Weekly Work At Home Recap 5/07/2010

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Hello All,

First and foremost I want to say Happy Early Mother's Day to all my wonderful moms. Without your love and nurturing many of us wouldn't be who we are today. That being said one day never seems enough time to celebrate what you all do 24/7. But it's a start. So enjoy your day!

Now onto the little business of my random thought of the day & the job leads recap. Hope you enjoy it!

Perception is Everything

Have you ever heard of that saying "Perception is everything"? You may have even expressed it to your kids in one way or another. I know growing up in a strict Caribbean household, perception was everything to my parents. I couldn't get certain hair cuts because my Dad felt people would perceive me in a negative light. Or as he would like to say: "What, you want to look like those bums on the streets that hang out on the corner?"

At the time I thought my mom and dad were being judgmental or up-tty.

Obviously we had different perceptions about things at the time. Later I started realizing that their perception of things was right. In my neighborhood everyone knew my sister and I because of my parents. They were liked as respectable hard working immigrants (like so many are) that were trying to give their kids a better life. So folks perceived us very differently than some of my counterparts.

So much so, that if one of the local store owners saw me hanging out on the corner with some of the "seedy" kids, they would be sure to mention it to my parents. Why? Well because there was already a perception that we were good kids and actually had parents that cared about us. They didn't want our reputation to be soiled because of our association with some of the so called shadier kids on our block. Sure enough my mom put a stop to that. I remember one time, she embarrassed the hell out of me by coming to the corner where we all hung out. She started yelling at me that I needed to go home. As a teenage boy this was devastating to my ego and what little rep I had. I was livid and the butt of jokes for a while.

However now that I'm older, I thank her for it. Because a lot of the kids that I thought were so freaking cool aren't doing as well as adults. At the time my perception of reality was very limited.

It doesn't make "cents"…

Sometimes I still see examples of limited perceptions of reality when it comes to making money at home. This past last week, I've received at least two comments from folks that appreciate the site. But had made it a point to take shots at some of the smaller money making opportunities that may pay a few cents. I always find this troubling for a number of reasons. It's clear that there is a perception that by taking action on some of these lower paying opportunities that they're some how degrading themselves or it's a waste of their precious time.

Now in one hand I understand where this is coming from. Working offline, many of us are making a certain amount of dollars per hour. You've learned to value your whole existence at those dollar amounts. Keep in mind that amount is defined by an employer and not by you which is another problem in itself. But I digress. So when you see something like Clixsense paying you a few cents for clicking on ads, you may gawk at that idea of being paid cents. So I sort of understand the mentality at that point. Although as one of my loyal subscribers pointed out, dollars can't be made without cents. So anyone getting paid any dollar amount per hour for a traditional job is also being paid cents if you want to get technical about it.

Nose in the air…

Here's the thing, a lot of times the same folks that are turning their noses up at opportunities such as reading emails, clicking ads, etc are already engaged in some of these activities unpaid. However if they changed their perception, they could actually get paid for something they're already doing anyway! What's funny is that they don't view the fact they're not getting paid for these activities as beneath them. To me it just doesn't make any logical sense. If I already read emails for free, why wouldn't I want to now get paid to read some emails? I mean after all I was earning nothing for it and I didn't think it was beneath me. But now that I'm getting paid a $.01 per email and it's a waste of my time? Wasn't it a big waste of your time when you earned nothing for it? Does that argument even make "cents" literally?

The other problem with this limited perception is that they're under the impression that these smaller opportunities are long term or final solutions. This really burns me because it goes to show you people don't read. I've clearly stated in many of my articles that these smaller opportunities are short term. They should be a starting point or coupled with other activities that earn you more money. There is absolutely no reason why you can't make money with some of these lower income opportunities while pursuing others that make you more such as a job or business. For instance, I make enough money online that I can support myself and my whole family. But I have some down time during the day. Do you know during my down time, I still do surveys, click on ads, get my swag on, etc? Why? Because why not? It's easy money and just adds to my bottom line. I'm always engaged in activities that build my wealth so that I can secure a nice comfortable future for my family and loved ones. I always stay hungry and try to leverage any easy ways of earning income. That's my perception of reality.

