Weekly Work At Home Recap 5/14/2010

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Hello All,

Hope you're having a great week. I'll be honest mine was really crappy. So maybe I can live vicariously through any of you.

With that said, I'm not able to muster up my usual babbling of wisdom this week. So maybe some of you can fill in for me with your comments below. Don't worry I plan to return back to our regularly scheduled programming next week. The following quote sums up why:

"Tough times never last, but tough people do."

– Robert Schuller

See you next week, I'll be back tougher than ever. lol

In the mean time, enjoy the leads below. God willing, I'll chat with your folks next week! As always feel free to comment below or hit me up on my Facebook fan page. By the way it's been nice chatting with some of you on my fanpage. Some of you got a peak at my 2 cool prizes from swagbucks! Hope to see more of you over there.

Customer Service  Reps Wanted

Monday 5/10/2010

Technical Service Representatives

Sr. Technical Recruiter

Call Center Engineer


Windows System Administrator


Horse Racing Blogger/Writer

Football Blogger

Tuesday 5/11/2010

Account Executive


Content Creation/Copywriter

Virtual CPA Agent



Tattoos Writer

Business/Legal Writer

Wednesday 5/12/2010

Resume Writer

Graphic Artist

Search Engine Evaluator

Spanish Translation

Wellness Writer

Journalist To Write Government/Business Article

Proposal Writer

Graphic Design/Web


Sales Person

Thursday 5/13/2010

Criminal Justice Writer/Editor

Editorial Assistant

Accounting/Bookkeeping Specialist

Writing Assistant

Medical Health Writer


Web Designer

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22 thoughts on “Weekly Work At Home Recap 5/14/2010”

  1. Hello Eddy, we all go thru those spells. You will be fine big guy. I want to comment on your writing about people not content with the small amount of some online income opportunities. The way I look at it is this. I only make 17 cents a day on Fusion Cash daily click on deals. In order to earn that much in interest at today’s certificate of deposit rates at my bank or credit union I would need to have at least $2,000 in an account. So I look on Fusion Cash as my savings account where I make $62.00 a year in interest.

    • Richard,
      Thanks for the words of wisdom. I appreciate it. Fortunately I’m so over my little down spell.
      In any event, I think you’ve expressed the potential of these smaller opportunities perfectly! I wish more people would be able to see the logic you expressed.

  2. Hey big brother! I’m glad that you are feeling better than last week. It’s always a good thing to allow yourself to go through what you need to go through and then move on (you taught me that). God has great things in store for you and only gives what he knows you can handle. You are a strong individual with lots of people who love you. There’s no doubt in my mind that you will weather this storm and by the looks of it, the sun is starting to shine through again. I know all you know how to do is move foward, so do you bro and the end result will always be a blessing! Love you!

  3. I’m sorry to hear you had a bad week. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger though, right?

    Thanks for posting the job leads as always. Maybe, hopefully one day one will actually come through! It seems like the writing jobs are definitely a great way to make money online these days with all the blogs and stuff popping… as long as you have some experience (which I don’t). 🙁

    • Thanks for the words of encouragement.
      I’ve moved pass what I was going through last week.
      In terms of the job leads you pretty much answered your own question, if you see that most of the available job leads
      are in writing then that’s where you need to be. Getting experience in this particular field is so much easier now.. Trying writing for sites like examiner.com helium.com, associatedcontent.com, ehow.com. All this sites will pay you even though you’re not a “so called” experienced writer. The amazon opportunity listed above also provides you with writing jobs.

      So there is no reason you can’t be making money while gaining experience. Write more in your blog as well and that will also give you experience you can point to.
      But make sure it’s actually providing value and more than just quick blurb. You have options, you’re just not exploring them. Keep in mind there are other ways you can also make money besides just the traditional job route. Tons of people that frequent here are doing it. So just broaden your horizons and change your view about working at home and your options. Then take action on them. I see you’ve taken action on a few but why stop? Hope this helps.

  4. Eddy,

    You do an absolutely fantastic thing for people here – you help people find LEGIT ways to earn money, offer wonderful advice & so much more. You are for sure one of a kind. I’ve yet to meet anyone like you! 🙂 And a big thank you for always responding to comments/posts here on your site as well as private emails. THANK YOU! Luv ya! ☺♥♥♥

  5. Howdy Mr. Eddy, Wishing you and your family lots of Blessings from God. You have sown good seeds in good ground and continue to do so by blessing us with such useful, encouraging, and helpful job information. I just want to take time to thank you very much. Keep up the great work.

  6. Eddy,

    Inspite of having a crappy week you found somthing to offer in the way of encouragement which tells you something about you.
    Hard times tends to show us more about us than good times do. If you fall down do you stay down or do you look at it and say “It happens” and then get back up and keep going?

