Top 3 Reasons It’s Not A Work At Home Scam!

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It's Not A Scam!

Warning: This article may ruffle some feathers because some of you are guilty of the behavior I've identified. Hopefully by the time you finish reading it, you'll see the errors of your ways. If not, tough cookies. LOL

Here are the facts. Yes, most of the opportunities related to work at home are either misleading or a flat out scams designed to steal your money, identity or whatever else the con artists want at the time. Unfortunately that is just the reality of this industry. As such, it makes us all wary of any work at home opportunity. I think that's a good thing considering the nature of the industry. You should be skeptical of everything. I may sound like a broken record (or scratched cd), But it's worth saying again. You should always do your research! Fortunately this is easy to do following the steps in my scam video. When folks do their due diligence, you're able to avoid most if not all scams. Trust me, I've been able to avoid them for years now.

What's interesting about the whole scam phenomenon is that folks seem to use the word loosely in many situations that I don't feel are warranted. So with this in mind, I'd like to take this opportunity to dispel some of this nonsense because it does a disservice to the industry as a whole. So let's get into it.

It's Not A Work From Home Scam If:

1. You didn't or couldn't make money with the company.

Too often folks go into a given business expecting that they're going to make money right away or at all. If they fail at doing this, they run around the internet calling the company a scam. Here's the thing with business, you either succeed or fail. It's that simple. The reality is most people fail at business. That's why so many of them prefer to be employees, there is less of a risk involved with being an employee (or so you've been told).

But just because you fail doesn't make the company a scam. It either means you weren't good at convincing people to take action on a product or service. Or in some cases the company didn't do a good job of training you. Even in the latter case, that doesn't neccessarily make them a scam unless they flat out didn't provide you with ANY type of marketing help. However in most cases it's just folks aren't good at sales and can't look in the mirror and face this. So they take the easy way out and blame everyone else but themselves. Unfortunately the internet easily facilitates this childish behavior. This is why when I do my research I always keep this very scenario in mind, because I know folks can be disgruntle and just want to ruin the reputation of a company. We get comments like that all the time on my various reviews. So I try to read between the lines and so should you! If you happen to be one of the people I'm describing above, do yourself a favor, look in the mirror!

2. You have to pay a fee!

Yes, you read that correctly! Lord have mercy it drives me crazy when I hear news agencies, other authority sites and people run around claiming anything that requires a fee is a scam. Folks seem to be too lazy to make the distinction between a job and a business. With a job, you shouldn't have to pay the employer to work. You've never done it offline and you shouldn't have to do it online for a JOB!

– However for a home based business, in most cases there is a start up cost. Can you start a company like Burger King without money? Well the same applies for an online business. The major difference is that the start up costs will be significantly lower because you're working out your home. But there is a cost involved! If you follow the idiotic blanket advice of all these sites, news agencies and so called consumer protection companies, you would assume that a home based business is a scam! Don't fall for the "okie doke" folks! Be an educated work at home seeker and learn to differentiate between the two.

Now with that said some home based business opportunities will misrepresent themselves as a job. When companies engage in this type of misrepresentation, I can see why folks will then refer to them as a scam. When you do come upon a company like this, you definitely want to avoid them. Any legitimate home based business opportunity will be upfront about this so there isn't any confusion. This is why research is always important so you're in the know!

– It should also be noted that some so called jobs aren't on the up and up either. There seems to be this false sense of security that if a job doesn't charge a fee, it's legit. Again I blame the misinformation pumped out there by many other sites and news reports. The fact of the matter is, there are nasty "jobs" that are just as dangerous even though there aren't any out of pocket expenses. We see reports everyday in our repackaging job scam page. So don't assume a job is legit either just because it doesn't charge you a fee. Research should still be done. (See the recurring pattern here?)

– Finally it should also be noted that sometimes companies are selling you ebooks or training courses related to making money. Some of these courses and ebooks are great. Lord knows I preach all the time it's good to invest in this stuff because the good ones have helped me achieve the success I have. But not all of them are created equally. Again research is the key here, not assumptions! You also want to confirm that the company flat out states they are selling you some information product and not misrepresenting it as a job! If they do then it's probably a company to avoid. But it doesn't mean that all companies selling informational products are scams!

At the end of the day just remember that just because something charges a fee doesn't make it a scam. Always do your research to determine this. Because it can actually be a legitimate home based business, ebook, or training course.

3. You don't like or agree with a company's policy!

This is another one that gets my goat! Company x is a scam because they don't pay enough! Company x is a scam because they banned my account for no reason. Company x is a scam because they use points to pay. Company x is a scam because they require a skill I don't have. Blah, blah, blah, Stop the whining already! Just because you don't like certain characteristics of a company or some of their policies doesn't make it a scam. I don't like that gas prices are through the roof but it doesn't neccessarily make my local gas station a scam. People have perverted the word scam and the internet has made far too easy for them to do so.

Sadly even company competitors and scam artists are getting in on the calling everything a scam act. They are using the word scam as a tool for personal vendettas against companies and individuals. It's one thing to voice your displeasure about certain things. I think that's fine. You should do that! But running around calling everything a scam because you may not like something here and there is ridiculous. It reminds me of 3 year old who will dry snitch on her friends because they didn't play a game she wanted. It's childish behavior and should be viewed as such. So be sure you're able to read between the lines when you read some of these scam reports. They just may be someone with a personal vendetta using the internet to get back at a company or individual.

Bonus Reason:

The following is another one that came to mind after I finished my 3rd reason and I was too lazy to change the title. lol

A company or individual is a scam if they get paid to refer you (aka an affiliate marketer).

I understand why some people feel this way. After all like lawyers, life insurance agents and car salesman, there are some pretty bad affiliates out there. They will personally recommend literally anything that pays them the most amount of money, even if they've never actually tried or researched the given product or service. Unfortunately some of the things they recommend are garbage. This leads some people to make the assumption that all affiliates are bad and anyone that makes money for referring companies is a scam. So I understand the logic but don't agree with it.

The fact of the matter is that in every group of people there will always be one bad apple. It doesn't mean all the apples are bad. For example, in your family you probably have that one crazy uncle, aunt or other family member that acts up after drinking. Does this person reflect your whole family? Does this mean that everyone in your family can't hold their liquor and is going to say or do something reckless when they're drunk? Hopefully the answer is a resounding no!

Well that's the case for society as a whole and the affiliate marketing industry. It's not good to lump a whole group of people or industry together because one or a few act a fool. You have to judge people and companies individually. Aside from the work at home industry, that's something you should apply to your life when you're dealing with other people of different races, religion, political affiliations, etc. When you generalize, you're limiting your experiences. Many of you would have missed out on a lot of the legitimate opportunities I have recommended (that have made you money) if you assumed I was a scam artist because I got paid to refer you to certain companies. Most of you are here to make money and affiliates are too. But it doesn't mean they can't be objective and recommend quality companies.

If you've read enough my reviews you know I keep it real even if I'm an affiliate of a company. I'll give you the pros but I'll also give you the cons of a company I'm affiliated with. If you join and you make money, that's great! Because we both win. If you don't join because you didn't like the cons you read, that's great too. Because now we have built a trust and you may like another company I recommend. So you see, it can be a harmonious relationship. Don't make the assumption because someone is making money to refer you to a company they're bad and can't be trusted. Judge the person by their actions and the information they provide. Are they providing you value even if you don't sign up for whatever it is they're promoting? Or is it clear they don't really care about you and just want to make a sale? There is a difference between these type of affiliates and you can see it if you don't make assumptions.

That's All Folks!

Well I hope all this made sense to most of you. It should if you're a reasonable person which I know all of you are. We all may be guilty of some the things listed above. But I think airing them out helps us get pass them. Help stop the spread of these false scam reports by calling people out on them. I try my best to do this here on the blog. I never discount people's personal experiences. If you've experienced something bad with a legitimate company, I think it's good that it's aired out. So hopefully the company will address it or it helps someone else avoid a problem. Sharing information is great. But let's stop misusing the word scam out on the internet.

It's hard enough finding legitimate opportunities without everyone mudding the water with mistruths and oversimplified advice. Let me know what you guys think. It seems like the word scam is very subjective based on how I see it is used on the web. Let me know your thoughts either way. It may be one of those things where we all have to agree to disagree.

In any event, if you like what you've read you can get more of it, you can do so by subscribing here. If you were actually looking for legitimate work at home jobs, feel free to click here. If you want to know what my top personal recommendations here, click here.

Speak to you soon!

P.S. Shout out to my buddy Steve at, he inspired me to write this piece after I read the following article: I've Tried That is a Scam! His article is perfect example of the stuff I discussed above. I'm sure I'll have to write a similar piece for my own site because there are folks that feel the same way about us. Oh well.

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