your site, and it has been very helpful, you actually helped me make up my mind!!
    Have a Great Evening!
    Rhonda Jager

    • You’re welcome Rhonda.
      No worries. Like I said I’ll be happy to chime in when you need a little extra help and all else has failed. lol

      P.S. Please keep in mind the weakness I mentioned about WA and their lack of a lot video content. I’m a visual learner too and that annoys me about WA. But I’m also very focused so obviously I worked around it. But again, I just want to give full disclosure here. lol

  34. Hi Eddy!
    I stumbled onto WA about a week ago, and have read there whole website, word for word! More then once!! No skimm’n here, lol everything looked really good, almost to good to be true, I have been looking for along time for something I can do at home to help bring in some money, I am on my computer anyway, I might as well make some money while I am on it. I have made my own website the hard way, and I do odd jobs for people in writing and such. I absolutely refuse to get a J.O.B. why should I bust my kester for someone else! I am a hard worker and put my ALL into everything I do. I also have been scammed on one to many times, so maybe I’m being a little to overly cautious. I couldn’t find a phone number anywhere on the WA web site, I tend to like to talk with people to get a feel for them, it makes since what you said about that. I don’t think it was by chance that I stumbled onto your web site though, I was looking for anything negative on WA, I CAN”T find a THING!! I liked your ten reasons, I can say I only fit in one of them and that is, I want to make money yesterday!! But I can put that into perspective, and slow it down. I have tried so many things in my lifetime, but the problem I always have is that there are missing pieces, or the support isn’t there, it sounds to me like WA has both. So here I go Eddy, after sitting here ALL day reading your whole website word for word. lol I have been convinced to give WA a try, why not, what do I have to loose? I had a person years ago tell me you fail forward, you get knocked down, you wipe your knees off, get up and try again. Nobody was ever successful by giving up, and I won’t ever give up! One of these days it will pay off. I thank you for your website information, I could tell it was honest and straight forward. I read that people get paid to bring people into WA and I read that you would help people when they sign onto WA, is that through you? I would like it if I had the opportunity to have someone I could shoot an email over to on an issue if I needed it, you know that mentoring thing 🙂 How would I do that through you? Also, I know I will sign up, I am just debating whether I should do it now, or in a couple of weeks, I will be leaving town in less then two weeks and don’t know how much I could learn in that time before I go out of town. Well, I guess I am doing some of that babbling on, So I just want to thank you again for your thorough information.

    • Hi Rhonda,

      Obviously I can totally relate and understand your need to work for yourself. I’m one of the biggest advocates of this! So I applaud you. You do have a right to be cautious of scams. Unfortunately this industry is filled with them so you can never be too cautious. But I find it’s very easy to avoid these scams with the application of offline common sense and doing your research. We teach you how to research most scams with our simple scam video: If you follow it, you’ll pretty much avoid most of the garbage out there and scams will be the last of your concerns.

      In terms of WA and the phone number thing, I’ve already discussed this as a weakness for some folks in my WA review: I know it may be a deal breaker for some. But every company has some weaknesses. If the phone thing is big enough one for you then you should definitely pass on WA. As I said WA has its weaknesses, you may not find a lot of folks discussing them because they want you to sign up under them. But my review pretty much highlights many of the weaknesses. So I encourage you to read it completely and you’ll have a better idea of what to expect for better or worst when it comes to WA.

      Let me make my offer clear about WA, it’s not mentoring. I don’t have the time to actually do that. What I will do is answer an occasional question you may have assuming you’ve exhausted using the resources on WA such as the lessons, Kyle, Carson and other members of the forum. I’m not a replacement for WA. Since you’re paying for it, I expect that you actually take full advantage of it before emailing me questions that may already be addressed at the site. So hopefully that’s clear. I’ll also email you a little WA guide I whipped up. Just email when you’ve signed up and I’ll get it to you. You can use the contact form on my contact me page on this site.

      In terms of when you should sign up, just do it whenever you’re ready. There is no rush because ultimately this is a long process anyway. So whether you start this week or in two weeks will make little difference in speeding up the learning and making money process. There is no scarcity tactic here. WA will be around whenever you’re ready.

      In any event, I hope this helps you. Sounds like you have the right attitude about this business. As long as you keep in mind that this is a marathon and not a race where results will happen relatively quickly you will eventually achieve success. It’s exactly what you said: “you get knocked down, you wipe your knees off, get up and try again. Nobody was ever successful by giving up”. So if you truly believe this you can succeed. But it’s still up to you. WA will give you the tools and information. However they can’t make you use it and apply it correctly. Hope this helps. Be sure you read the review and watch all the videos listed there just to be sure this is right for you.

      Good luck.

