Weekly Work At Home Recap 1/07/2011

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Lotto Winner

Hey Guys,

I hope the first week of the New Year has been a good one. Are you staying on pace to make 2011 your best year yet? You better!

Well this week two people who won the 300+ million jackpot are definitely going to have a great 2011 and many more years provided they know how to manage their money right. Look, don't be so disheartened if you weren't one of the winners. Here's something i bet you don't know about lottery winners. "Roughly one-third of lottery winners find themselves in serious financial trouble or bankrupt within five years of turning in their lucky numbers, according to Chelmsford wealth counselor Szifra Birke." That's crazy!

The lottery is purely about a nasty four letter word called LUCK. Yuck it makes me sick even just writing it. The truth is you can make your own fortune with another 4 letter word. It's called WORK. Put in a lot of hard work and never give up until you reach your goal and you can make your own fortune a reality. Your odds are actually better doing it this way than they will ever be trying to win the lotto.

The amount of money and energy people put into wishing they would win the lotto and playing it could have probably helped them build a successful business by now. This would have allowed them to live many of their dreams. Look I'm not a lotto winner and I have managed to pretty much obtain everything I've ever wanted and I'm not even a millionaire yet. (The operative word there is YET, lol).

Most of my success was due to my unwavering dedication to make it because I couldn't stomach the alternative. The idea of making someone else rich and depending on another man to dictate how much I make the rest of my life literally made me lose sleep at night. In fact I still have nightmares about going back and working for the man. It was this fear that made me work like a beast to ensure that this wouldn't be my reality.

Winning the lottery would be nice but don't wait your whole life on that pipe dream. Take matters into your own hands with actions towards something concrete that you can actually control which is you!

With that said, here's a quote for you:

‘Forget the lottery. Bet on yourself instead.'

” ?- Brian Koslow

P.S. if one of the winners happens to be one of my loyal subscribers, you can throw everything I said above out the window and hook a brother up. lol
Enjoy the leads below.

Monday 1/03/2011

Experienced Paralegal



Grant Writer

Sports Writer

Bankruptcy Assistant

Medical Billing Professional

Finance Writer/Researcher

Tuesday 1/04/2011

Accounting/Finance/Customer Service

Grant Writer

SEO Specialist

Tax Prep – Enrolled Agent or CPA

Tax Preparers- English & Spanish



Virtual Assistant


Content Writer and Researcher

Wednesday 1/05/2011

IT Technician

Comedy Writer

Bankruptcy Processor Needed

Excel Help Needed

Article Writers



Editor (Video and Graphics)

Writer – Real Estate Content

Thursday 1/06/2011

Legal Writer

Freelance Chemistry Writers/Teachers


Resume Writer/Manager

Personal Injury Paralegal

Test Item Writers

Research Analyst


Executive Interviewer

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