Weekly Work At Home Recap 1-28-2011

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Electric Snow BlowerHey Guys,

I hope you had a great week. I want to thank all of you who have sent me get well wishes via blog comments, email or my facebook fanpage. It feels good to be loved. All that good will definitely has helped in my recovery. So thanks!

Unfortunately Mother Nature couldn't give a damn about my minor surgery and insists that I get right back to work in another round of shoveling out of the millionth snow storm here in NY.

However this time around I was smart. I anticipated this freaky weather pattern would continue. So with that in mind, I transferred some of MySurvey points & SwagBucks into Amazon gift cards and purchased some snow removal tools. (Shout out to all of my referrals that help me rack up all this virtual cash so I can buy cool toys like this! You complete me.)

In any event after reading the Amazon reviews I couldn't really decide on one option so I copped two tools. One was perfect for bigger areas like my walkway and deck. The other I plan to use for some tricky steps I have going into my basement that I haven't been able to shovel because it's so steep. It's literally like digging out a 9 foot hole.

Most of ya'll know I'm a gadget freak. But sadly I'm not really mechanically inclined. I often refer to myself as a fake ass man because I can't fix anything that isn't a computer. So the idea of purchasing a gas powered snow blower just turned me off because i know it involved real man maintenance.

Fortunately i'm great at doing internet research. So when I read rave reviews about these electrical snow removal tools on Amazon, I decided to make the purchases. I'm happy to report it was money well spent! These tools aren't really meant for the 10+ inches of snow that we got yesterday. But with some slow encouragement I was able to clear my walk way in a matter of minutes versus the half hour to an hour it usually takes me manually shoveling.

I finished so quickly I went back a few times just to blow away an inch of snow i had left in some small patches. lol So if you're like me and don't really want to mess with a gas powered snow blower then you may want to consider the following electric snow blowing options:

Greenworks 26032 20-Inch 12 Amp Electric Snow Thrower

Toro 38361 Power Shovel 7.5 Amp Electric Snow Thrower

I was so impressed with the results, I bought my dad the power snow shovel. Well I just thought I would share this for my my fellow snow storm sufferers. I'm hating on any of you that have warm weather all year around! lol

Enjoy the leads below. I'll speak to you next week and it will be with a smile on my face even if there is another snow storm. lol

Monday 1/24/2011

Experienced MAC Visual Designer

Sr. Medical Writer

Help Desk Analyst I

SSI Analyst

Writer for New Classical String Music Blog

Tuesday 1/25/2011

Article Writer

Experienced Legal Assistant Needed

News Rewriter

Employment Research & Resume/Cover Letter Prep Assistant

Bosnian Translator/Writer

Online Reputation Management Assistant

Managing Editor

Great Writers Needed

Wednesday 1/26/2011


Technical Support Position

Accountant / Bookkeeper


Game Designer

Outside Sales

Content Writer / Blogger for Real Estate

Polish Transcription Work

Bilingual Interpreters

Chief Legal Officer

Thursday 1/27/2011


Contract HTML Coder

Excel/VB Programmer

Sr. Technical Writer

Legal Contract Administration

Life Insurance Product Analyst

Financial Blogger

Paralegal/Legal Assistant

Telephone Receptionist

Graphic Artist

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12 thoughts on “Weekly Work At Home Recap 1-28-2011”

  1. Eddy,
    This is for the 2/4/11 newsletter, because the text box there didn’t work on my AOL account.
    When you get to Las Vegas you should go to The Venetian. It is just breathtaking. The lobby and the public spaces were decorated by artisans from Italy and it is like being in palace. The lagoon and the gondolas are pretty cool, too. A friend of mine who has been to Venice says that it is just like the original only it smells better!

  2. Lol Eddy. I think you guys have been getting more snow than we have, and I can’t get much farther north in wisconsin than I am. I mean come on, I drive around two hours north and I’ll find myself in Ontario lol. If I still had my snowmobile I’d be begging you to send the snow my way lol. This guy loves snow! 😀 See ya later Eddy and have fun with your snowblower thingys.

    Dustin,the freezing redneck

    • Dustin,
      It’s crazy we’re getting more snow than you. If you had a snow mobile you would love NY this year. Shoot if I had a snowmobile, I’d love all this snow. lol

  3. That my friend is crazy. There should be no way we’re getting more snow than you considering where you live. Oh well, thank goodness for my new snow blowers to get through it. lol

  4. Eddy I’m glad you’re doing better. Ah ha, the winters in good ole New York.I remember them well! Which is why I decided to move to Nashville TN. However the winter down here this year is a little crazy too. I guess we just have to roll with the punches. Be well.

  5. Hey Eddy! Glad to know you are doing well. I am wishing you a FULL/ SPEEDY recovery because once you are at 100%, you can roll on down to MD/DC/VA and pave the way for me! You know – we’re not use to this – and so…….

  6. I’m glad you’re doing better! One tip from Minnesnowta! You did right getting rid of every ounce of snow you could, as it fell. One year I spend a lot of time as the only snow remover at home. I swiftly found out snow should be removed within hours of falling, even during the snow fall. Even if you don’t walk/drive on it, it packs, stiffens and adheres to the pavement and especially decks! Then you have to go out with the ice chopper and scrape as well. And who wants to gouge the deck?
    This has got to stop! You guys are suppose to have to dust off your snow removal equipment and the guy in the neighborhood who owns the snow blower is supposed to be a cherished member of the community (so they can barrow it maybe once a year)!

    • Minnesnowta! LOL, Love it! I learned that from shoveling snow with my dad as a young buck. We use to take shifts. I would do it every couple of hours and then he would come out and do it too. By the end of a snow storm we were done while everyone else waited till the end and spent hours clearing out. It’s easier and smarter doing it that way. Chipping away at ice isn’t fun.

      In terms of the cherished member of the community, my new neighbor is that guy. He has a snow plow attachment on his 4×4. So all of us pay him to plow our individual driveways and salt it. It’s been a life saver. But because we’re having more snow than usual this guy is making a killing. lol

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