  35. Eddy,
    Thanks for the reply. If I understand what you wrote, do you think it would be advisable for me to say on my web site (in this case it is a squidoo lens) that I am an affiliate of so and so? By the way, I have emailed my lawyer about this one.

    Ed Cohen

  36. Eddy,
    I have been working on promoting a couple of products (those available on clickbank) for a month now. I know, I know, it takes time. Great. But, I received this email from Mr. Dave Bock of the 4 Day Marketing Method, which I have gotten a lot out of:

    “Before I get to the real subject of this email I just wanted to let you all know I have a lawyer looking into the FTC’s recent announcement on promoting products and how you can protect yourself from the new laws that will go in affect on Dec 1st. ”

    Ok, Eddy, have you heard of this? What does it mean and who are they aiming at? The one thing I don’t want to do is mess with the FTC!!!

    Ed Cohen

    • Hi Ed,

      Its a great question. They’re going after anyone. It’s not just affiliates or bloggers. Anyone promoting a product and is getting paid to do so needs to be upfront about it and they also need to be honest about their claims. It’s basically what you’ve been seeing me do here for months. It’s called being honest. lol Some folks are in uproar about it because they haven’t really been doing that. So it boils down to transparency. I honestly think they’re doing this more to crack down on those shady products that claim you make a gazillion dollars after signing up for their program. In that situation maybe one person was able to do that who purchased the product but most of the people didn’t. That’s the type of stuff that the FTC wants you to say or just don’t mention the fact that one person made a gazillion dollars from your product.

      In terms of a blogger, if you’re getting paid to write a review or have some type of relationship with a given company you’re writing an article about, just be sure to include that in the article. It’s like in my wa review where I said hey I may not be getting a lot of comissions because of this review but…..

      So it’s just about being transparent. I think over the next couple of months they’ll be a lot more clear about what’s acceptable or not. There are literally millions of affiliate marketers, bloggers, advertisers, etc. So they don’t have the man power to go after everyone. Folks will probably get warnings at first where they’re more clear about what’s acceptable or not. That being said, I’m not an expert on the FTC. I’m monitoring the situation closely as well more so just because I want to know if I’m doing the right thing not so much of fear of getting smacked down by them. I already make it clear I’m an affiliate marketer on this site over and over again and which programs I’m an affiliate of via my reviews and videos. If I need to do more, I’ll just do that. As long as you’re truly being honest and trying to help people, revealing you’re getting paid for these affiliate suggestions shouldn’t be an issue.

  37. Eddy,
    Thanks for all the info. its hard to get a straight answer out there with so much BS going around.
    I have a great???? idea for an ebook based on my 35+years in business, would it make sense to join WA now and would it help on ideas on where to go for help for the ebook [ ghost writer for book and web site?etc] Thanks’

    • Hello fellow Ed.

      lol, It’s great that you’re thinking of selling an ebook. Here’s what I do before venturing into such a task. Determine if there is a demand for your book. There may very well be but are they buying ebooks? The best way to determine this is to become an affiliate of companies that are offering a similar product. Train to be a competent affiliate with a company like WA or any other legitimate company of your choosing. Then put that training to use by promoting the ebook of another company that is in your industry. If you can make some decent sales then you know your ebook can sell too using the same techniques. The other benefit of doing this is that you get to see what the competition is doing. You’ll be able to identify their weaknesses and fill in the gaps to make your product even better.

      Unfortunately WA doesn’t really teach you about creating products. They teach you how to get traffic to any site and promote other products or your own if you have one already. There are other courses out there for product creation. None that come to mind at the moment though. lol I hope this helps you.

      Take care Ed. (Feels weird saying that. lol)

  38. Eddy, That was a great article also. Question for you though. Have you ever heard or Swap Clix with Patrick Creek? I was looking into an affiliate program that provides the website for you so I wouldn’t need to foot the bill and keep up with domain registration and the other junk. Any suggestions you have would be great.

    • Hi again Bo,

      I can’t say I have heard of Swap Clix or Patrick Creek. But as always, just follow the steps in our scam video: and you’ll know everything I would know.

      By the way all companies with affliate programs provide you with your own clone of their website so that’s not a unique feature. Be sure you read my article on affiliate marketing so you understand how this works: Eventually you do want to get your own website. You don’t want one controlled by anyone else but you. Because when another company “foots the bill of your website” they can cancel
      it or change their policy anytime on you. That’s why I have my own domain name and hosting for both my websites. This isn’t an area where you want to pinch pennies. As someone that has done that in the past, trust me it costs you more in the long run. So for now I would worry about getting your own site until you can gather up the money to do it correctly. But definitely don’t put in all the work and effort into putting the content on a site that you don’t really own. Just my two cents.

