Vemma Review – Is Vemma A Scam Or Not?

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Is Vemma A Scam or legit?Have you ever had a redbull or other energy drink to keep you going? We all have a lot of things going on in our lives and trying to juggle them all can be more tiring than repeating yourself to your kids. So people look for ways to keep them pushing forward. I personally prefer exercise but I'd be lying if I said I haven't resorted to some red bull here and there. I remember when Red Bull was just a tiny company and now they're damn near everywhere and have sparked an energy drink craze. Well apparently you may be able to capitalize off the energy drink market and demand. So in this Vemma Review we'll discuss if you can actually get into the energy drink market and make some money with it.

Who Is The Vemma Nutrition Company?

Vemma Nutrition Company got its start in 2004 and is based in Arizona. The CEO of the Vemma Company is Benson K Boreyko. There are two main products in this company; Vemma and Vemma Renew. Vemma is a nutritional and supplemental liquid antioxidant that was created to allegedly enhance a person's immune system. Vemma Renew is intended to be an on-the-go, energy beverage called Verve. The company claims that the Verve energy drink will help protect your body from the effects of aging.

Vemma Affiliate Program

Vemma affiliates sell the energy drinks and other health products for 50% commission. Affiliates get a free website to help promote the product. However unlike most legitimate affiliate programs Vemma has an MLM component. This MLM aspect of the Vemma Opportunity is based upon a two-team concept, and is called a right team and a left team. We'll get into this later on in the article.

Vemma Compensation Plan

From the simplest terms Vemma affiliates are paid weekly a 50% of (CV) Commissionable Volume. Obviously because of the MLM aspect of their business there are other ways to earn commissions and bonuses that are available if you can understand them. If you want to try to decipher more of their compensation plan, feel free to wrap your brain around the Vemma compensation structure by clicking here. You may be a lot smarter than me and can figure it out.

How Do I Sign Up?

You'll need to purchase a Vemma's affiliate starter pack priced at $499.95 to sign up. The price and policy may change by the time you read this review.

Vemma Complaints

You know me, I like giving you both sides of the story so you can make an informed decision. There are enough positive reviews written by reps of companies you can find very easily. But one side positive Vemma Reviews doesn't give you the complete picture. So down below I'll fill in what they conveniently leave out in those Vemma Reviews. Of course this will ruffle the Vemma Affiliate feathers but it doesn't matter. It's up to you to balance out the information you're reading here and all over the web and make a decision that's right for you and not just the Vemma reps. So let's dive in!

Vemma Side effects

According to the FDA the company had numerous complaints from consumers that experienced various side effects such as allergic reactions to gastrointestinal problems after drinking the Vemma beverages. In 2012 Vemma was cited after an FDA inspection of their headquarters revealed they did not have a system in place to conduct investigations into customer complaints or pursue follow-up action.

Crazy Requirements To Get Paid

Before you can be paid the bonuses and commissions due you with Vemma, you have to meet a slew of requirements. You must purchase a $499.95 starter pack. must sign up for an auto delivery of their products whether you use them or not and earn $150 worth of sales each month. You also must enroll six other affiliates before you are paid. Now ain't that about a “B”. You literally have to jump through hoops to get paid for a company who you're making money for. Uh… No thanks!

Poor BBB Rating

Boreyko has flat out lied to people on videos in the past claiming Vemma has an A+ rating from the BBB. (around 3:51). But if you check out their BBB rating details Here. You'll see they have a poor rating! That said I would take BBB ratings with a grain of salt because of what I've written here.

It's a Pyramid Scheme

Many other reviews and various resources support that Vemma Company is nothing but a pyramid scheme. It seems that most Vemma affiliate's earn money based more on getting other affiliates to join instead of actually selling the products themselves. In Italy Vemma was officially deemed a pyramid scheme by the country's consumer agency AGCM, which later fined the company €100,000 (roughly $140,000).

