Weekly Work At Home Recap 12-31-2010

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New Year 2011

Happy New Year!

I'm praying that 2011 is just a better year for us all everywhere. 2010 was a rough one and I think we're all about due for some good favor and blessings this year. Keep in mind that it won't happen on it's on. You're going to need to work hard to make 2011 a better year for you.

Don't dwell on the things that did not pan out right this past year. Instead view them as a learning experience on how to do better this year.

Furthermore take aside some time to count your many blessings this year. It's very easy to fall into all the doom and gloom that is currently surrounding us. Too often we're so immersed in it we totally miss the blessings bestowed upon us on a daily basis. Trust me everyone has had blessing this year. If you still had a roof over your head, could eat, see, smell, walk, talk, think or wake up, you were very blessed this year! If someone showed you love and appreciation this year then my friend you were even more blessed. So sometimes it's really that simple.

Well with that said, I'll see you next year. I plan to make it my best year yet and I expect nothing less from the rest of you. Because at the end of the day you deserve it. But you have to make it happen. No more excuses, or waiting for someone else to save you. You've all seen what happens when we wait for others to bail us out. It doesn't happen for you and I. So make this year be the one where you're in control of your destiny because the truth is you are.

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."

– Seneca

P.S. Check out Phil's New Year's post on his blog. It was very inspirational and will help you get your year on the right foot! It definitely helped me!

Monday 12/27/2010

Bilingual Customer Service Representative

Virtual Assistant to Executive Coach

Tuesday 12/28/2010

Freelance Writers/Photographers

ISO Law Students – Research Assistants

Appeals/Billing/Collection Specialist

General Counsel

Creative Writer Needed for Software Marketing Firm

Fidelity RM Business Analyst

Solutions Sales Executive

Customer Service Agents

Technical Support Representative

Wednesday 12/29/2010

Financial Writer

Tax Preparer Needed

Foreign Language Translators Needed

Article/Ebook Writer

Writers for Instructional Enhanced eBooks Wanted

Social Media Content Creation & Integration

Japanese Interpreter Needed


Fashion Designer and Seamstress Wanted

Technical Writer

Thursday 12/30/2010

Blogger Assistant Vendor Needed

Part-Time Legal Assistant

Medical Care Evaluator

On-Call Manager for Home Care

Web Designer

Bilingual Market Research Transcriptionists


Account Executive

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