  39. Larry, I read some things on WorldVentures. What I read about their program is that you can earn some free travel, but probably not much more.

  40. Hi Eddy, I found your site yesterday lunch time and didn’t get off it unitl 2.30 this morning and I’m back on it again. I am disabled and have to work AT home. I have been looking for quite some time for legitimate work and there’s not many out there. I really appreciate your site and the information it provides. I think I’ve hit nearly every link you have and my head hurts! LOL. I obviously have access to the internet but I am limited as to how long I can stay in one position (sitting, standing etc). I am not trying to get rich (not that I’d complain), I am trying to find something I can do that will help not only make some money to pay bills but also to give me something to do, so I don’t feel quite so useless. I was used to being active and working 45 hrs a week and loved the job, not so much the pay. The problem I have is that everything requires money, which I do not have since I can’t work. How much does the WA program cost in total to get completely set up and running. Of all the other programs you have on your website, which ones are the most profitable as far as filling out surveys etc and are there any that my son could do who is 17 and needs extra income.
    Thanks again

  41. @Eddy Salomon:
    I totally agree with you on “standardized tests”. I am one of those people that freeze up when I took tests in school. Now, I do have a 4 year degree, in Biblical Studies. Oh, did I tell you that I aced it and got a 4.0 average? I also have a 2 year degree in Electronics Technology. I used to fix equipment before I switched to “shifting bytes” for a living. So, if the IT world things I cannot do the job – fine. I’ll do something else and this time, make money.

    Ed Cohen

  42. Eddy,
    Well, I finally joined Wealthy Affiliate today. My wife and I have a lot of reading and research to do. By the way, the only way I could pay for this was through PayPal. Why? Because my credit union does not allow any transactions outside the U.S. for their VISA customers. Yikes!
    Anyway, we are in. As for motivation, I wrote to you earlier that despite having almost 20 years software development experience, I cannot get a job. Why? No fancy BS in CS (Make of those abbreviations what you will) and I am not industry certified. These days the IT industry has cooked up all these “certifications” (Java, MySQL, MS SQL and whatever) just to torture people (my opinion). And have you ever seen these tests? First of all, they are, drum roll please . . ., computer driven! You are given so many minutes to answer each question. If you fail to answer in time – pow! You fail!! That is industry’s answer to get better programmers!! Here endeth the lesson.
    So, I am determined to succeed at WA. In the end, I want the money and since programming is not paying, well, affiliate marketing will do. I will succeed in this. Others with far less work experience have succeeded, and I will too. Thanks Eddy for the referral to WA.

    Ed Cohen

    • Hey Ed,

      Glad to hear that you and your wife have gone ahead and joined. As I said in the past I’m looking forward to hearing about how the dynamic duo will do. lol I don’t think WA is limited to paypal. They do have another method to process payments.You just need to email them about I believe. I don’t understand why a credit union would limit where their customers can spend their money. After all it’s your money. Jeez. lol

      I can’t say I’m surprised about the certifications and tests. It’s just another way for big corporations to make money. It sort of reminds me of the SATs. Some people are awful test takers but are probably overall smarter than others. But because you can’t measure that with a standard test you’re labeled inferior to the people that are great at test taking or memorization. That’s just a problem with our society as a whole. I remember when I first entered corporate america. I came from a city college education (Hunter College part of CUNY) My counterparts came from Ivy League schools. Since I didn’t go to their schools there was an assumption made about me. But fortunately I had a boss that saw through fancy degrees and schools. So I ended up being the manager of many of my counterparts. Obviously I eventually left and did my own thing as an affiliate. But tests can’t measure someone’s heart and potential. A lot of companies are ignoring diamonds in the rough. But I guess that’s good because it causes these people to find their own paths like you and your wife have done. Ultimately you will have the last laugh.

      You have a great attitude and work ethic so i know you’ll be able to make this work. So welcome to a new start!

      P.S. Email me privately when you get a chance. I want to email you something that will help you along your way with WA.

  43. What’s up Eddy
    I would like to thank you for your candor in this article Top 10 Reasons To Avoid Affiliate Marketing (Which I read thoroughly LOL!!!) and would have to admit that as a mere mortal I may be guilty of one or two of these reasons myself. However I do realize that the journey of a lifetime always starts with the 1st step and my resolve is only strengthened by that fact. I have always had an entrepreneurial mindset since I was young.( Shoveled a few driveways, mowed some lawns, sold candy bars etc…) I believe that living life is not about slaving away on some corporate latter year after year spending the majority of your time making the executives rich, missing your family and friends working for the weekend you get a raise here a promotion there all to one day be told hey its costing us to much money to keep you around so with our regrets you gotta go gotta go! So with that said I’m not expecting to make millions overnight or to put in the minimum effort for the maximum reward here you usually get outta life what you put into it a wise man once told me (My father) and if your gonna do something do it right don’t half ass it or you’ll be right back where you started. (Pop’s keeps it real LOL!) Anyhow I know I starting to yammer on (I tend to do that at times) I just want to thank you for all the advice and support you have offered to me once again and I will do my absolute best to take heed and persevere! See ya at the top!!!