Shaking off bad habits…

Let's face it. Most people that have ventured into this work at home industry have failed to make money or have lost it (unless you were fortunate enough to find this site first. lol). So folks develop a very negative and jaded attitude towards making money online and its feasibility. My ultimate goal is to help you shake those feelings off by presenting you with a world of legitimate possibilities. In my years of experience, I have found that people are able to shake off their negative experiences with working at home when I can provide them two things. Proof that money can be made and instant delivery of opportunities that can be started right away. It just so happens that the opportunities that I have found that fill this need right away tend to pay very low. But they're never meant to be the end all. It's really just to prove to you that there are ways to make money at home. And now that you've earned a few bucks, you're more inclined to go out there and find additional ways that make you more money. It's really just an exercise to boost your confidence and knowledge of the possibilities while earning some money in the process.

The rise to success starts with a step…

Here's something else that some of you naysayers should keep in mind when dismissing these low paying opportunities. One of the first ways I made money online was reading emails that paid me a cent or two. All my friends and family members laughed at me. But of course like most entrepreneurs I have a different perception of reality. Where everyone else saw cents, I saw possibilities. My friends and family saw making a few cents as the end. I saw it as just a start. For me it was confirmation that money can be made online. Now it was just a matter of figuring out how to magnify the actions that earned me a few cents into a few dollars. (Right Big Phil?) Then all that was required was to wash, rinse and repeat until I'm making thousands then millions. I'm not at the millions yet but a brother does "aight" and will hit that mark soon enough. Now imagine if my perception was limited like the folks that turn their noses up at a few cents. I may still be slaving away for "THE MAN" who dictates what I'm worth an hour. But instead I'm sitting here in my boxers chatting with you and getting paid what I feel I'm worth per hour. See the difference? You can if your perception isn't limited.

So no I'm not saying that earning a few cents for stuff you're already doing for free is the way to financial freedom. It's not. It's just a starting point and you should leverage whatever you're making by re-investing in yourself via training, a home business opportunity, CDs, etc. Then from there you're that much closer to becoming financially secure. But it just doesn't make cents to be turning away easy money for things you already do.

Look, if you're at a place in your life where the lights are about to be shut off or you could lose your home, then you definitely need to focus your energy on a job or some type of assistance to get you out your situation. Earning a few cents or a couple of dollars may not really help you that much. But even in those situations I've heard from people that have said these little opportunities have been able to pay for food, the internet bill or gas money so they could find a job. These folks were able to see and use these opportunities as a means to an end. They did it in conjunction with some other activities which is the point of these opportunities. So again it boils down to perception.

At the end of the day, you have to do what's best for you. All I ask is that you keep in an open mind. Because for all you know a few cents can multiply into a full time income at home like yours truly. Or you can continue to perceive things the way you do and get more of whatever it is you have in your life. If that's what you want, then by all means carry on. However if you want something different, then try changing your outlook. You might be very surprised at what you find. Now let me go head to mylot.com and earn a few cents chatting with people instead of doing it for free on facebook. Let it marinate.

Enjoy the leads below. God willing, I'll chat with your folks next week! Hey let me know what your "perception" of this article was below or hit me up on my Facebook fan page.

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Monday 5/03/2010

Website Testers

Copying and Pasting Photos to a Spreadsheet



Operations Director & Project Manager

Copy Editor

Healthcare Information Technology Writer

Medical Writer

Legal Proof Reader

Tuesday 5/04/2010

Experienced Sales Professional


Academic Writer


English Editor

Wednesday 5/05/2010


Proof Reader


Customer Service Representative

Data Entry/CMS/Meta Specialist

Chemistry and Biology Writer/Editor

Sports Blogger

Horse Racing Blogger

Thursday 5/06/2010

CEO Content Development

Project Manager

Healthcare Data Analyst

Food Packaging Designer

Article Rewriting

Graphic Web Designer/Blogger


Graphic Designers

German to English Translator

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20 thoughts on “Weekly Work At Home Recap 5/07/2010”

  1. So true!

    The mindset is definitely key to everything. I am so thankful that I made up my mind a long time ago to maintain a positive, optimistic perception of life in general. That way, I’m always more open minded and looking for the greater good in everything. Generating positive energy (The Secret) brings so many good things into one’s life for sure.

    Eddy, it seems your parents raised you and your sis identically to how mine raised me and my sibs. lol Back in the day we thought Daddy-O was the strictest disciplinarian. I recall the times of embarrassment when me and my sibs always had to be the first kiddos from the block to be called in from outside. I’ll never forget Daddy-O saying, “Alright yaw, time to head on in” Lol We were in our early to mid teens and it just didn’t seem right to have to be in before dark at that age. But oh how we (sibs and I) all appreciate our upbringing to this day. So much love and respect for my parents for their loving care, instruction, and wise counsel which carried over to how we raise our own children.

