Top 5 Work At Home Scams of 2009

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Happy Holidays All. I hope you've been spending quality time with your family. I definitely have. But I pulled away a little time to get some work done. So 2009 is quickly coming to an end. I would dare to say that is the year that everyone wants to forget. Obviously the economy had a great deal to do with this sentiment. While most folks were cutting back, scammers were hard at work if you can call it that! Apparently misery and despair is like Christmas for con artists. So in the spirit of letting go of the past and looking forward to a better new year, I've compiled a list of the top 5 work from home scams of 2009. There is a saying that goes the past often repeats itself. This is particularly true with scams. Con artists may change some of the bells and whistles but they tend to have the same patterns. So study this list so you avoid crap like it in 2010.

1. Google Money Scams

This is basically a scam where shady marketers were misrepresenting affiliate marketing as some type of easy job with Google. Ridiculous promises of easy money working for Google, low shipping costs with hidden exorbitant fees were also common with this scam. It caused a lot of uproar for Google because people assumed that Google was behind it. But eventually they couldn't ignore all the bad publicity associated with the confusion and pulled such misleading ads and websites from their search engine. Later they delivered the final blow and sued some of the biggest names associated with this scam. But con artists are persistent bunch. They have already adapted and are playing on other known search engine's such as Yahoo and Bing. So if you see some Bing work at home opportunity, chances are it's probably the same misleading product and Microsoft has nothing to do with it. It's like the saying goes, same crap different day. (Related articles: Google Shuts Down Money Scams, Google Money Tree Scam, FTC Busts Work From Home Scammers, Fake News Sites)

2. Fake Newspaper Article Scams

This is pretty much the same scam described above but with a twist of lime. When folks started becoming wise to the scam artist's nonsense, they had to adapt. Roaches do the same thing. So they created hundreds of fake news websites that featured so called news articles about working at home and how their shady Google work at home product was highly recommended. Often times you would see the logos of legitimate news agencies on their website with the catch phrase as seen on… The thing is these companies were never featured on the actual news programs. Many times they just happen to be sponsors when those shows aired. And those so called news articles were all fake and simply very deceptive advertisements designed to hoodwink you into buying any of the garbage Google Make Money products. They've modified some of these fake news articles to promote some other work at home offer. But at the end of the day if they're still using such deceptive practices to get you into their program, what does it really say about their opportunity? (Related articles: Fake News Sites)

3. Check Cashing/Wire Transfer Scams

This is basically a variation of the Nigerian email scams. Con artists would basically post a fake job listing often time which was very elaborate and may even use a legitimate company's name or job description. Or they may search legitimate job site for resumes so they can find new victims . No matter how they packaged the job, eventually they would mention something about cashing a check or wiring money. Everything prior to that may sound as real as any job. But once the mention of cashing checks or wiring money is put into the equation all bets were off. Chances are you're probably being set up for this scam. Eventually the victim would cash the check and be told to keep a percentage of the money. Then they would be informed find by their bank that the check was fake and all their money was withdrawn from their personal accounts. Ouch! (Related articles: Fake Checks & Wire Transfer Work At Home Scams, Derby House Fabrics Bookkeeper Job Scam)

4. Package Forwarding Scams

The scam artists are often lazy but clever. When they see something works, they adjust it to scam even more people. Since the fake check scam worked so well, they modified the principle of a fake job listing. Instead of wiping your checking account clean, they're using you so that they can get stolen consumer products to their homes. Basically the scammers would post a job for a shipping assistant or something to that effect. Your so-called job was to receive consumer products open the contents, "ensure" everything was in order, then forward the package to another address which was a P.O. Box address. Next thing you know you're getting a knock on your door from the postal inspector and being accused of theft or possession of stolen goods. Basically the scam artist has stolen someone's credit card information.Then they've purchased a whole bunch of stuff with it. But instead of shipping it to their home where they'll be caught. They send the product to you and have you ship it to a P.O. Box which is not traceable. They get a whole bunch of free stuff and you get hosed. Sometimes the scam artists will actually send you some money to do this. This leads you to believe that this "job" is legitimate. However it's not. They can afford to send a few bucks your way because they'll probably sell the stolen items for a great price to some unsuspecting customer. (Related articles: Package Forwarding)

5. Forced Continuity / Hidden Negative Option Scams

Most of the so called Google work at home opportunity employed the "marketing technique" I'm about to discuss. It worked so well that it spread to various other work at home related products. So how does it work? Basically you pay a small shipping fee for a given work at home kit, dvd, ebook, training or whatever. It's can range from $1.99 – $4.99. It's specifically designed to be insignificant so you feel you have nothing to really lose. When you fork over your credit card information, there is usually some terms and services that everyone ignores or fails to read completely. In that the sea of text is usually a line that basically signs your life away. Or at the very least it reads that you'll be signed up for other nonsensical services that will probably be priced anywhere from $39.99 to $99.99 within 7 days. By the way, it's not a full 7 days. They usually count the second you sign up as the first day. So $1.99 turns out to be 8 times that because you failed to read the fine print. ” ?” ?Honestly it's a shady practice but a big reason that it works is because we fail to read things. So we're a big part of the problem. I see it happen all the time on this blog. People ask me how can I find a work at home job. It's a ridiculous question because there are links all over the site linking to a solution. I now ignore those comments because it's clear folks aren't reading and that's a recipe for disaster. On my site the most you may lose for failing to read is your feelings and some great ways to make money. Outside my site you may end up losing up to $100 bucks or more. So the lesson here is R.I.F. (Reading is fundamental) By the way some companies do very legitimate trial offers where they're very clear as to what will happen after the period is over. They don't bury it in the fine print. They'll even email you a few days in advance to let you know you're about to be charged the higher fee. That's the way it should be done. These companies are confident enough in their products where they don't feel they need to trick you into staying on. So keep this in mind. I don't want everyone now thinking that all companies that charge these low trial fees are all scams. They're not. (Related articles: Google Money Tree Scam)


So there you have it, my top 5 work at home scams of 2009. Please note this list was not really compiled by any scientific methods. It should be interesting what 2010 brings in the way of scams. However if you follow the simple steps in my work at home scams video, you'll probably be able to avoid most of them. I didn't fall for any of this year's scams and that's purely because I followed the steps in my scam video. So feel free to watch that work at home scams video when you have that question "Is company x a scam?". It's a simple question to answer if you watch that video. (Hint, hint.)” ?” ?

At the end of the day let the past be the past. Don't harp on all the mistakes or negative things that happened this past year. Instead, why not learn from them? If you were laid off from your job in 2009 then in 2010 work on getting some new career skills or starting your own business. If some jerk dumped you in 09, thank him or her. Now in 2010 find someone that will appreciate and love you the way you deserve. If someone you loved went to be with the Lord in 09, remember them in 2010 by appreciating every moment of life and spending more quality time with the loved ones that are still here. If you experienced any set backs, be thankful for them. Now you know what not to do in 2010. Take responsibility of your life. Don't wait on "bailouts" or for someone else to improve your life. You control your life and what it can be. Don't complain about things that didn't work out. Pick yourself up, dust your shoulders off and keep coming back for more. You can never lose if you don't give up on yourself. You have to be your biggest cheerleader. Don't wait for affirmation or approval from others, motivate yourself because at the end of the day you're in control!

The New Year is time for a fresh start. Actually every day is an opportunity for a new start. Keep that in mind in 2010. If you didn't like how your life turned out this past year then don't repeat the same steps! It's that simple. Try something different that you didn't do in 09. Otherwise you're bound to repeat the past. See you in 2010. I believe it's going to be your best year yet! But do you believe that?

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