    • What up Ron!
      Glad to hear you appreciate the truth I was relying in this article. it’s very important for me that people don’t jump into this type of career without knowing the pitfalls they will face. I think its normal to be guilty of many of the things listed above. But as I said many of them you can work through if the motivation is there. I’m a perfect example of this.
      Apparently my very motivation is your as well. You don’t know how angry I get when I watch the news and I hear that people are getting laid off. But the executives and CEOs get to keep their bonuses and ridiculous salary. It just reaffirms my resolve for being my own boss and freeing as many people as I can from this nonsense.

      Sounds like you had great home training. Pops was a wise man indeed. lol I am sure I will see you at the top. You seem to have the same motivation and spirit that makes many entrepreneurs successful. It’s just a matter of staying the course. It’s never easy but Lord is it worth it! 😉

      P.S. I’m on vacation right now in Turks & Caicos. Yes I party hard but look at me, I’m still online answering emails and comments. I’m dedicated to this because it’s my livelihood and more importantly I love what I do. How many folks can say that about their jobs? I just don’t think it’s fair that you spend most of your day at a place you hate. Just my two cents for what it’s worth.

  44. Eddy i thank you, I also have problems with money That are pretty serious “only make 50 dollars a week to live on” Somehow i get through, But i just try to not put that in the way of rushing an affiliate career, I will do my reading and hopefully become a great affiliate. Thanks once again, Tom.

  45. Hey Eddy
    Freddie again, thanks for the reply. I must say the gift of gab is a gift not a vice. I, to oft, am at a loss for words. As for your top 10 list, I would say #6 is the only one I’m really guilty of. Both my Mother and Father where entrepreneurs and working for the man has never set right with me. I went out on my own when I was 23 and done fairly well for myself in the construction trade. I seemed to have lost ambition when I got a divorce, let things go down hill as I crawled inside a bottle and drowned in self pity. But I’m over that. That was a life time ago. I have two beautiful little girls that keep me well grounded and inspired to become a good provider. I think you have mastered this internet marketing as have countless others. I think I can too. Watching your videos gave me a little clue to some of your techniques. I Think I’ll try the Turk thing and start signing up as an affiliate at every turn. Not know the marketing strategies or having a team or the tools behind me like they provide at WA will make it slow going at first. But I know that’s the direction I want to head. Sure I’ll have to work the offline jobs to just “get by” but I feel this path will lead to success. I know first hand how having someone to show you the ropes make the job so much easier. I was fortune to have uncles that where concrete finishers and carpenters my grandfather was a roofer I worked with them at an early age and by the time I was 18, I had knowledge of the trades way beyond my years. My only gripe is I wish they had been electronic geeks or IT. lol ok, this rambling may qualify as psycho babble. In any case I’ll post it. and go for now the girls are hounding me to go ride their bikes. thanks again

    • Hey Freddie!

      I guess yammering on can be a gift. My wife doesn’t think so when I do it to her. lol It’s funny I have a similar background as you. Except it was my grandparents that were both entrepreneurs in Haiti. My grandmother had like a general store and grandpa was sort of like Farmer/Florist. I always admired them because they never worked for the Man. And here I was in the land of the free slaving away for the man. But I guess it was in my blood because eventually it lead me to my affiliate marketing career.

      But I guess we all go through set backs. However its what you do with those set backs that will shape your destiny. It’s apparent you understand this concept. So applaud you for taking control of your life and destiny again! You’re absolutely right, if I can master this then anyone can. Sure it’s not easy but it’s sure worth it at the end when you can tell the man to stick it. lol But we gotta do what we gotta do to get to that point. So I think your game plan is spot on!

      Your experience has already proven with the proper guidance you can become a master at any thing. So this may be the same scenario. But thanks for sharing some of your personal story with me and please me posted on your work at home efforts. Just continue to push forward and be patient. Enjoy your family time. You’ll have more of it in the near future. 😉

    • You’re welcome Ed.
      LOL means laugh out loud. It’s sort of like HA HA and a way to express when someone is joking around or actually laughing.
      LMAO means laughing my ass off.

      Hope this helps.

