Weekly Work At Home Recap 12-10-2010

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On Target

Hey Guys,

Hope you had a great week.

I just want to take a moment to update you on what's been going on with me in the last couple of weeks which has led to some infrequent posts and non-existent weekly rambles of wisdom.

New Home

As many of you know we have been house hunting for nearly a year. Well last month we closed on our dream home. So although that's closed the chapter of searching, it opens up a whole new can of worms in terms of being a new home owner. (Well I already own the condo we currently live in. ) But owning a house is a whole other ball game that comes with a lot of responsibilities we purposely avoided by owning a condo. So last couple of weeks has been basically living in Home Depot, meeting with contractors for maintenance work and now renovations that we're doing. But finally the ball is rolling in that area and barring any major issues, we should be in our new house by Feb. My mind will be consumed.


In addition to dealing with the blessing of the new home (or is it? lol) I have been dealing with obnoxious neighbors that live above me in our current home. For years we've pretty much had peace and quiet. But in the last couple of months my neighbor has lost her DAMN mind. Apparently she's under the misconception she walks on air and that the rest of us receive pleasure from hearing her have sex at all hours of the night multiple times a week. (Show off. lol) I can't tell you how hard it's been to concentrate on work when you have to keep stopping to bang on the ceilings to remind the animals…I mean neighbors that it's not acceptable to be talking at the top of your lungs when you guys are literally two feet away from each other late at night. Can you tell I've been a little pissed? Fortunately the good Lord has heard our prayers and these folks recently moved out. It's a little late but it's better than never. At least the last couple of months that we're in our condo will be peaceful.

So that's pretty much what I've been dealing with. The neighbor situation really had the biggest impact on my work. I would just get so frustrated with having to beat against the ceiling and running up the stairs to complain that it just put me in foul mood. This obviously made it a lot hard to get inspired to write anything of value. But now that they're up out of here I'm at peace and feel a lot more inspired to write and work.

Hopefully this gives you an insight as to why I haven't been as active the last few months. Fortunately most of these issues have been resolved. The house will continue to be an ongoing thing for the next couple of weeks but it's a good thing. So that's my deal. With that said I do have some words of wisdom babbling for you.

Materializing Your Dreams

When my wife and I started the house hunting process we created a dream list of what our ideal house would be. We visualized damn near every feature, color and corner of our dream home. I totally forgot about this list. Recently I was flipping through my iphone and came upon the list. To my surprise the house that we purchased basically had 98% of everything we had described in this dream list. In fact it actually had some better features we didn't even imagine. If you've read The Secret or watched the movie this story should be very familiar to you.

In the natural it just didn't seem possible that we would get the type of house we dreamt of and recently purchased. The facts were working against us. But we being the super positive thinkers we are knew it doesn't hurt to dream big. But more importantly we put actions towards those dreams.

For instance, I know I didn't have the money for the type of house I wanted quite yet. But I insisted that my wife and I still go and visit the type of homes we wanted against her better judgement. I wanted to know what it felt like to be in some of these dream homes that we aspired to own. Next I would spend hours window shopping online and offline for things I would need for my dream house before I even had it or knew what it would look like. I would tell people this and they would think I was crazy. But people also thought I was crazy when I use to tell them that one day I would be working full time at home. Fortunately for me my insane big dreaming tends to come true.

But is it merely because I wish for these things to happen that they manifested in my life? Hell no! There are some great professional wishers out there. But not many of them have mastered the alchemy of making dreams a reality. It's one thing to talk a good game and think positively until you're blue in the face (Not really possible for me because of obvious reasons. lol). You actually need to put action towards your dream even if you don't see how it is possible. When you put some action towards a dream you're taking a step towards making it more real. The actions don't even have to be really big. Think about the little steps I took and what similar steps you can take for your own dreams. Ultimately it's more about the process and the feelings the actions provide. Not surprisingly when you do this, other things start to fall into place that bring you even a step closer to your dream. Opportunities open up that you never saw. .

So the lesson here is dream big and take action. Because like lotto, you never know. Here's a quote that I think sums up what's happening if you're not reaching your goals.

"When the archer misses the mark, he turns and looks for the fault within himself. Failure to hit the bull's eye is never the fault of the target. To improve your aim — improve yourself."

– Gilbert Arland

Let it marinate. Hope you enjoyed this week's recap and a return to my babbling. If not just enjoy our complimentary job leads below. (lol) If you do like what you read, feel free to chime in below or share this article with anyone you may think will get value. Speak to you next week.

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10 thoughts on “Weekly Work At Home Recap 12-10-2010”

  1. Hi Angela,
    Thanks for the kind words. The new home is definitely an adventure. Good choice of words. lol

    I’m happy my little story hit a chord with you. But more importantly I’m happy that my blog gave you a new found hope that making money online legitimately was possible. Too often this industry will eat people up and spit them back out jaded and dejected. Sounds like that’s where you were but have now realized that there are options out there when you have the right guidance. So I applaud you for finding this site and taking action rather than letting the past stop you.

