Weekly Work At Home Recap 4-01-2011

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Today is April Fool's Day. Why fools were granted a day is beyond me? Either way watch out for the crazy emails, phone calls or pranks that your friends, co-workers or family members may pull on you today. If you want to share some of the pranks you've been a "victim" of or pulled on others, feel free to do so down below. Be safe out there. lol

In any event, enjoy this week's work from home recap!

Monday 3/28/2011

Fishing Writer

Editor – WordPress Expert

Interviewer / Resume Writer


Writer Needed For Research Papers

Tuesday 3/29/2011

Legal/Scheduling Assistant

SEO Content Writer

Business Writer-Researchers

Telecommunications Attorney or Paralegal

Financial Planner

Project Manager

Wednesday 3/30/2011

Social Media Strategist Needed

Article Writer

Bookkeeper/Admin Support Needed


Customer Service Representative

Korean/English Bilingual Editor

Small-Business Blogger

SEO Link Building Superstar

Thursday 3/31/2011

Business Plan Researcher/Writer

Technical Writer

Fashion + Shopping Writer/Editor/Blogger

Virtual Dental Receptionist

Technical Account Analyst

Entry Level Sports Blogger

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9 thoughts on “Weekly Work At Home Recap 4-01-2011”

  1. RE: April Fools Day “Why fools were granted a day is beyond me?” – because God made so many of them? My Mother used to refer to them as “poor dear” or “you sweet thing”. There would be no need for your blog if it were not for fools so cut us some slack!

  2. I was going to sign up the first day it came out but it looks like they were overwhelmed with new users. In terms of the disqualification, it makes total sense. The whole purpose of these surveys is to gather useful feedback from users so company’s can make informed decisions about their products, services, etc. If people are just rushing through them to get paid, it adds no value to the company that paid you. So keep that in mind.

  3. Hi Eddie, my name is Cacey I’m recently nre to your websites about two weeks now and I’m seriously considering Wealthy Affiliate, I noticed on your site somewhere that you were going to focus you’re concentration on that and I was wondering how you were doing and what you think of it now.

    • Hi Cacey,

      I’ve learned a lot from WA and why I continue to recommend it to my users who want to follow my foot steps in learning about running a successful internet marketing business. I still use the techniques I learn to promote my sites which is probably why you stumbled upon it. So it’s still highly recommended by me assuming you understand the inherent risks of starting a business and have delayed gratification. This business isn’t for everyone. So before you consider joining you might want to read the following article:

      By the way it’s Eddy not Eddie. 😉

  4. RE: April Fool’s Day. A friend of mine that I keep in touch with on email daily wrote me this morning, telling me she fell down the stairs and her foot and ankle were swollen. I was sympathetic and asked if she’d been to a doctor yet. It occurred to me that she could be joking, but she’s had such a rough run of bad things happening to and around her, I decided to play it safe. She replied that it was all an April Fool’s joke, and she had a great laugh over it. Hey, if it makes her happy.

    • Have you tried Clixsense Research paid surveys yet? So far its good for me, but some disqualify you if you read too fast or don’t provide a long enough answer. I like MySurvey so much better.

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