  46. Hi Ed! Yes I joined on sunday. Unlike you and your wife, I have no experience with computers nor writing lol but the program is great. WA is packed with information and resources all in one easy to understand place. I have just started so I cant say I’ve done anything remarkable…..Yet ha ha ha, but I would strongly recomend WA to anyone who is interested in becoming an affiliate marketer. It is best to read and study all the material and let me just say there is alot but it will be worth it and since you have free time it will go alot faster. I am a homemaker so im on every chance i get. I hope to see you and your wife very soon. We’ll do our learning together lol. I hope this info helps. If you need anything else or would like more info just let me know, I’ll be happy to help. Best of luck!

  47. @monica ramirez:
    My wife (Anita) and I have been researching Wealthy Affiliate. It seems to be the real deal. I understand that you have just joined WA. How is it going and what do you think? We are going to join WA soon.

    Ed Cohen

  48. Eddy,
    Well, both me and my wife have been doing our research on Wealthy Affiliate and we are going to sign up. Why? As I wrote to you earlier. I “retired” 4.5 years ago, and our income was ok. Then came the crash. Then I tried getting a real IT job (I have been programming computers for nearly 20 years) and have failed (No fancy BS in computer science and no certifications). Well, we are doing ok with the income we have (my wife is retired from the government and I still have some money in our investments that do pay $$$). So, we can pursue the WA training with no pressure.
    Anyway, I want to have more income coming in and not have to leave my house (hey gas is $2.50 around here). So, what the heck, I’ll try WA and see what me and my wife can do. My wife is an expert technical writer (can you see her writing ad copy? YES!) and is a lot calmer that I. We are ready to do this. Thanks Eddy, I got the lead for Wealthy Affiliate from you!! Thanks.

    Ed Cohen

    P.S. Pox on the IT industry that says I am not qualified!!

    • Nice to hear from you again Ed. I’m glad you’ve considered some of the reasons I stated for avoiding affiliate marketing. Some of the big ones aren’t a factor for you and your wife so that’s great. You guys bring some skills to the table that may prove as a great asset in your career. So I’m looking forward to see how this dyamic duo will play out. 😉 I’ve tried to get my wife into affiliate marketing and she wants nothing to do with it or work at home opportunities. LOL According to her that’s my passion so she’ll let me run with it and just be my support system and person to bounce ideas off of. lol

      In any event, the best way to get back at the industry and Corporate America is to succeed without them. But knowing them they’ll try to figure out a way to make us take an affiliate marketing test or get some type of certification so they can make more money off us. lol

  49. Hey Eddy! just checkin in lol i’m still bustin my hump trying to learn as much as i can, it’s so much info my brain is gonna burst lmao! I love to read and in this case I think it will come in handy ha ha ha, at least now I know the meaning of PPC, ROI and a few other tidbits. I’ve already completely gone through 10 sections in the learning center…. I’ts great!!!! =)

    • Monica,

      Thanks goodness you love reading. lol I’ve learned the people that do or force themselves to do end up making the most money in this industry. It also helps you avoid a lot of pitfalls. But glad you’re absorbing the info. Keep it up and take your time.

  50. I’ve joined Wealthy Affiliate. I will keep you all posted on my progress. Thanks for all the great advice Eddy!

  51. Hi again Eddy!! =) I read it and to be completely honest none fit me….and no I’m not in denial lol. i’m very optimistic and an aggressive learner. I worked as a travel agent for the past ten years, and even though it’s not the same thing it still requires lots of marketing, sales and referring clients. Your probably wondering why I’m not doing that then, well due to the economy people aren’t traveling as much and if they are, its through cheap ticket sites online. Sooo with that said, I know it wont be easy like the scams say but I plan to work hard at it.

    OH and P.S. I wasn’t slamming surveys lol, just said it wasn’t for me. I’m sure it works well for others. Thanks

  52. @Larry:
    I ran across the WorldVentures opportunity a while back, I thought it sounded interesting, so did a little checking. What I gleaned from the information I could find was that you can do a fair amount of traveling and get some great deal/rewards on travel. However, you will make very little actual money. You would need to do it for the purpose of travel opportunities, not support.

  53. Hi Eddy,

    I believe your “You’re afraid of failure & see obstacles as a road block instead of a challenge.” is the reason for procrastination as well. Have faith and trust yourself and your abilities. Rome wasn’t build in a day. To be truely successfull, you need a positive mindset, dedication and be prepared to do the work.

    • Agreed Mags. Because if you don’t believe in yourself, trust me most of the people around you won’t and that’s including family, friends and your loved ones. It’s nothing against the people that will doubt you but most people feel well if I couldn’t do it or know others that could, why will you be able to do it? For me that was like fuel to the fire I already had. lol But mags is absolutely correct you need to believe in yourself especially in the face of obstacles and failures you will experience during building this. Good luck.

