Top 5 Ways To Make Money Online Quickly

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makemoneyonlinequicklyIt always amazes me when people say they have never been able to make any money online or at home. It's actually pretty easy to do if you have an open mind. So I'm going to cover a few ways to make money online. But keep in mind I'll be focusing solely on ways that will make you money online quickly!

Let's face it some of us have as much delayed gratification as a toddler on a long road trip. Are we there yet? LOL So this article is for you! However before I list the opportunities, let's cover my criteria. I've compiled a list of opportunities that meet the following requirements.

  • The opportunity must be free.
  • You must be able to start immediately after signing up.
  • The amount to cash out must be very low or easy to attain quickly.
  • You must be able to cash out within a week or less.
  • The reward can be cash or a gift card. (It's the same difference.)
  • It must be legitimate.
  • You must be able to make any money. (Yes a few cents still counts as money.)

Okay now that you know my requirements, here's the list.


This is one of my favorites because as the name suggests you can redeem gift cards instantly and we're talking about a large selection of gift cards that will appeal to anyone. You get paid for simple things like visiting websites, watching videos, downloading apps to your computer or phone, shopping, like social media pages and even when you sign up they give you points. You can literally cash out today with this company.


This is a new comer to me. It's basically a website that will randomly pay you money for normal searches you conduct on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon & Ebay. Everyone does new searches every day so this is pretty easy and painless. The best part of this opportunity is that you can cash out any amount of money you make today even if it's a couple of cents. This is perfect for anyone who had doubts that online companies will actually pay you money. If you need proof of concept this is for you!


This is a legitimate survey company that has been around for years. What made this very unique is after any survey you would get paid $3-$5. The money was usually sent to you by paypal within a week or so. They have points options now but the heart of the program still pays you quickly real money within a week. The biggest issue with this company was they would play hide and seek with their sign up link. You literally had to hunt the web to find them to sign up. But fortunately they don't seem to be playing this annoying game anymore.

Poll Buzzer:

This company literally pays you for taking short polls although lately they do long surveys now too. But you can ignore those and do 1 question polls and earn $1. They usually send the paypal money to you within a week or so. Unfortunately the surveys are totally random so it's not something you can just log in and do anytime you want to make money. You'll need to wait until you're emailed with a new survey.


I love this opportunity because it's pay you for what you're going to do regularly which is grocery shopping. Let's face it grocery shopping can be expensive and very painful depending on the day you do it and if your bratty… I mean your kids are with you. LOL But this opportunity makes the experience fun because you can get paid for it! You only need to make $5 to cash out which is pretty quick depending on your shopping habits. Depending on when you cash out you can probably have your money within a day or two. So it's a no brainer since last I checked we still need to eat and you still have to buy food to achieve said task.

How To Make “Real Money” Online!

So there you have it. I've actually been paid by all of these companies numerous times and they're pretty easy to make money with them. Some are a bit more involved than others but they can all literally make you money quickly like today.

That said I know some of you are rolling your eyes back like you were possessed by the devil because you don't view any of these opportunities as real money opportunities. Sigh…. You already know my philosophy. Multiple streams of little income can add up over time. But the reality is these opportunities aren't going to be paying your rent, mortgage or replacing your current income.

But here's another reality, I've yet to find anything legitimate opportunity that will pay you large amounts of “REAL MONEY”. Any opportunity that is going to pay you large sums of money at home will require the same amount of effort, energy and patience you would need offline.

So if you understand that and are up to the task, here are some hand selected ways to make that REAL MONEY over time:

In my years in this industry I've realized you either need to run your own business like yours truly has done. Or you'll need to work for someone else which seems to be the popular option for most work at home seekers. Personally I've yet to find a work at home job that has paid me as much as I've made running my own online business. But I live in New York so my cost of living is crazy. You may not need or want the type of money that a home based business can make you in time. Either way you have options now.

A word of caution, don't fall for the “okie dok”! No one is going to pay you large sums of money quickly for relatively easy work. Don't let desperation cloud your judgment like I've seen happen so many times with people who have fallen for the reshipping or packaging work at home scam. If you want to make real money, expect it will take time and a lot of effort. If it doesn't you better run away like you stole something!

Well I've babbled enough, I hope you found this article useful. If you did and want more please become a subscriber. You can also hang out with me on social media via Twitter, Facebook, and also Google+.

If you have some other opportunities that you think fit my requirements, please chime in below. Or just share your feedback about the companies I've listed above. Thanks for reading!

Until next time,

Eddy with a y (Yes it's really that serious. lol)

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