Weekly Work At Home Recap 10/1/2010

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Dead End

Hi All,

Hope you're having a great week. This week I'm feeling much better.

Thanks for all the well wishes all of you sent me. Clearly it helped.

Today I want to discuss the bumpy road to achieving success. If you've read this blog long enough, you know I'm constantly pushing you guys to take action on your dreams. You've heard me say you shouldn't let situations, time or people keep you from them if that's what your heart truly desires.

That being said, sometimes the dream path we think was meant for us turns out to be a dead end. Interestingly enough, in real life when many of us are actually driving on a road and faced with a dead end, we just make a u-turn and re-route to find an alternate path. But for some reason when it comes to people's dreams, they just give up on the trip all together.

So why does this happen? Well on a road trip you have decided that you have a destination that MUST be reached. Maybe it's for an event like a wedding, visiting a relative, vacation, etc. Either way you have deemed your destination very important and you plan to reach it come hell or high water.

But strangely a lot of us don't do that with our dreams. We view it as something optional rather than a must do. It's that type of thinking that leads to failure and living a life that you accepted by default rather than chose. If that's not what you want out of life, make your dreams a requirement like you may have done with a job, school, getting married, having kids, etc.

That being said, it's totally okay to re-route your dream path along the way. There is no "cents" in staying on a road filled with dead ends if there are perfectly good exits along the way and other roads you can take to reach your destination. Don't be so hard headed that you're basically driving into a brick wall.

Furthermore if you find yourself lost along the way to your dreams, for God's sake ask for her help or get some sort of navigation (online training, mentors, books, courses, etc). Ladies this really shouldn't be a problem for you. Ya'll tend to have a lot more common sense than us men. Fellas, I know it's like a violation of man law to ask for help when it comes to driving but when you're driving towards your dream, I'm giving you the okay to violate it and get the help you need. When it comes to your dreams you don't want to be wasting your energy or time driving around in circles. As you probably already know from experience, you just get more frustrated!

Well I hope this advice was a helpful and serves as a road map to your dreams. Too often I just see people giving up because they found themselves in a dead end. But I'm just hear to remind you that a dead end doesn't mean the end of the road. Your dreams are a required destination. It may just mean that you need to whip out the navigation & re-route to get there. There is no shame in adjusting the route along the way. Lord knows I have many times before i finally reached the destination I'm at now.

In any event, I hope this resonates well with you. If so, let me here about it below.

Either way enjoy the leads below.

By the way, please feel free to share this page or any of our material with anyone you may think will enjoy them. My assistant recently posted a link to our leads on her facebook page and to her surprise a friend was looking for a job and was happy to learn about this site. So spread the love, you might be helping someone in need with this information.

Monday 9/27/2010


Social Media, Blogs, Email Marketing

Administrative/Office Assistant

English/Hispanic Tax Preparation

Moonlighting Attorney/Paralegal for Writing/Editing

Tuesday 9/28/2010


Freelance Writer

Travel Accounting & Administration


Technical Writer

PowerPoint Designer

Wednesday 9/2092010

Legal Researcher & Writing Assistant

English – Russian Translator

Chemistry Flashcard Writer

Healthcare Marketing/Research Assistant

Customer Support Representative

Call Center Supervisor

Customer Service Experience

Writers Needed for Childrens Stories

Thursday 9/30/2010

Writers, Content Experts

Magazine Article Writer

Medical BIller

Writer for Phoenix Site

Seeking Native Thai Speakers

Seeking Native Italian Speakers

Technical Writer

eCommerce Blogger

Educational-minded Mommy Blogger

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