Weekly Work At Home Recap 06-01-2012

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Happy Memorial Day!

Hope you had a great weekend and an even better short work week. I don't know about you but it was very hard for me to get motivated to get back to work this week. Hopefully this feeling will pass next week. lol

In any event, enjoy this week's job leads below.

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Tuesday 05/29/2012


Skillful Writer Needed

Advanced Article Spinner

Creative Writer Needed

Customer Service Assistance Needed

Customer Support Representative Needed

English Native Speakers Needed

Wednesday 05/30/2012

Virtual Assistant / Virtual Secretary

Personal Assistant Needed

Customer Assistance/Personal Assistant

Assistant for Marketing

Real Estate Virtual Assistant Needed

Experienced Virtual Assistant Needed

Executive Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant Needed

Administrative Assistant w/ Sales Responsibilities Needed

Thursday 05/31/2012

Bilingual Client Administrator – English/Spanish

Project Manager

Copywriter Wanted

Academic Writers

Editorial Project Manager

Voice/ Telephony Programmer

Press Release Writer

Experienced Ghost Writer Wanted

French Translator

Content Writer for Legal Website

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Work At Home Recap 06-01-2012”

  1. Eddy,
    Thanks for the kind reply. Like you stated,obviously you do make money running your sites, these are your sources of income and your entitled to make money (gotta keep mama and your princess happy right,lol, in addition to keeping them housed and fed)   That being agreed upon, including youself I can count on one hand the truely sincere people I have encountered out of hundreds of thousands of people offering their advice  with their only intent being monetary gain  as  well they come with no credability. You as a  person are heads and shoulders above these others. One last opinion, you refered to your blog as a little hole in the wall, some of the most accepting,comforting and pleasant places to spend time in are refered to as (you guessed it) a little hole in the wall,keep up the great work my friend 🙂

    • Thanks again Ron! It’s great to meet someone that isn’t put off by the fact I earn a living by helping people. Sometimes folks seem to believe that affiliates like myself can’t strike a balance of providing value and earning money. They always think it’s one or the other. So I’m happy that’s not the case with you. Wifey and my princess has needs like everyone else’s family as you guessed. lol

      In any event, thanks again for being a loyal visitor and supporter. I really do appreciate folks like you! It makes my job easier especially when I encounter the haters. lol


  2. Eddy,
    Just wanted to thank you for all the information and professional  advice you give with no expectations in return.   With the downward spiral of our society, it’s refreshing to know there are still caring and giving people like yourself in our great country. I am sure there are many other of your followers that are just  as appreciative.

    • Ron,

      Brother you made my day! Obviously I do make money running my sites. So I wouldn’t give me that much credit. But I do try to give people real advice and information to help them help themselves. I agree our society has changed a lot where folks are more about themselves than trying to help each other out. Imagine how different our world would be if that wasn’t the case. But each of us can do our part even if it’s a small part. And I’m happy my little hole in the wall blog is part of that.

      So thanks for the kind words!!!

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