  54. Well I haven’t been online for a written in a few days but I would like to say that I have thoroughly looked at and researched WA is not only not a scam but is a great affiliate learning program especially for newbies like me who dont know html for a hotel. The only cons that I have seen to the program is that there can be an overload of information at times and sometimes its a bit difficult to talk with a mentor. All minor problems in my book for the wealth of information and resources that you get for the money. I said forget the $1 tryout and sign me up. If any of you want to inspect the research and reference sources that I used to base my opinion feel free to reach me by email. Again thank you Eddy for this website that I hope people see as a true and honest reference on how to make a living by working at home. I firmly believe that what you are doing here is going to change the way that people view work at home opportunities and in doing so change a few lives for the better. To all of you out there I hope that you all find your niche and get to earning the money that you are all truely worth and deserve, good luck and Godspeed.

    • Hey Felix,

      Thanks for taking time out your day to chime in with your feedback. I really appreciate it. I’m happy you’re able to see the value I see in WA. I totally agree with you about the wealth of information and how it can be overwhelming. Just know that you can private message the owners at any time, there is tons of people on the forum that can help you and I’m always an email away. So be sure to take advantage of any of these resources or all of them. I’ve actually been taking to Kyle throwing some ideas at him to improve the organization of the information so people aren’t so overwhelmed. I commend them for over delivering because too often you pay for a product and they give you the bare minimum. But these guys have gone a little crazy with all the stuff they provide you. lol

      In either case Kyle was very receptive to my feedback which threw me off. A lot of the internet gurus think they know it all and you’re a peasant. But he welcomed the feedback and encouraged more of it. So I’ve been throwing it all at him. Apparently there are some huge improvements coming this summer that’s going to really help the WA members even more. So I’m looking forward to it.

      Again thanks for sharing your opinion. I know WA isn’t perfect but its damn close. lol I look forward to working with you to get your career started.

  55. Hi Eddy ,have visited your site a few times and have joined Hit$4pay and am making a few cents there ,which I know is all part of the dream! Multi streams of pay. I am however looking into this affiliate Marketing ! I am allready in a full time job driving taxis so would be doing Affiliate part time ! Gradualy getting it to the stage that it is earning me some decent extra income ! I dont expect 1000s of dollars overnight but is it possible to get it to the stage that it could earn me a few hundred a week? However I would like to know what is involved money wise to get set up in this area and would I have to pay for hosting web sites or is there a way around that? I live in Australia , and from what i have read that should not be a problem. Please get back to me as soon as you can. Thankyou

  56. Whoa Eddy,
    You had me going there for a fraction of a second. I thought WA blew up or something. Nice touch. I’m very close to becoming a member and look forward to a career in Affiliate Marketing. Your article was right on. Sometimes I get just a tad impatient with seeing results but your article is a good reminder to be patient. I truly appreciate the fact that you are sincere and take everyone’s personal needs into consideration. If there’s one thing I hate is when someone says that you’re “perfect” for business xyz, some mlm thing. Yeah, right, I’m perfect because it will mean more ca ching in their wallet. Once again, two thumbs up. Thanks.

    • LOL. Hey it got you to read the article didn’t it? 😉 But seriously I’m glad you can appreciate my honesty. The more I spoke to folks about affiliate marketing the more I realized that “real talk” was needed about the industry, regardless if it meant that I may be losing possible referral income. There are so many different ways to make money from home and I just wanted to make sure people that were going into this career understood what they were really getting into.

      But I hear you about those people that will push you into any home business opportunity just so they can make their money. I hope the money makes them sleep well at night. The one thing I’ve noticed in my affiliate career is the more real you are with people the more money you actually make. People see through BS. They can smell it all over your site. Marketing aside from the technical aspect isn’t as complicated as these gurus will have you believe. Treat people the way you want to be treated and you’ll do great assuming you apply some of the technical things that you need to learn.

      In any event, glad the article could help you out. Patience is definitely a virtue and it’s extremely important in this career. I don’t have it in many other areas of my life, but when it comes to making money I have boat loads of it. LOL Because I know the wait can lead to great things for my family, friends and my visitors. So keep trucking along!

  57. Thank you so much for the information Tami, I found similar resources here in Arizona, plus of wealth of inforamation more. And like Nancy I to am going to Go Wealthy Affiliates and read and double read all the information provided.

  58. Thanks a mil, Eddy. Once again you come through! I’m so glad I found this site. As for SBI vs. WA, I will give it the good old Google run to see what I can find. I want to make this decision soon.