    My perception in terms of making money from home .. well, let’s just say it has always given renewed meaning to, “a penny for your thought” or my thoughts because I thank the good Lord for every penny earned. Which is one cent closer to my dream work from home income!

    Keep these great articles coming Eddy!

    • Well said Callie!

      Sounds like we had very similar childhoods which is probably why you and I share so much of the same value system. Thanks for chiming in!!

  2. Could not be more well said! Since March 23rd of this year I’ve made $6.53 without leaving the house or having someone else dictate to me how to do it. But the real point is my income on a daily basis is gradually building! To top it off WAHNS led ,me to Coupon Mom web site > Groupon = half price fun. This huge “win win” website should not be taken lightly. Thanks Eddy for sharing your vision, wisdom, and intelligence with the rest of us! It’s is my pleasure to piggy back, share and contribute to your success as well as my own!

    • Cathy,
      I love how you put that achievement. “Since March 23rd of this year I’ve made $6.53 without leaving the house or having someone else dictate to me how to do it!”
      That’s exactly the kind of thinking I’m trying to instill here and you’ve hit it on the head. Sure it’s not a lot of money but it was on your terms in the comfort of your home. You also acknowledge it’s a starting point and it’s building everyday! I love it! Thanks for sharing your comment with us! I really appreciate it.

  3. Hello everyone,
    This is my first post but I wanted to share a little something about multiple streams of income online. I started looking for ways to make legit income online not too long ago. I joined some survey sites and then I found this site. In the space of 4 months I have well over 10 sites that I do work with and all are bringing in income. A little here, a lot there, etc. When you add them up it is substantial. Every week I am getting a check or a paypal deposit. Youdata for example deposited 1.72 into my paypal account last week and this week it will probably be the same amount or a little more. I spend a few minutes earning that money not 20 min like with most surveys (and I do a lot of surveys that make me good money). The point is that some accounts are paying out now and others will later but I am making money and gaining a sense of purpose and accomplishment. At first I thought clicking for a penny or two was silly. I was wrong. Those pennies turn into dollars fast. I click on ads while I am doing other things online like surveys or searches. So I am making money while I am making money. Can’t beat that.
    Now here is the kicker. I have taken this idea, multiple streams of income, into other areas of my life. When I save a dollar or two at the grocery store, I think “this is great” rather than “big deal.” That is money saved and add that to other monies saved it adds up and fast. Anyway, you get the point.
    Thanks Eddy for helping me not only change my perception in this area but also for the positive changes it has made in other areas of my life.
    My best to you all,

    • Hey Greg,

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing this with us. I really appreciate as I know you don’t really comment on blogs. I really like how you’ve taken the perception concept a step further. Because you’re absolutely right, it can be applied to all facets of one’s life if they really think about it. So thanks for giving us something else to consider and apply.

  4. right!!

    You know you really have to stop stealing my article ideas..lol, but to be honest, I don’t think I could done justice to what you’ve written today. Very awesome. This is exactly why I’ve been moving consistently in the right direction the last couple months. I don’t look at two cents as two cents. I look at two cents and say “sweet, two more cents in advertising this month”. Multiplied by whatever and when we work it, that two cents becomes twenty, twenty becomes .. well you know.

    Thanks for keeping us motivated.


    • Hey Lee,

      Thanks for the kind words and the video. Chris hit it right on the head!

      Amelia or Jaime, (lol)
      Thanks for your continued support all this time. I really do appreciate that you do still come around to read my babbling. lol

      Brother I’m going to have to steal that “centsibility” word! It’s even a better play on words than my “make cents”. Thanks for the positive sentiments and the new word. lol

      Thanks little sister. See how easy it is to rack up those points at swagbucks. And the you’re right, you’re already doing a lot of searching anyway for me and your own blog. So why not make a little more money for it? You’ve always seen the bigger picture which is why I think God has always blessed you in your life and why he continues to do so. So keep taking action like you’re doing. By the way you could actually get paid to talk to your family. You should set up an advice line on ether.com and charge their asses for all the free advice you’ve been giving them. lol
      Read about here: https://www.workathomenoscams.com/2009/02/17/get-paid-to-share-your-knowledge-ethercom/ (Just a thought.)

      I’m glad that you appreciated the article and it helped give your day a nice positive start. Run with that momentum for many more days!

