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Get Paid At Weegy.comThere was a time when the internet was like the wild wild west. Sites were popping up left and right but it was hard to find these sites. Then directories came about which tried to categorize these websites to make them easily accessible to the growing population of internet users. Eventually directories developed into search engines. They eventually grew up and evolved to one of the best which we all know is Google.com.

Now I'm a big fan of Google, I think they offer amazing services and sincerely want to provide the best user experience. They also happen to help pay our bills so that might be another reason I got love for them. lol In any event when someone creates a great service or product there is always some bozo that thinks they can do it better. Sometimes they do. But most of the times they fail miserably.

Well in light of this fact, I would like to introduce you to another search engine on the scene, Weegy.com. (No disrespect intended.) They don't claim to be better than Google which is good. Because everyone that claims that they will be better than Google has been forced to eat those words and their company flopped.

What The Heck is a Weegy.com?

No, it's not one of those board games to communicate with the dead. And no, it shouldn't be confused with what your older brother subjected you to which was literally a pain in the ass. Weegy.com is basically a search engine that is partially powered by human experts like you and I. People text Weegy.com questions, and the experts immediately send back the answer from their computers.

Personally I think there is definitely some value in this service because there are some rare instances where Google just isn't cutting it. This usually happens because of the way we may enter a search term or phrase. Or it could be just be the fact that Google may not have an answer (although rare). So chatting with a real person would be very helpful in those situations.

How To Make Money With Weegy.com

If you haven't already figured it out, you can make money as one of the Weegy experts that answers the questions sent to Weegy.com. To be a Weegy expert is pretty simple. You fill out the online form by clicking here. And you're pretty much in.

Once you're ready to work you'll be sent questions when Weegy.com artificial intelligence can't come up with the answer or has exhausted it's on answers. When this happens you're forwarded the question to continue the session with the searcher. You are given 15 seconds to answer. You're only paid .20 a conversation. It's not going to support your family but you know our saying. Some money with multiple streams of income is better than no money you make searching for work at home jobs. Like most non-traditional work at home opportunities there is a minimum payment amount required before you get your first check which is $20.00. If you don't meet that for a given month, it will be carried over to the following month until you reach the minimum. Then you are paid via paypal.

In most cases, conversations take less than a few seconds. Chances are you'll be able to find the answers others may not because you probably know a better way of entering the search term in Google or you can visit something like wikipedia.com and get the answer. So it's pretty simple work if you're web savvy.

That's pretty much it in a nutshell.


If you want more details or have questions about this opportunity click here to visit their FAQ section. If you want to sign up, you can do so by clicking here.

Is Weegy.com a scam?

Not from what I can tell. People have received their payments, although slowly. My concern is that some other companies have tried offering the same type of service (ChaCha) and it never really caught on. Although it's tried to re-invent itself and still employs many work at home seekers. Yahoo also offers an answer service like this but no one gets paid for it. You do get cool points or something. But unlike MySurvey's point system, the points can't be used for cash. You can see why I never covered Yahoo's opportunity.

Google did have a paid answer program as well. But eventually they shut it down. So my feeling is that if a billion dollar company like Google.com failed to make it work then chances are others won't be able to sustain it. However I could be wrong and would be happy too. In the mean time you might as well get on board and make some money while Weegy.com is still around.

By this service reminds me of the Amazon Mechanical Turk opportunity we covered a few months ago. If you're smart, you can just couple this Weegy opportunity with the Amazon Mechanical Turk opportunity and several of the others we recommend in our recommendations page. That could quickly add up to some decent money. But if you're already making a lot of money searching for work at home jobs or have a successful work at home career then feel free to pass on this one.

In any event, I just wanted to give you another non-traditional opportunity that is actually available now. Sure it's not a lot of money but it's better than no money. But if you “ain't trying to hear all that”, you can find traditional “real work at home jobs” by clicking here or visiting HomeJobStop.com that offers pre-screened job listings without all the ads.

Let me know what you guys think.

31 thoughts on “Weegy.com – Get Paid To Chat & Answer Questions!”

  1. can i get paid any other way besides paypal? i only use cash i dont use a debit or credit card!! can i get paid by a check getting sent to me in the mail? please i really need this opportunity let me know ASAP thank you

  2. So why did i get 2 totally different answers to the same muliple choice question when using weegy and no both were not correct

  3. Thank u 4 post’n this article and keeping it real. I think I may check it out.
    & I Luv the line  
    But if you “ain’t trying to hear all that”,  

  4. For Weegy, go to ‘View Account’ and then ‘Account Settings’ and it asks you to enter your Paypal Account.  They will distribute your earnings once a month into your Paypal if you made at least $20.00 that month.

  5. I signed up with Cha Cha about 4 days ago and I am waiting on the results of my test to get started working. I will let you know how it works out. 🙂

  6. I currently work for ChaCha and they are a good company. If you have the time to spare with answering questions you can make at least $100-$140 a week extra cash. I can make $100 in about 5 days and i normally cash out when I reach $100. You can add the money to your ChaCha debit card whenever needed. Only regret is that I didn’t sign up for them when they were paying higher a question. That could of really replace the job I was currently working at making $5.15 hr. Was only making around $200 a week there and if I would of signed up with ChaCha then i could of replace that job with ChaCha.

    • How do you get paid that much? I was working @chacha as a vetter and was making a half a cent a question. YES half a cent………lame. So I couldn’t find out how to ask about working at any other level @chacha so I gave up and found Weegy….LOVE IT! I make about .20-.30 per question all depending on the time of day etc. There are also times when I get .03 per question but dedication is rewarded on Weegy.

  7. Great site Eddy. Thanks to you I became Weegy Expert a few days ago.
    Question: How the heck do Weegy experts get support? Is there no way Weegy Experts can communicate with Weggy management when info needed not covered in FAQ’S??

    • Kandy,

      You’re welcome. I am pretty sure there is a contact us page somewhere on their site. It may be at the bottom of the homepage or their about us section. I don’t really personally use the site.

  8. It is funny to me that you claim in your article that ChaCha “never really caught on” and that ChaCha only sporadically recruits. ChaCha is currently the number 1 mobile answer service, see the news article here: http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/chacha_beats_google_and_yahoo_in_mobile_search_tests.php and ChaCha is currently, and has been for quite some time, recruiting guides for 2 of their 3 guide roles. Yes, I work for ChaCha, and have since they started in 2006. I have watched them grow and grow and yes, I do make a living off of ChaCha, and support my family doing it.

    • Settle down Angela,
      I just meant it never became the next Google. By the way someone recently commented how their user interface for their guides still needs work.
      I was a chacha guide and that was always an issue I found with the company. That being said, I agree some people are doing well with the company.

  9. Great post, Eddy! Weegy is a service I had not heard about before reading your article today. I signed up with Weegy to test it out and see how I like it. I have been just sitting on it for quite some time with no questions coming in, however I know that can happen from time to time. I am going to give it a go and see how it turns out. I see that you had mentioned that the service ChaCha never really caught on, I would have to disagree with that statement. I work as a guide for ChaCha and although it seems they have lowered their pay rate per question, they have a great deal of daily and weekly bonuses that are easily attainable. Also, there is typically a very steady stream on questions that come in on ChaCha with a very different set up than Weegy. It does seem to me that Weegy has a superior referral program from the reading I have done on it. ChaCha has a very minimal referral program that is only sometimes active and coupled with referral contests (those times are great, but it’s a shame that they don’t have a consistent referral program). The service also sounds similar to to KGB which after taking the inital test and passing has not had a training class available for over two months now, so I am still waiting on that. I will report back with additional feedback after I have had some more experience with Weegy and get a feel for it firsthand. Again, as usual Eddy, great information!

  10. @Eddy Salomon:
    Weegy is a great site, you get 20 cents to answer the questions, you do not get a lot of them all the time, but when there are no questions you can always comment past answers for points, they run a monthly point contest. This month (well for February) I won 100.00 for being top expert. Second won 75.00 and third won 50.00 the 5 runner ups all received 10.00 in their accounts.Points are won by getting referals20 points, positive answers 5 points and comments left by you for past answers 1 point.

  11. i would like to join this also, but how much would i get paid in compleating this dutie? i can not get a job anywhere , am i am despreat..

  12. i want more details. that how much i have to invest & how i will be paid.
    it sounds good but need more clearification.
    i don’t want 40000 or 50000 per month, but need 20000 only but guarantee for it.

    • Manoj,

      I don’t know if you just skimmed the article above but you need to read it. Because we already covered there are no fees involved.
      All the clarification you need can be found in the question area we listed above.


    • I worked for ChaCha in the past, and in order to get paid by them you’re given a ChaCha debit card. I just signed up for Weegy.com and it says that’s all I have to do in order to get paid.. but I don’t understand how you receive the payment for the questions you answer with Weegy?

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