Weekly Work At Home Recap 3-18-2011

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Long time no hear from, right? Sorry I've been MIA. But as many of you know from my Facebook fanpage, I finally moved into the house we purchased several months ago. It took so long to get in there because we pretty much gutted the house. But my wonderful Uncle in Law finally got everything done.

So I've been trying to get all settled in. Fortunately most of the unpacking has been done. (Thanks to my super wife. lol) My office is really the last frontier. For some reason, every time I want to get cracking on it, something else pops up that I have to handle in the house.

I'm hoping next week I can get it done. I still have to pick out some furniture for my adjacent man cave. Once that's done, I'll take a video of the new office and man cave so you guys can see where all the magic happens. LOL (MTV Cribs reference. )

The good news is that my ladies and family seem to love the place. So I think we made the right choice. It's big enough to accomodate all their socializing. And it's perfect for me who likes to be a hermit and hide away from everyone. I literally lock myself in the "man wing" and no one can find me. It's wonderful. lol

With that all said, I want to apologize for being slower on emails, comments and pretty much anything involved with work. Honestly It's really been the last thing on my mind since moving in. But I plan to get back in the swing of things soon. I feel like in the next couple of weeks I'm really going to be able to put some more energy into my work while still balancing a lot of fun with my family and friends.

In any event, thanks for the continued support. I know my success couldn't happen without folks like you. By the way, shout out to my moving company! I always said when I made a little paper and had to move again, I'd up my game and get professional movers. Lord what a difference it makes when you have professional movers. Things go a lot more smoother. None of my stuff was ruined and no back spasm issues. Priceless! lol

Speak to you soon.

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