Weekly Work At Home Recap 1/07/2011

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Lotto Winner

Hey Guys,

I hope the first week of the New Year has been a good one. Are you staying on pace to make 2011 your best year yet? You better!

Well this week two people who won the 300+ million jackpot are definitely going to have a great 2011 and many more years provided they know how to manage their money right. Look, don't be so disheartened if you weren't one of the winners. Here's something i bet you don't know about lottery winners. "Roughly one-third of lottery winners find themselves in serious financial trouble or bankrupt within five years of turning in their lucky numbers, according to Chelmsford wealth counselor Szifra Birke." That's crazy!

The lottery is purely about a nasty four letter word called LUCK. Yuck it makes me sick even just writing it. The truth is you can make your own fortune with another 4 letter word. It's called WORK. Put in a lot of hard work and never give up until you reach your goal and you can make your own fortune a reality. Your odds are actually better doing it this way than they will ever be trying to win the lotto.

The amount of money and energy people put into wishing they would win the lotto and playing it could have probably helped them build a successful business by now. This would have allowed them to live many of their dreams. Look I'm not a lotto winner and I have managed to pretty much obtain everything I've ever wanted and I'm not even a millionaire yet. (The operative word there is YET, lol).

Most of my success was due to my unwavering dedication to make it because I couldn't stomach the alternative. The idea of making someone else rich and depending on another man to dictate how much I make the rest of my life literally made me lose sleep at night. In fact I still have nightmares about going back and working for the man. It was this fear that made me work like a beast to ensure that this wouldn't be my reality.

Winning the lottery would be nice but don't wait your whole life on that pipe dream. Take matters into your own hands with actions towards something concrete that you can actually control which is you!

With that said, here's a quote for you:

‘Forget the lottery. Bet on yourself instead.'

” ?- Brian Koslow

P.S. if one of the winners happens to be one of my loyal subscribers, you can throw everything I said above out the window and hook a brother up. lol
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Monday 1/03/2011

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Thursday 1/06/2011

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Work At Home Recap 1/07/2011”

  1. Julia,
    It’s a very inspiring story. Not so much because they won the lottery it’s more because what they were doing before the lottery. They saw something that they didn’t like and decided to act to make a change. They didn’t wait on others to step up to the task, which definitely ties into my message above.

    It’s great to see when people like this are rewarded by faith. But they were blessed before this because of the actions they took and were in control of. Thanks for sharing. I wish there were more people like this in the world.

  2. Eunice,
    Thanks for chiming in. I’ve seen gambling zombies as well in Vegas. It’s definitely a scary thing to see so many people hooked on luck instead of trying their hands on controlling their destiny. It’s one thing to do it for a little fun but there are definitely some people out there betting their whole lives on a gamble. It saddens me.

  3. Eddy:

    Okay Eddy…there are those that missed ALL of what life is about. Let’s read about truly paying it forward…

    It’s a feel-good story that touched the hearts of millions of people across this nation and around the world, and it all began when Debi Faris-Cifelli, 49, founder of the “Garden of Angels” (a cemetery for abandoned, unidentified infant bodies throughout Southern California), and her husband Steve won a $27 million SuperLOTTO Plus jackpot on Dec. 1, 2004.

    You want to read the whole story? It is humbling, moving, and renews my hope in our mixed up misguided and even a times horrifying society this world is at times, well check that, if you looked the “whole” world it is more than you could ever want to know about.

    Here is the link read and be blessed: http://www.lottopeople.com/NewPages/LPeditbase6.html

  4. Eddy,
    I live in a small town and travel 35 miles every week to the nearest city to buy stuff I can’t get here. In that trip I pass two Native American casinos. Their ample parking lots are pretty well filled no matter what time of the day or night you pass them. Once, and only once, I went into one of them to eat–they have good, cheap food. I was appalled at the zombies I saw at the slots and in the cafeteria. Also at the wrecks of cars in the parking lot. I don’t gamble, but if I did, this would cure me.
    Also, about money: it is a responsibility. Prince William and his bride are going to live without servants. What a smart idea! Servants have to be managed, and you have to do it or find some absolutely reliable person to do it for you. How many absolutely reliable people do you know? For me, maybe five. So simplify your life and find the niche that’s comfortable.

  5. Another great article Eddy! It is true that a lot of lottery winners have money problems because even mass quantities of $ still don’t change their basic mindset that money can fix everything. Money can be a blessing that buys freedom for you and your family but it is nothing but a tool and not the god that some make it out to be. There is only one God and He doesn’t have a picture of George Washington on him.

    Someone has to win so you will see the smiling faces as the over sized check is handed off to them but I wish they’d show images of the vast majority of people that throw their tickets in disgust as they wait for the next drawing. I don’t have a problem with people playing, but it shouldn’t be your retirement plan.

    There is luck in everything, even in careers, but I like my chances to have luck happen to me when I’m investing in my own 2 hands and brain as opposed to a little white ball being bounced around a chamber.

    Thanks for writing a very relevant, timely and true article.

    As usual, LOL

    Jeff Biletnikoff


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