Weekly Work At Home Recap 02/10/2012

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Hey Guys,

Hope you had a great week. Sorry I was MIA this week. You probably noticed there were no new articles and I wasn't really chit chatting on my facebook fanpage. It's all because I've been in sports mode this week. If you live in NY then you know what I mean. Between The NY Giants winning another Super Bowl and seeing the emergence of an under dog (Jeremy Lin) who is leading my struggling NY Knicks to some wins, I've been glued to the TV and sports blogs. So everything else sort of slipped off my radar. Don't judge me. lol

However I did manage to get some grinding done. I found a nice opportunity that I think many of you will like especially if you spend a lot of time on social networks or forums chit chatting about nothing. If you want to get paid for that type of stuff you'll love my article in a couple of weeks.

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Monday 02/06/2012

Technical Writer

Coding Certified Home Health

Accounting & Administration

Women's Interest Writer

Writer Sought for Career Strategy Book

Online/Print Writers

Edit and Format Power Point Presentation

Japanese Technical Translator

Client Account Manager – Bookkeeping

Feature Writer

Tuesday 02/07/2012

Content Editor

Remote Systems Support Analyst / Administrator

Copywriter/Blogger Needed

SEO & SEM Expert

Professional Administration Assistant

Spanish, Italian and Dutch Editors Needed

Writer Wanted

Wednesday 02/08/2012

Remote Network Administrator / Engineer Support Needed

Real Estate Closer Notary

Designer Needed – Celebrity Beauty Brands

SEO-Savvy Health + Nutrition Writer and Content Marketer

Production Editor with InDesign

Project Bookkeeper

Editor/Writer Needed

Experienced Writer to Draft Business Plan

Need SEO Report Writers

Blog Writers Needed

Thursday 02/09/2012

Communications Specialist

WC Claims Adjuster

Loan Servicing Specialist-Customer Service


Copy Editor Wanted

External NMTC (Grant) Application Reviewer Needed

Technical Support

Web Content Writers

Linux/VOIP Technical Support

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Work At Home Recap 02/10/2012”

  1. Good morning Eddy. I have to say I have been researching work at home opps for some time and I have to admit I was suckered into quite a few scams. I found you by doing some research on La Bella flowers. I found your honesty and sense of humor so refreshing that I now have a renewed excitement for my quest to work from home. I am going to keep you around for awhile (just don’t tell my husband) lol. Looking forward to what you have say next. Thanks.

    • Hey Leighann,
      I think we’ve all been victims of a work at home scam at one point or another. It’s almost like an unfortunate rite of passage. But as you can see eventually you find the promise land (i.e. this blog. lol).

      In any event, I’m glad I can restore your faith in the possibilities of working at home legitimately. There are tons of options and fortunately we list as many as we can find. So I’m confident as you read through things like our recommendations:
      http://www.workathomenoscams.com/recommendations or our daily job leads:

      you’ll eventually find something like so many other people have been able to do using this site.

      I appreciate you’ll keep me around for the time being but I don’t want any beef with your husband though. lol

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