    It seems SBI specializes more in SEO topics and marketing your site. They do focus almost exclusively on what they call “theme-based content sites.” That means you build a site based on your expertise and make sure it’s in something that’s salable. They do emphasize that no matter what your passion is, if it’s not marketable, it won’t sell. It must rank highly.

    Wealthy Affiliates, from what I’ve read so far in the site, focuses on affiliate marketing. They give you some templates to build sites (I believe 3). I don’t know what they look like. They do have to make sure these templates don’t look like “cookie-cutter” sites that look like a thousand others. And do they help with ranking it highly in Google?


    • No problem Ana. In terms of your question WA actually focuses on SEO, PPC & various other ways to market an affiliate site or your site if you decide to build one. They even provide a tool that is included for free with your membership. Their web authoring tool actually comes with tons of templates to choose from. So whatever niche you decide to get into, they have a template for it or allow you to create your own. All the templates can be changed in anyway you want. So I would dare to say that it covers everything that SBI does but more which can be a blessing or a curse because it can be overwhelming. But you’ll never leave that site thinking you weren’t provided every possible tool and resource to help you succeed as an affiliate marketer. And yes since they’re teaching you SEO that is by definition a method used to rank high in Google and other search engines. Every known and legitimate internet marketing strategy is covered.

      Hope this information helps you. At the end of the day getting training is key either way. SBI is a good company and so is WA. So you’re in good hands either way.


  59. Hi Eddy,
    I did not get offended, I feel that constructive criticism is crucial since we cannot see ourselves as others see us. The delivery is also important and your criticism was done in such a way as to not offend. thanks

    • Sounds good Nancy. Just wanted to make sure. Your words are full of wisdom. Constructive criticism and self realization can be a wonderful recipe for self growth.

  60. Hi Eddy,
    to respond to where your article has left me, I am going to try the GoWealthy Affiliates website. I am also going to read not scan!

    • Hi Nancy,

      Glad to hear it. Just remember I’ll be an email away while you go through the WA training. By the way I’m happy, you didn’t get offended when I called you out on scanning the article. But trust me when I say it’s an important skill that can make you a lot of money or at the very least help you from losing it. 😉 Congrats!

  61. felix Hi my name is tami and I also come to this site often today I saw your post about careing for you elderly parent and thought you might find this useful I live in MA so I don’t know if it will benifit you but I also care for my eldery grandmother and I have her on a program that pays me to care for her in my home called caregiver homes or 866-797-2333 if you do not live in MA well maybe they can connect you with a program in your area just thought it would help it helps me @Felix:

  62. Great read, Eddy!

    I’m still trying to figure out which training to go with, SBI or WA. You mentioned that you thought SBI was “limited.” In which ways do you see it as “limited”? Just an opinion, I know.


    • Hi again Ana,

      At the time I didn’t like their website building interface. It had the right components in terms of SEO but I just thought creating your site outside of SBI with something like wordpress was more ideal. But their marketing principles are sound though. Either way I don’t think you can go wrong unless SBI has changed for the worst in the last couple of years. You just need to weight out the strengths of both companies and see which are more important to you. Search for reviews on google comparing the two companies as well. I’m sure someone has highlighted their differences. Hope this helps.

  63. I am AP when it comes to BS: AP = Acronym Phobic; BS = Business Speak (now don’t get into the gutter;) ). You and Felix were tossing around a few acronyms that weren’t defined. PPC? SEO? CPA? NYC? Ok, the last I think I’ve heard of…

    BTW (err, By The Way), A friend of mine was told to check out WorldVentures as a way to make money online. At first when she was describing it, I thought it sounded like affiliate marketing, where you basically get paid to get people to sign up for vacation packages. We watched a video on the web-site and afterward, I was skeptical that I had assessed their scheme correctly at the beginning. Have you heard of this company? Is it a scam? A different marketing approach? Worth the cost (for the marketing package) or leave this alone?

    • Larry you’re funny. lol
      They are affiliate marketing terms. SEO = Search Engine Optimization, PPC = PAY PER CLICK, CPA = COST PER ACTION. Here’s a tip whenever you can’t figure out an acronym just head to Google. They really have everything if you’re willing to search for it and know how. In terms of World Venture, Google can help you there as well. Just enter their name with the word scam and you’ll know if they’re trustworthy in seconds. We have a video that explains how to go through this process and figure this stuff out here: and there is a wealth of other scams listed there that you should read if you want to succeed in this industry and avoid all the nonsense out there.

      Personally I would stay from those vacation package schemes. But that’s just my opinion. At the end of the day if you’re going to be successful in any online business it should be in an industry that you’re passionate about not just one that everyone says makes money. You’re more inclined to stay with something if you already had a passion for it. That’s one of the keys to success that a lot of marketers seem to ignore. Good luck.

