Weekly Work At Home Recap 01-20-2012

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How are you guys doing? Hopefully, very well! I'm actually on vacation right now in the Bahamas. I know what you're thinking, why are you working while on vacation? Well when you're doing what you love and you can do it anywhere, it's not work. It's more like fun. It also helps that the wife allows me an hour or two during the day for work purposes. lol

Click here to see my view from my hotel room. Pretty nice, huh? I wish it was my view all the time. But I feel blessed to be here a few days. It's all because of the support and love I get here on this blog and my other site. So thank you!

In any event, Enjoy this week's work at home job leads below!

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Tuesday 01/17/2012

2-D Video Game Artist Needed

Writer for Christian Publication

Writers Wanted

Project Manager

Paralegal for Veteran's Administration Practice

Patent Analyst

Tax Preparer / CPA

Seeking Automotive Experts

IT Technician

Wednesday 01/18/2012


Japanese Customer Service Representative

Administrative Assistant

Telephone Operator

HP Service Manager

Remote Technical Support

IT Help Desk Support

Legal Assistant or Paralegal


Attorney or Paralegal

Thursday 01/19/2012

SharePoint/ InfoPath Developer




Google Analytics Freelancer

Flash Animation


Technical Security Project Administrator

Substitute Teacher

Animal Relocation Manager

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16 thoughts on “Weekly Work At Home Recap 01-20-2012”

  1. Hi Eddy, Well its has been just over one year since i started following you and learning from your great blog. In that year i have more ups and downs than ill ever care to imagine. As i start my second month of my second year i find my self to be really stable with what i am doing everyday. I no longer struggle to earn money to pay for this program or that program.And i no longer hope and pray to not get SCAMED!! any more. I made about 4300 last year from everything i did. And i was just over 2000 in the hole. After my first month of the second year i have manages to make 6700 and with a profit of 2565. And i am scheduled to make just over that next month. You are such a inspiration to so many of us Online workers. You keep our heads up when everybody around us want to cheat and scam us or keep us down. You have shown and proven that what you have to say works and works on a daily bases. Thank you some much for all your hard work and dedication to this blog and to helping all of us learn to make money online.

    Jon S

    • Damn it Jon S. You had me tearing over here. lol
      Thanks for following up and letting us how you’re doing! I think we all had a roller coaster ride last year. Some more than others.

      But it sounds like you’ve learned a lot from that turmoil and have started the year off in the right way. It sounds like 2012 may be your best year yet! I’m not sure exactly what you’re doing but it sounds like it’s working so keep at it my friend.

      I’m happy that I’m in a position to help so many people either find legitimate options, avoid scams or at the very least provide inspiration. I’m a firm believer that we’re all meant to do well and there isn’t a reason why we can’t all shine. People will have you believe that only certain folks can succeed. But it’s nonsense. The internet is the great equalizer and if folks are willing to open minded and take action, it can be their path to a life that they have always longed for. I’m just happy to be in a position to help people make that happen.

      So I always appreciate when folks take the time to come back and share their success because I know many of you are experiencing it. What folks don’t realize is that by coming back and sharing, you’re inspiring others. And I think that’s a great way of giving back and helping each other. Because sometimes people just need to hear that someone else has made it so they can push forward. So thank you Jon!

      You made my day! Keep grinding my friend!

  2. Thanks Sara. I appreciate the kind words.
    Social media opportunities are a lot more readily available and we linked to some in our article https://www.workathomenoscams.com/2012/01/09/top-5-work-at-home-opportunities-for-2012/. VA opportunities are more difficult and tend to be something you need to approach a business about in terms of selling your VA services.

    This is the second time someone has mentioned SuperPoints to me so it’s been added to my list of things to review. Thanks for not posting your referral link! Feel free to use the contact me link on the left of the page to send it to me. But isn’t this company very much like Fusion Cash: https://www.workathomenoscams.com/2007/08/27/is-fusion-cash-fusioncashcom-a-scam/

  3. I love your blog.   I just found it after a Swagbucks search about a survey site.   I need to find a social media or VA job like you’ve listed in the past.   Hopefully you’ll share about another soon.
    Also… I can’t believe you haven’t talked about SuperPoints.   That’s my new love.   You can crank in Amazon gift cards faster and easier than Swabucks.   I’ll gladly share an invite with you or anyone who would like one.  

    • Hi Sara
      I was checking the Super Points site and it stated you had to have a invite from a member so can you hook me up? Ask Eddy Im an active clicker so if you get points for referals I’ll make you happy!

  4. Hey Eddy,

    Have you heard of these two sites: wazzub (referral link removed) which is in launch mode. They are recruiting heavily on Clixsense and Hits4Pay. Is this a legitimate offer? Also, the Clixsense Referral Builder by Karl Fitzner (owner of MoneyInPjs/Online Marketer). Is this legitimate, too. Please respond. Thanks.


    • I’ve been seeing Wazzub a lot as well. We’ll probably review it soon because it seems to be heavily advertised on the web of late. You can also review any company by following the steps in our scam video: http://www.workathomenoscams.com/scams But we’ll add this one to our to do list. In terms of the other stuff, I’ve never really heard of them. But again the scam video should help you.

  5. Hi, I just found your site a few days ago. I’ve signed up with Swagbucks and thank you! Your advice is wonderful. My question to you is, are there any beneficial opportunities for working at home that don’t include Facebook? I closed my fb account a couple of years back and I have no interest in reopening it. Facebook is too time consuming, among other things! I’m not on Twitter either, but I am on YouTube. What do you suggest? Thanks again!

    • Hi Deecheri,
      Welcome to our blog. Glad you found it. Be sure you sign up to receive more of our articles, job leads, work at home opportunities and scam avoidance information: http://www.workathomenoscams.com/subscribe I would hate for you to miss anything.

      In any event, great job in taking action already. SB is a great and easy way to earn money consistently. I still use it everyday. I think I know what you mean about the FB thing. A lot of these companies are forcing us to sign up or sign in using facebook because they want us to be able to easily share our experience with our network of friends. Little do they know i do that naturally without being forced to sign in with FB to use their site.

      But some of the smart sites do give you the option of signing up for their program just using your email account instead of FB account which they make optional as it should be. Check out my recommendations page for other companies and options you can use that don’t force FB as a requirement:

      I hope this helps.

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