      Damn that really hit me! Yes the main goal of this blog is to help people make money and avoid scams. But in the process I am really trying to change people’s view of the world and each other. There is too much negativity and divisiveness out there. So even if I can chip away at some of that negative energy with my ramblings then when I kick the bucket, I’ll know I left the world a better place than I came in. Ultimately it’s something we should all try to do in our own little way. Just like with income, every little bit helps in this respect as well. So thanks for acknowledging my little effort towards that. I really appreciate that.

      Well said. Adults have to be reminded really struck a chord in me. I think as adults we’ve become so beat down by everyday life it’s easy to slip into some type of repetitive pattern. Sometimes these patterns are very bad. So it’s good to shake people up so they can see things a different way. So hopefully that was achieved.
      Thanks for sharing your insightful thoughts.

      Thanks! Have my other ones been very weak? Maybe I need to start hitting the mental gym more. lol Just kidding. I feel this was a very strong post as well. It’s probably a result of the annoyance I felt with some of those recent limited perception commenters. I just used that negative energy to harness some positivity out of it. I guess the mission was achieved.
      By the way in regards to FB, I haven’t really done much with my fan page until recently. I was still trying to figure out how to add and get value from it. I mean I use FB personally to catch up with my close friends and family. But I couldn’t really figure out how to make use of my fan page to connect with you folks. But now I do which is why you’ll see me make use of it in the near future. So thanks for catching it and trying to give it some more visibility. lol Don’t worry I plan to be more prominent with it in the next couple of weeks with some contest or something.
      Thanks again for the kind words.

      Thanks. I’m sorry to hear about your situation! It’s crazy how an act of nature can have so much impact in various facets of someone’s life. In terms of starting late with the other sources of income, don’t fret! You can’t focus on what you should have done, focus on what you can do right now. It’s a better use of your energy and time. So just try to get something positive out of this negative situation. That’s how you’ll always get the most out of life. The fact you’re already making a few cents is a start. Just keep pushing forward with it. I’ve said a little prayer for you and I know God will show his favor on you. So stay positive. Thanks for sharing.

      My bad buddy! You know I have no originality so I have to steal from one of the best. lol Stop being so modest, I think you would have tore a new one in this topic.
      In any event, I love this line in your comment:

      I don’t look at two cents as two cents. I look at two cents and say “sweet, two more cents in advertising this month”.

      See that’s a clear example of the type of perception that leads to success. It’s funny because I think of any little new income that comes in the same way. It’s like ooh, I could use this towards a new gadget I wanted, or this is going to cover the car note, etc. I think I actually got this principle from Robert Kiyosaki. I was watching one of his programs and he said that when he wants to buy some new “knick knack” he looks for another business opportunity or way to make money to pay for it. He tries to avoid just pulling money out his account to buy something. When I heard that, it was like an aha moment. So I view many of these smaller opportunities as a method to get certain things whether it’s advertising, gadgets, etc. It doesn’t really matter. I just know it’s money that I won’t have to spend out my own pocket because it’s being paid by something I would have been doing for free anyway. So it’s a win win for me. It’s great to see that you view it this way as well. Hopefully after reading this article and all the great comments, others will finally see it that way as well. Either way, thanks for chiming in big Phil! You keep doing what you’re doing and you know the dollars will follow soon enough!

  5. great article, i am only at the point of making a few cents, i keep on putting off making time for bigger and better things. after this weekend i wish i wouldn’t have put it off. i am a dis-placed worker from the flooding in middle tn. i would already have a backup income until i know what will become of my job. like the saying goes don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today. even pennies would be a help right now.

  6. You nailed it Eddy! Mothers preach this every day to their children. Adults have to be reminded. Teenagers try to stretch the boundaries to find their place in life. And mom never saying “I told you so” becomes appreciated at the age of 62.

  7. Eddy, keep up the great posts. Its nice to see that people share a sound philosophy and are successful in life by implementing it. You do more for society at large with your posts and comments about how to Live than you ever do for individuals like me with just your posts of income opportunities.


  9. Great article Eddy! You are so right. If people would change their perception then they would appreciate so much more. I just became apart of swagbucks and i’ve already made 200 points and I couldn’t be happier. I’m up to .35 cents in mylot and i’m thrilled! Most people wouldn’t think that’s a big deal but to me it’s huge!! As little as it might seem to others the bigger picture is that i’m making these few cents for just babbling, something I do on a every day basis! If only I can get paid like that for talking to my family!! Then I would be really raking in the doe!! Lol. Have a great weekend and thank you for another inspiring article!!


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