    Since I started working from home I’ve had more hard times than easy, but what I’m working for makes those hard times not so hard. I’m working for something that’s far bigger than a large bank account or lots of nice stuff, I’m working to be free.
    Free from being dependant on the whims of any company that decides to protect the top people at the expense of the people who are doing the most work.
    Free from having to make sure that I’m wearing the right clothes or that I leave early enough to get to a job on time so that I don’t get docked or worse fired because of circumstances beyond my control.
    When hard times come that’s the time to remember why you started doing this in the first place, why you made the decision to get yourself free from being dependant on some corporation to feed you.

    No one likes hard times, but hard times offers some of the greatest gifts we can ever get in life. Sometimes it takes rolling those hard times around in our hands or head or both to be able to see the gifts, but they are there.
    Hard times are very relative, just like good times. If a person who has a thousand dollars looses ten, it doesn’t feel as hard as if a person who has a hundred dollars looses ten.
    If a person can only eat once a day gets a food basket, that tends to make them feel rich, where as a person who has full cupboards getting a food basket may smile, it doesn’t make them feel rich.

    Hard times offers us the opportunity to look at what we have and where we have come from and be greatful for what we do have and serve to remind us not to take what we do have for granted.
    The truth is that everything can be gone in a heart beat. When things are going good it’s easy to forget that.

    Hard times that come when things have been good for a long time are like the coach that comes to us and say “Ok, you’ve been talking a great game here, now it’s time to see what your game actually is all about.”
    And we get to find out what we honestly believe inside.

    For all the hard times that have come since I started this, it’s been that taking things and looking at them differently to see the positive that has helped keep me going, helped me keep getting up when I’m working has hard and even harder than I ever did for anyone else and I get so little in return.
    With out that gift that has come directly from hard times I wouldn’t be able to find the strength somedays to get out of bed and keep trying.

    So hard times are relative, it’s what you do with those hard times, hard weeks, hard months, hard years and inspite of them that makes you who you are inside. That one thing makes hard times one of the greatest times of truth in our lives.
    It’s easy when things are going good to say all kinds of things to encourage others because of where a person has come from. When you can say those same things in the mist of hard times you can take pride in knowing those things are real because your saying them to yourself first and formost.

    We who are on this road of working from home are learning to be warriors that are being trained to help those who come to this road because of so many different reasons. Our scars become the medals of sucess. We can look at those who are just starting or having very little sucess and be able to say, because we know it’s true, that it’s those little things that become the foundations of the big things.
    We know where they are and we understand how they feel, we have been there too.
    Hard times are not bad things, those hard times keep us real and honest. When we can stand inspite of what ever the hard times are, then it gives courage to those who are new at this and those who are struggling and heard our words of encouragement.

    A private in the army can never become a general without going through hard times. A warrior can never become a spartan without going through hard things.
    All these examples that we can look to to help us when hard times hit help us keep going, help us to remember why we are on this road and why we came here or ended up here in the first place.

    In the world of working at home things happen, we gain and loose clients. Sources dry up, doors close.
    That just makes it more of a good challange. It’s those challenges that bring out the opportunity for creativity through brainstorming and other things that big corporations have been doing all along.
    We finally get to see just how creative we really are. If we arn’t good at it, it’s time to learn how to be good at it.
    One thing that I’ve noticed through all the hard times is that the harder things have gotten the more I have been forced to grow inside. Hard times has been forcing the best of me to come out. Easy times, good times have never done that for me. I don’t like hard times, but there is no regret that they come.
    And while it’s true that durring the hardest parts of those hard times I have struggled with wanting to give up I know that like all things those moments will pass and they don’t last, so I’ve learned to ride them out and just keep going.

    Working at home is about more than money, it always has been and always will be. It’s effects on our life go deep and all it takes to see that is to look at the what’s and why’s we are doing this and remember them.


    • Wendy,

      I can always look to you for words put together like a beautiful painting. As always they inspire me to view things in a differently light. So thank you for taking the time you did to write
      your comment. Although I’m feeling way better now, at least now I can come back and read your comment and the others that have chimed in when I’m feeling down in the dumps.
      So thanks again!

  7. Eddy! I’m so sorry you had a crappy week 🙁
    Hopefully your weekend will be great – you deserve it! ☺

    Thanks for all you do for us! ☺♥♥♥

  8. Hey Eddy! Funny thing you said that! I think you’ve given us so much to springboard off of I think we can give you a day off. Just breathe, take your daughter to the park. I’ve personally found enough info I think I see flight rather than just taxiing in the near future. Thanks for you time and wisdom. Personally, I ‘m goin’ fishn’. Have a great day and a great weekend!

  9. Hey Big Bro!!
    Get your Joel On….Sometimes we just got to grow through stuff….But God always has a plan for us. May not be the plan we designed for ourselves. We just have to be faithful and know when the time is right everything will fall into place!!!!

  10. