Top 3 Reasons You’re Not Getting Hired!

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Searching…actually landing a work at home job can be a very frustrating process. Finding the jobs shouldn't be much of a problem if you know where to find work from home jobs.

Most of us will visit one of your top work at home websites or all of them if you're smart. Then you spend an hour or two a day applying to the various jobs. Next you wait anxiously for a reply. If you're anything like me, you're checking your email every 10 minutes anticipating a response from that sweet lead you hunted down.

A few hours pass and you hear nothing. Oh well, "maybe the employer wasn't in today." "I'm sure I'll hear from them tomorrow." You hit the bed filled with hopes of a new day and starting that job you applied for. Next day you wake up, head straight to your computer and damn it, this employer hasn't contacted you. What The F?
This may sound very familiar to many of you applying to work at home jobs. I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you have the skill set being requested but for some reason you're still not getting hired or even getting a response acknowledging your resume was even reviewed.

Why Aren't Work At Home Employers Responding To You?

1. Work At Home Employers are more overwhelmed with responses than any type of hiring managers. Think about it, how many people you know wouldn't want to make a living from home? None! Legit work at home jobs are like diamonds. They're precious, rare, everyone wants them and they're pretty hard to find. So when people do find these jobs, everyone applies and the employer can't handle the response. So they just don't! The key here is trying to find the leads before everyone else does. Most of the job leads we find in our favorite work at home websites are posted there hour or days after they've been online.
Instead of waiting for them,

What To Do:

You should Set up free emailed job alerts at places such as!,, and! so you're emailed once employers have posted a job. Why wait on your favorite work at home website to get around re-posting the job on their website? Remember the early bird gets the worm or in this case the job!

2. Your resume sucks! I say this with all due respect and as a former resume suckee. I know it's harsh but that resume you typed up with your word-processor (remember those?) from back in the 80's is just as played out as a Member's Only Jacket. As stated earlier employers are overwhelmed with resumes so if your resume is the one that's hard to read, or doesn't have the skills requested prominently displayed then your email goes into their special folder, the trash bin.

What To Do:

Step up your career options by getting your resume professionally written and set yourself apart from your lazy competition who won't be doing this. Or you can continue to be like them and see how that pans out for you. It's your choice.

3. You're actively searching for work but you're NOT passively searching! I know that doesn't seem to make much sense. But as counterintuitive as it sounds, often it's better to let the employers come to you by posting your resume everywhere you can. As I said employers are overwhelmed, so sometimes they shy away from posting home based jobs. And when this occurs they resort to searching resume databases instead. Guess what happens when you're not in those databases? You end up missing out on tons of jobs!

What To Do:

You better get on the ball and Blast Your Resume Everywhere automatically. Or you can manually visit sites like!, or to post your resume. And if you're wild and crazy you'll use them all! Just a thought.

So these are the possible reasons why you're not hearing jack from all those places you're applying. I mean there are other reasons such as the job just being filled, etc. But I'm covering the ones where you can take action and I like doing anything that will give me an edge over my competition. Why leave anything to chance? So hopefully you're different than all the other work at home seekers and you'll take action on all the advice I listed above. If not, just continue to do what you're doing and you'll get more of what you've already been getting.

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