Is Treasure Trooper ( A Scam?

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Treasure Trooper is very much like where you get paid to complete various offers. Here's how it works. You sign up for a free account with where you're able to log in and select offers of interest to you. The offers can be totally free, paid or risk free trials. Risk free trials means that you sign up for an offer using your credit card. But you're not charged until you've finished your trial period which can be 7 or 30 days. pays you for doing any of these offers. But from my experience the risk free trials will always pay the most because Treasure Trooper is paid more money for referring you to this offer.

This brings me to my next point. How can Treasure Trooper afford to pay you to try offers?

Well all companies are looking for new customers or prospects. So what they'll do is pay commissions to companies like Treasure to find them these prospects or customers. So what has done is decided to give you some of the commissions they earn. (How nice of them!) So let's say a company like is paying them $20 to get a prospect to do a trial of their DVD by mail service, might pay you $10 for trying the Netflix offer.

They keep track of all the offers you do on their website and tally up all the money you've earned for doing various offers. You then get paid at the end of the month for the total of your offers for the prior month and for any referrals you send if you choose to do so (which you should!).

And that's pretty much how it works folks.

The reason why sites like may be considered a scam is that you need to be very organized so that you can keep track of what offers you do and which ones are trial offers so you know when to cancel them if you're no longer interested. Most people aren't and they end losing the money they make.

So let's use the Netflix example, Let's say you've tried the service and pays you $10 and you decided that you weren't really interested in continuing the Netflix service but forgot to cancel it. Netflix would then charge you $10 for next month's DVDs and now you've pretty much lost money. So I think this is where people may think a company like is a scam!

But they're not. They keep their end of the bargain up by paying you as promised but they're not responsible if you're not organized in terms of keeping track of what offers you do and don't cancel. Either way they make their money. But if you want to make yours then you need to stay organized.

I've participate in programs like and made a few hundred bucks which was nice. But I was very organized. So I don't think is scam at all. You can definitely make money. But just be aware of the pitfalls. Like any program, it has its flaws but you can in-fact make money and that's the bottom line! Hope you enjoy this review and make your own decision about If you're a member I'd love to hear your feedback about it.

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