Shady History

Back in 1999, the FTC caught Boreyko making outrageous claims about his New Vision products. Boreyko claimed that his diet supplements could cure and prevent ADD and ADHD. He later received a ban from making any future claims about the safety of supplements without reliable evidence to back those claims. The ban is in effect until 2019. And if that wasn't enough A nonprofit Research Center sued Vemma for their New Vision line products. They claim consumers were exposed to lead, carcinogens and also reproductive toxins without appropriate warning labels. And now he's peddling Vemma. Makes you wonder about this product doesn't it?

Repeated Forced Credit Card Charges

Apparently Vemma kept charging customer's credit cards and shipping products despite them trying to cancel their auto account numerous times. Vemma clearly advertises that they can cancel their accounts at any time.

Convoluded Compensation Plan

Like most Multi-Level Marketing Schemes Vemma's compensation plan is so complicated, you'll need an interpreter, map and the rosetta stone to figure it out. Any time your compensation page needs to start out with a “glossary” to explain all your abbreviations and how you get paid, then you know you're about to be in some “stuff”. I don't know about you but I just need a simple explanation of how much money I make with your company. I shouldn't need a master's degree in compensation plans to understand this. If you need to tap dance around the most important part of the business then I can't mess with you.

So Is Vemma Nutrition Company Legit?

Honestly given all the complaints and shady history of the president, I wouldn't touch this opportunity with a 10 foot pole. There are just too many negative things that concern me and you know me. I know every company has a few cons and that's usually fine by me. But some of the complaints I've covered above are to egregious to ignore. I couldn't promote a health product that wasn't approved by the FDA or could possibly get someone sick. I also don't like the idea of the high cost to get started or jumping through hoops to get paid!

And honestly I'm not passionate about the energy drinks or supplements to build a business around it. If you have many of the same concerns I listed and are looking for another option to make money at home then…

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In any event, I love getting your feedback and comments. So please chime in below. Let me know what you think of this company. I'm sure I'll hear from some of the Vemma Affiliates and welcome an adult conversation. Hopefully they won't act like the folks I describe here.

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Eddy with a Y

12 thoughts on “Vemma Review – Is Vemma A Scam Or Not?”

  1. Eddy,
    I received an application by mail, its a sign up for 100 dollars from Catherine Reece , founder Alliance Publishing, inc, infinity income system. Do you have any info? I haven’t send my info yet

    • Hey Eddy. Great honest review. Vemma looks bad (SMH). While I’m doing well in an MLM/Network Marketing Company called GDI (different, free to start, $10/mo., get a website, that you can monetize…you can’t monetize $150/mo. in energy drinks stacked in your garage that you can’t sell LOL), I concur that 99% of all of MLM’s are NOT intelligent, profitable business decisions. Read their transparency earnings statements or Google “percentage of people who earn in MLM”. FACT. 99%+ lose money. Thanks for your #1 recco. WA is as legit as it gets; just signed up. Great free resources, info, education, & support. Keep bringing it Eddy!

    • Hey Harry good to see back on my blog.
      I obviously agree with you and it’s been great chatting within WA. I knew you would see the value. By the way I actually wrote a review about GDI way back when you may want to check out and chime in on. Thanks. See you back in WA.

  2. Thank You Eddy for doing the research on this company and bringing it to us. Just another one that I know to skip over in my search. This one seems pretty unreasonable and I will bet they will not be around for a long time as they continue to be under the microscope. Robin.

    • You’re welcome Robin. I guess time will tell. They have a lot of aggressive reps out there pushing it. You’d be surprised how many shady companies can last for many years before it finally shuts down.

  3. As always, thanks for your unbiased info. This is a huge financial initial investment, and then as with any MLM its a crap shoot as to you see or realize any money from it. Too I find food products not completely backed by a company i.e. Amway could leave the subscriber as the front person for all complaints and or law suits. Amazing all the various are home business out there in cyber space that are available. And thankfully you are here to cut through the smoke screen..!

  4. Hey Eddy, Great review. Wow the requirements are staggering just to get paid!! Good Lord! lol Leave it to you to find all these scam gems 🙂 I wouldn’t want to sell a product that wasn’t approved by the FDA either. Again, good job! 🙂

    • I know Tammy, that’s crazy considering as an affiliate you’re making the company money. Thanks for the kind words. I have a great team that helps me with this stuff! 😉

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