  64. Great read, Eddy! Yep, I probably fit into a couple, but after four years and still looking … no way have I given up. I’m still going to find something that will begin paying me this year! I’m the one with SBI and I’m still trying to figure out which training to go with, theirs or WA. I was on a writing site a few hours ago and the owner is with both. I can’t afford both, at least not now.

    You said in one of your previous messages that you thought SBI was “limited.” What did you mean by that? Limited how?

    See ya,

  65. As a former firefighter/emt, challenges are something I faced everyday and I accept them as something fun and not to be feared. Thank you so much for this website it has to be one of the most informative if no the most informative period. Its convinced me that with some hard work some ingenuity and perseverance, I can be successful at work at home career. Thank you most of all for being a role model here but an insperation as well.Keep it up we need more like you times like this.

    • My hats go off to you Felix!!! Anyone that walks into a burning building willing instead of running away like my scared ass would, is someone that can face any adversity! Since that is one of the biggest reasons people fail you’re probably more equipped than I was for this career. So you’re absolutely correct, you can achieve a work at home career! It’s just a matter of possessing the right qualities, training and putting in the work. I’m glad I can serve as a role model to you but people like you are the true role models. So thanks for giving me the opportunity to help you out. I really do feel we all deserve more in life and for some it can be achieved by affiliate marketing. So good luck and thanks again for your kind words.

  66. Eddy,
    thank you for your honesty. these questions were particularly helpful

    2. You rather scan through information than read it. (I.e. Are you doing it now?)

    3. You’re terrified of learning new things. (How did you learn your current job?

    This is priceless:
    1. You’re afraid of failure & see obstacles as a road block instead of a challenge
    thank you for your honesty.

    5. You have a fear of computers or technology. (How did you get online today?)

    • Hi Nancy,

      You’re welcome. The more I talked to people about this career, the more I realized that an article like this was necessary to guide people in the right direction. I have to agree with you about 1 & 5 being priceless. Number 1 is key because you’re guaranteed to run into obstacles. How you deal with it is what will set you apart from everyone else in this career and in life for that matter. Thanks for chiming in. If you don’t mind me asking, where has this article left you?

  67. Eddy I just came upon your website and have found it very enlightening. I am having to look for at home employment due to having an elderly parent that I am having to take care at home. I have heard a lot of success in ppc and ppl fields and have done some research into it. My question is that I have been advised to become adword certified, then use a program like wealthy affiliate or ppc-coach is that advisable and I have not seen much listed about wealthy affiliate and ppc-coach or their ease of use. Do you have any experience with the latter and please offer any advice that you can on the direction that you would take.

    • Hi Felix,

      I’m glad you’ve found my site useful. It’s very commendable that you are looking for home based income so you can take care of your parent. They have obviously done a great job in raising a responsible son. In regards to your question, I’ve had some limited success with PPC and never became Adwords Certified. I think that’s more important when you running a PPC company. But I could be wrong. I’ve taken a lot of PPC courses and being Adwords certified was never a requirement or mentioned as an advantage.

      Now in respects to acquiring marketing training, yes its EXTREMELY important especially when it comes to PPC. Or you’ll lose tons of money very quickly. I’m a very experienced marketer and I still prefer using other techniques taught by companies like than PPC. PPC has so many nuisances that can screw you over, especially when it comes to Google Adwords. It’s not a matter of just slapping up ads and paying money as so many of these Google Money nonsense products will have you believe. I think for newbies it’s better to focus on the less complicated penny pinching techniques that WA teaches you such as article marketing, seo, etc. I’ve earned a 6 figure income primarily focusing on SEO and pay per lead. So that’s another misconception out there. You don’t need PPC to make big money. It’s a great skill to have and has become more like SEO but I still find that the “free” techniques are easier to implement for a newbie than PPC.

      In terms of PPC Coach, I recently joined and there is a wealth of information listed there. But it’s definitely not meant for new marketers. Its actually very overwhelming. But like WA they have a very active forum and the owner seems willing to help you along the way. I’m looking forward to the later months to see some of the other techniques they teach. But I wasn’t a fan of the 1st month technique taught. So if you’re new to PPC or haven’t had much success with it, you’re better off getting the fundamentals from WA or Perry Marshall. Although I found Perry to be too verbose for my liking. lol Wealthy Affiliate’s PPC section was the first time everything made total sense to me and was explained in a quick and easy to follow way. But that was my experience.

      At the end of the day you’re on the right path by looking into training. That is the key thing. You’ll avoid a lot of mistakes this way. So I applaud you for heading in that direction. Just keep the points I listed in the article above in mind. You should also do your research on any company you may consider for your affiliate training needs by following the simple steps in our scam video:

      Good luck.

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