    In terms of WA, I don’t know if you watched the focus video on my WA review:
    http://www.workathomenoscams.com/wareview it was designed to address this overwhelming feeling you have. So go back and watch that video. What I’ve argued is ignore all the distractions. Focus purely on one technique and master it. Trying every little option that is taught on WA will get you no where fast.

    I always tell people to just to find one method that is comfortable for you and run with that until you see some success. Then you either expand on that or move on to another technique. I would say focus on the SEO stuff first. It’s much easier to master than PPC. When you read that area, don’t take any action. Just read it a few times until the concept makes sense. Then take action. That’s what you should do with any of the techniques. Read them a few times first with no action, then take action when it makes sense

    In terms of not making any money online yet, that’s damn near impossible if you’ve taken action on my recommendations page:

    You could make some money today with a number of the non-traditional opportunities listed there such as Swagbucks, YouData, Clixsense, ICS, Amazon Mturk. Any one that has tried any of these opportunities has made money right of the bat. So my suggestion is to head there now and take advantage of many of the free opportunities listed there now. Make your first dime online so you can see how it feels. It’s a great feeling that is a catalyst for other things. So there is definitely no reason why you haven’t made any money online yet when we have these easy and great options you can start right now. You can do them as you study in WA. Or you can quit WA temporarily and focus on these easier methods first. Either way you have some options you can work with.

    I hope this helps you. You’re on the right track Angela, you just need to treat all this like a meal. You take one bite at a time. Don’t try to eat the whole plate at once.

    Thanks for the continued support and chiming in.

  2. Thanks Eddy! I’m not sure why exactly but what you wrote hit a chord. I’m so far from what I want for myself but seem to have a problem with the dream aspect. Been in survival mode too long I guess. I’m still looking for that right dream for me and then take the action. Thanks.

    • Desi12,
      I’m glad the article resonated with you. It’s interesting you’re having issues with the dream aspect. Most people dream of tons of things, it’s the action they don’t follow through with. So I’m at a lost for words. I’ll say this a dream is usually something seems to be impossible in the natural. Its usually something that would bring your utter joy and satisfaction if you achieved it. It’s something you would like to improve right now in your life if obstacles and reality weren’t a factor. I’m sure there are probably a lot of dreams you have if you think of it like that.

      So dream big!

  3. Hello Eddy,

    So happy about you and your new home adventures!! Congratulations by the way! This is exactly what many people need to see and hear about Eddy. An everyday person making it happen through dreamng. I have been reading your posts but tend to stay in lurking mode and just need a little bit of guidance because you are where I would like to be in 2011. When I first found your site I broke down in tears literally!!! I had stopped believing you could make money online but decided after looking over your site to join wealthy affiliates and some of the things you have suggested. I guess where I am going with this is that I feel so overwhelmed with WA and there are just so many ways to go about making money that I have not made anything online because of the distraction of try this and trying that!! What I am asking for is guidance on where should I start?? Is there anyone that you know of that could kind of mentor me along or get me focused in the right direction. I know you are very busy but just need a little advice and HELP!! Thank you for your site, wisdom and everything else you have done for the online community. By the way my name is Angela and I am always lurking your site.

  4. Really like the Archer analogy! Keepin at Sir E.
    All the best! (u can literally tell write! LOL) notes are so short! LOL
    Kind regards,

  5. Remember that guy in pretty woman. The one at the end that said, “What’s your dream! Some dreams come true, some don’t, but keep dreamin’.” I wrote down a wish to live in the mountains on five acres and guess what? I got my wish but I had to pack my bags, drive 2000 miles and make it happen. Keep dreaming and keep moving toward it.

    • Good movie quote. You obviously understand the concept of making your dreams come true! It’s not enough to dream but you have to make it happen as you did! Congrats!

  6. Another great article! I could only imagine how happy you are now that the neighbors are gone! Happy joy joy joy! Lol. You have a lot of great things going on for you and it’s such a blessing. I’m sure it bugged you out when you found your list of your future dream house and it turned out that not only do you have it but it’s better! It reminded me of The Secret. You are living proof that when you do dream big and take actions, you’re dreams really do come true!

    Your words are definitely food for the soul and your life story is definitely an inspiration. Who would’ve thought a kid coming up in The Bronx would beat the statistics and raise up out of there so successful? You definitely shut down all the nay-sayers! You go boy! =) Enjoy the upcoming months because it’ll all be worth it once you are living in your dream house! Have a great weekend!

    • Thanks Lil Sis,

      You already know I’m jumping for joy that they’re not here. I’m just hoping no one worst moves in their place before we raise up out of this condo. lol

      The list definitely threw me for a loop. I couldn’t believe how much on that list was accurate about our new home. It’s just another example of things in my life that manifest when I focus and take action.

      You’re absolutely right about the who would have “thunk” it? I know some of my teachers, friends, co-workers and nay sayers didn’t. lol

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