Weekly Work At Home Recap 5-06-2011

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Happy Mother's Day

I just want to take this time to give a big shout out to the most important people on this planet, Mothers. You have the most under rated, under appreciated and under paid job. But fortunately for the rest of us, you guys soldier on to help shape us into better people despite of the lack of recognition you receive.

You hear a lot talk about heros when referring to soldiers, fireman, etc. But that's a term that never seems to be associated with moms who perform heroic acts everyday. So I just want to say Thank you for being the super heros you are. One day is never enough to thank you for all the amazing feats you perform.

Have a Happy Mother's Day for all the moms that are here with us and who have gone to be with the Lord!

We love you!

In any event, enjoy this week's work from home job leads.

Monday 5/02/2011

Technical / User Guide Writer

Office and Virtual Assistant


Contract Writer

Product Manager


Tuesday 5/03/2011

Proofreader Needed


Brief/Pleading Writer

Javascript Coder Needed

Business Writers

Data Entry

Writer/Researcher with Horse Experience



Wednesday 5/04/2011

Theses Editing and Formatting

ARRT Practice Question Writer

Legal Office Manager

Math Copyeditor

Executive Desktop Support

Virtual Legal Assistant

Grant Writer

Process Server Needed

Dental Office Account Manager

Strong Technical Writer

Thursday 5/05/2011

Help Desk Technician / Bilingual

Call Center Agents / Sales

PHP Developer


News Writers Wanted

Graphic Artist

Content Writers

Automotive Writer

Virtual Call Center – Sales/Pet Industry

Inside Sales

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Work At Home Recap 5-06-2011”

  1. Brotha! No disrespect to Mrs. Salmon, but Happy Mothers Day! In all respects, first to Mrs Salmon, then to you as well. You are an important, a very integral, part of Princess’s life as a work from home INVOLVED daddy. Working from home is allowing you the blessing of being able to be such a great part of the shaping, the discipline and the teaching that will help her to grow into the Queen that she is destined to be. So please accept this in the manner in which it is being given! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to you, Eddy along with the best of the best wishes to THE MISSUS. Happy Mother’s Day, Mr. and Mrs Eddy Salmon!

    Big Sis,


    • Sis you’re far too kind. I definitely understand the impact me as a stay at home Dad is making on my little budding Queen. But I’m no where near as influential as a Mom especially Mrs. Salomon.

      So all the praises go to her. I’m merely a small cog compared to what she brings to the table and I’m man enough to admit that. That being said is Bee better off because she’s blessed to have daddy at home as well, I’m sure she is. So I agree with you there. Either way thanks Sis.

      P.S. I’ve missed you. Where have you been? lol

    • Hi there. I was not diminishing the role that Mom carries, just giving due respect. Most moms have far more to do than the average dad. On Father’s Day, when my mom was still living, I always gave her a Father’s Day Card as well, and it was not due to any disrespect to my Dad. I just knew that my Mom just was always there and should be given her props. There’s no one like Mom. I agree with you. On the other side of the coin, however, I have, and I still see, so many fathers who can, but don’t chip in and help moms with the children who are, by the way, also their own, the father’s children as well. So I was just giving you your props. My dad didn’t chip in as much because of his working hours but he did what he could when he could. Very few fathers could contribute as much as you because of the times we were living in WAY BACK THEN! And when I say “way back when,” I do mean WAY back WHEN! Well before YOUR time, young man. You’re much more involved than my dad was able to be. That’s a total blessing. So again, Happy Mother’s Day to both Mr AND Mrs Eddy Salmon.

      As to where I’ve been, well that’s a whole other subject. I’ll tell you about it another time. But, praise God, I’m still alive and kicking. Anyway, you take care Brother. God bless you and your family, always.

    • Understood Big Sis! I appreciate the compliment! I guess I just view it as doing what I’m suppose to do as a Dad. But I hear what you’re saying now. Thanks for schooling your little brother. lol

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