Weekly Work At Home Recap 4/30/2010

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Hello All,

Hope it was a great week for you. Mine was pretty busy. I'm currently in the process of researching a new opportunity to make you money and should have something to show you very soon. I've also been spending a lot more time on facebook trying to do more with my fan page. I've treated it like a step child since I created it. But I plan to change that soon. So there may be a contest coming up soon involving Facebook. Stay tuned because that usually means a lot of free money for my loyal subscribers.

In any event, let's get into today's random thought and the job leads.

Going Beyond The Call Of Duty

Is it just me or is everyone just doing the bare minimum nowadays? I hate to sound like a grumpy old man but I have to speak on it. We live in a society where delayed gratification is an extinct concept and just getting by is the norm. Then folks have the audacity to wonder why they can't get ahead. I'm not going to sit here on my soap box and act as if I haven't been guilty of it. Lord knows I have.

When I still worked for the man, In my mind I was basically just a prisoner that was just doing his time until I could free myself via my websites/affiliate marketing career. Because of this I barely did more than what was asked of me. After all I knew I had no aspiration of moving up the corporate ladder. That whole world actually disgusted me because I felt that there were a lot of fakes ass people that did nothing but produce fluff and got paid a lot of money for doing so. (This has obviously come to light in the midst of our economic woes.)

In my mind I was "Neo" and wanted out of the "Matrix" which was Corporate America. lol So my attitude towards my work reflected this and apparently that was very clear to my supervisors because I wasn't promoted for many years. Fortunately I was a likeable dude and the bare minimum I did was enough to keep me employed. But I had a good buddy (who manages FightInsight.com) that also worked in the same department as me. We had similar backgrounds but he was in higher position than me and "shining" (Translation: making more money than me. lol). Initially I hated on him because I thought he was a kiss ass. But eventually I realized that he was a real dude like me but just understood the game better than I did.

Tough Love

He always told me that it was dumb for me not to work a little harder at my job even if I planned to escape. Knowing that I was about "my paper" he broke down his logic to me. His argument was that if I did just a fraction more than what was expected of me, I would probably get a promotion or make more money. For a while this wasn't quite sinking in because I was so "Anti-The Man". But eventually some circumstances changed in my work place and his logic started to make more and more "cents" to me. After all I was the one always preaching that every cent counts and here I am leaving money on the table.

So I decided that I would work a little harder. Sure enough he was right. I received several promotions and made more paper! So what's the point of all this? Well, If you think about it, there are probably many areas in your own life where you can do a little more and I'm confident that you would see results for it. Let's tackle a few examples below.


Many of you enjoy WorkAtHomeNoScams.com because I'm very real about companies I review even if I'm affiliated with them. I also don't run around calling everything a scam and most importantly I always try to show and prove before recommending a company to you. But that wasn't always the case. Early in my career I just followed what everyone else was doing and just writing the bare minimum. However then I realized that I needed to apply what my buddy had taught me working for the man here in my own business. So instead of writing reviews that were light on the content and truth. I decided to do more than what my lazy counter parts were doing. That's why my articles tend to be longer and infrequent. If I don't feel I can provide you any real value, then I just won't write until I do. I'm more about quality than quantity. It's also the reason why you don't see me personally promoting every thing I find. I always try to introduce opportunities I've personally tried and can document working. The end results of these efforts, applied with my training is that I work at home full time when most don't. Any of you that are running a website should have just had a mental orgasm right now with that bit of information. I just revealed the secret to my success. Let it marinate. (You're welcome. lol)

Job Hunting

Some of you have decided that your destiny is to be an employee the rest of your life and there is nothing wrong with that. So I have a little advice for you as well. If you get a job interview and don't get the job, mail a personal thank you note to the person that interviewed you. How many people do you think will take the time to do that? Guess who they'll remember if a new position becomes available? My bet is on you. It may only cost you a few cents to slap on a stamp and mail that note. But the long term effect may magnify that little investment many times over!


Everyone gets their spouses something for the usual holidays, like that made up one Valentine's day (lol). But why not just surprise your spouse with a little gift out of no where? Trust me, he or she is going to be really surprised and happy! Or they may become suspicious. You know your spouse better than me, so proceed with caution. lol (Hey Dee, I think I just gave you a topic for your blog RelationshipAdviceHelps.com)

I can't believe this guy…

Here's another great example of doing a little more than what's expected of you. Recently I referred a guy to Wealthy Affiliate. We have been conversing on email behind the scenes for a while. I really took a liking to this gentlemen because he really understand that affiliate marketing was a business that required hard work and effort. But of course like most people he had some other questions and I was happy to answer them. I didn't mind doing this frequently because it was clear to me he was reading the material and using the other resources at WA.

But this person has done something that most people who contact me don't do. No, it's not saying thank you. We've already discussed that in my Thank You rant a few weeks ago. lol This particular person had already thanked me many times over and I was already appreciative of that. However Jeff being the guy that he is had taken it upon himself to go beyond the call of duty. After a very long thread of emails, Jeff decided that his thank yous weren't enough. So he went to Amazon.com and bought me a $25 electronic gift card that was emailed to me. Now look, most of you know I'm doing pretty well. So I know you think $25 isn't mind blowing in terms of dollars for me. But on the contrary, that $25 might as well have been a million dollars to me! Why? Because out of all the years I've helped answered emails and comments, no one has ever done something like that for me. He went beyond the call of duty. Maybe he did it because he mispelled my name and I called him out on it. lol Or maybe it was because Jeff understands that doing a little more than expected of you will pay off many times over.

You think next time Jeff has a question, I'm not going to take time out my very busy schedule and respond as quickly as I can? Damn skippy, I will. No it's not because I want Jeff to send me another $25. (Although I wouldn't hate on him if he did.) But seriously, the real reason is because Jeff has planted a seed in my mind that he's very different than 99% of the people that contact me. All because he did a little more than most people have. He could have sent me .50 cents and it would have had the same impact but I probably couldn't buy as many songs or apps with it.

So my question to you is the following: What are the areas in your life, career or business that you can do a little more? Figure that out and take action. Often times the effort required is so minimal but the impact may be life changing as it was for me.

P.S. Please understand that Eddy still appreciates all the thank you comments and emails. So keep that coming. This post wasn't an attempt to Jeidi mind trick you into sending me money. Now if you want to do so of your own free will, that's your business. lol But as always this was meant to get you thinking and inspiring action. Hopefully you see it as such.

If not, accept the leads below as a token from me. lol Speak to you next week!

Customer Service Reps Wanted

Monday 4/26/2010


Eating Disorders Blogger

Art Research Assistant


Online Content Writer/Blog Writer

Article Writers

Tuesday 4/27/2010

Fashion Blogger


Data Entry/Marketing Assistant

Night Life Writer


Research Assistant

Publisher's Assistant

Administative Assistant

Wednesday 4/28/2010

Article Writer


Blog Writer

Celebrity Gossip Writer

Web Content Specialist

Call Center Representative

Virtual Assistant

Account Manager

Thursday 4/29/2010

Spanish/English Instructor

Content Representative

Calendar Editor

Online High School Teachers

Telephonic Case Manager

Community Sales Support


Veterinary Writers

Researchers and Writers

Real Estate Researcher

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