Top 5 Reasons People Fail At Work At Home

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Top 5 Reasons People Fail At Work At Home.

Let me start off by saying if you're sensitive or easily get offended by constructive criticism aka "REAL TALK", you may want to avoid reading this article. Some of you may get your feelings hurt or take what I'm about to say personally. Obviously that's not my intentions but I can't control what you may feel after reading this post. With that said, I want to pre-apologize for any of you that I may offend. LOL Now that's out the way, let's get into this article.

It's funny, everyone I tell that I work at home is always fascinated by the idea. But even when you give people the tools and information to get started, many of them fail! Why is this the case? How can it be avoided? Well if you want the answer, I've identified 5 symptoms that afflict people that fail at working at home.
Please note these observations aren't indictments against folks that exhibit these traits. So don't take it personal. View this article more as an aid to help you avoid the mistakes that others make. This way you are able to secure work at home opportunities. Because after all if you don't identify the problems how can you address them?
So with that in mind let's get into the reasons why people fail at working at home.

1. Limitations

It always amazes me how many limits people place on themselves when it comes to working at home. Often times I hear things like; "I only want to do typing or data entry." Or I hear "I don't want to be on the phone." Well looky here, if you want to do succeed in this work at home industry you have to go where the money is! If the money happens to be virtual call centers then guess what? That's what you need to do. You can run around making demands of what you are and aren't willing to do, but this industry will basically chew you up and spit you out.
It's one thing to avoid phone related work because you have little rug rats running around that haven't mastered their inside voice. It's a whole other thing to avoid this type of work because you just don't like the idea. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do especially when you have bills piling up or kids to feed. The collectors and kids don't want to hear about your preferences at that point. So get over it! You can't run around complaining there aren't any work at home options if you're ignoring the ones that are available and in demand. If you are then you've made your bed and you have to lie in it.

2. Fear

Back in the days before modern civilization, we were defenseless creatures roaming the earth looking for food and shelter. While doing so there were a lot of dangerous animals out there that would gladly make us their snack. So the good Lord gave us instincts and common sense. Well he gave most of us that! We all know there are some of us he must have skipped over. But in any event, one of the most powerful tools he provided us is Fear. It helped us avoid dangerous and dark places. It's a great resource that should still be used in certain situations. But it isn't always our friend when it comes to working at home or some of our other dreams. Yes there are more scams and misleading opportunities out there than there are legitimate options. However you can't let that stop you and go around being afraid that everything you try online is going to be a scam. You can mitigate the fear of being scammed by just doing some simple research. We've made this very easy with our scam video. If you can't determine if something is legitimate or a scam with research than just avoid that particular company all together. Then move on to some other one where your research does provide some definitive information. Another option is to rely on a trusted source for guidance or experience. For instance we've created a recommendations page of opportunities I've personally tried or researched. So that might be a place to start.
Aside from being fearful of getting scammed, I've noticed people are afraid to fail. Let me put this in perspective for you. Some of the greatest people were huge serial failures. You're not always going to succeed, that's part of life. But with great reward comes great risk. Chances are if your desire something really out of the norm, you have to be willing to take risks that others may not. If folks didn't take risks we wouldn't have people like Steve Jobs, Henry Ford or Thomas Edison. All men who have basically changed the world with their actions. But their actions came with a lot failures and pushing through fear. Thomas Edison failed thousands of times before he finally figured out the light bulb. Can you imagine our world today if he followed what most of us do which is to give up after a failure or two? We'd still be using candles and damn near causing fires every day. So keep this in mind. Here's a way to do this. Ask yourself the following question anytime you're considering something that causes you a bit of anxiety or fear.
"What would you do if you weren't afraid?" It's a little quote I picked up from a great but short book: Who Moved My Cheese?
It's changed my life and how I approach it. I still have a lot of fears especially of failure. But anytime I find myself doing a lot of what ifs, I ask myself that very question: "What would you do if you weren't afraid?". It usually snaps me right out of my nonsense and I push forward. So if your fear is running your life and you're sick of it, repeat that quote. Or better still get the book. It's a quick read.

3. Lack of Focus

Too often when I'm talking to some of you good folks, I've noticed that many of you have work at home ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). You try one opportunity then you bounce off to another one, then another. Ultimately you never really put in the full effort in one or a few. This usually ends up in lack luster results or none at all. Look, I'm totally for maximizing your time and money. If you find that one or two opportunities are giving you more money and satisfaction than some of the other activities you were doing, then it literally makes "Cents" to focus your energy on those activities. But notice the word I used, focus! Dabbling here and there isn't focus. When you dabble, you get results that reflect that. When you grind hard on one or a few good opportunities, you'll see results. But a lot of you are like little children that chase after the newest toys they see on TV.
Here's the reality of the situation, anything that is going to make you decent money is going to require a lot of effort and focus on your part. Just face this fact! There are no such things as automatic push button opportunities that are magically going to solve your money problems. You can keep running around and trying to find this fake pot of gold but you're going to waste a lot of time or money. So get yourself some work at home ritalin which might be this article and get focused! If you do, you'll probably see better results than what you have in the past.

4. Unrealistic Expectations

For some strange reason people come into this industry thinking that whatever job they had offline is going to be an option online. Or they assume the type of money they made offline is what they can expect online. Well allow me to help you through this delusional assumption. This industry is very different in many respects than the offline job market. The fact of the matter is some opportunities you had offline just don't translate well into an online medium. For instance if you were a "burger technician" at Burger king, unfortunately you're probably not going to find any related work in that field online. As I said earlier you have to go where the money is. This may mean putting yourself in a new environment. You may have to get training or start off at the bottom and work you way up to get experience.
In terms of salaries, I understand that you have bills to pay and you consider yourself worth X amount of dollars because of the gazillion years of experience and training you have. That's cool. But like real estate, the market dictates what you're actually worth online. The pay scale is very different because you have greater competition. This means employers have a lot more options in terms of who they can hire. Unfortunately for you, employers usually have a large pool of people that they don't have to pay as much as someone that is limited to their local geography where options may be limited. That's the reality of the situation people. Either you adjust by working multiple companies that equate to what you've made offline and make some money. Or you can stay stuck on your pride and make none at all. Ultimately that choice is always yours.
The folks that I know who do well have usually taken this philosophy or have stepped up to the big boys and run a home based business. In the case of the latter you decide how much you earn. It can be as much or more than you did offline. But running a home based business will require you moving pass fear and having the focus I discussed above. See how all this stuff intertwines and will affect your chances of success?

5. Failure To Read!

Oh this one is my favorite because I deal with it every day when I read folks comments on my articles or via emails I receive. I've come to the conclusion that people are allergic to reading. The internet is a great tool but I think it's also dumbed many of us down. We're all use to getting information very quickly. It causes us to skim things rather than read them. Boy is this a disservice when you're trying to succeed at working at home.
If an employer takes their time to write a job description that is very specific about how to apply, be sure you READ it! Because if you don't, you just lost yourself a job. For instance I've posted jobs where I specifically asked that the applicants email me certain information which wasn't a resume. Wouldn't you know that most people would send in their resume? You know what happened to all those emails? They end up in my special folder for special people, my trash bin. It told me as an employer that this person is unlikely to follow directions and will probably screw up in other tasks I may assign. Who needs that headache? Well my friends that's how many employers feel. A lot of you are shooting yourself in the foot because you're in a rush or just don't want to take the time to read.
As I said I've also seen it on this blog. Despite the fact that my team and I have done all the leg work in terms of finding and researching companies and then presenting them here, there is always some fool that will totally skip the article and jump right into the comments. They'll usually ask something crazy like how do I make money or do I sign up? Really dude? Really? Most of the times I delete these comments because I can't really be bothered with people that aren't willing to help themselves when you've led them to water. Here's my advice to you. If you find a resource that obviously has a lot of legit information about working at home, take the time to read it.
If there is a lot to go through, then come back to it when you do have the time to dedicate to it. I understand we're all busy or just don't feel like reading a long article when we're tired. I'm the same way. But that's why I bookmark sites or email myself an article I want to read later. There is always a free moment before bed or as you're "shooting a deuce" to catch up on some reading. (Sorry. lol). The point is don't let laziness or whatever your reason for not reading be a road block to your success. I've noticed one common trait for folks that have found success with my site, they all take the time to read the various articles. Then they take action on whatever opportunity fits their style or needs. But it always starts by taking the time to READ!

Ain't no more to it but to do it…

Well that's it folks. Sorry if I've offended some of you. But many of you need this real talk and tough love. I hear a lot of people complaining and most of the time it's because folks fall into one or many of the things I've listed above. This industry is filled with various legitimate ways to make money. Usually the only real reason folks can't take advantage of this is because they are their own worst enemy. So stop the madness.
Now you know what you need to do if you haven't been successful with working at home. Work on these issues and then take advantage of the resources we provide such as my recommendations page or my jobs page which is updated daily. If you feel this article hit home for you and would help other people, please be sure to share it with others via Facebook, Twitter, email or whatever other social networking tool that happens to be hot on the streets right now. I can't even keep up with all of them anymore.
As always if you like what you've read feel free to become a subscriber here. It's free and you can READ more of my ramblings.
Anyway, let me know what you guys thought about this article? Am I off base on some of these things? Do you agree or disagree with some things? Chime in below, but make sure you actually READ the article above first. lol

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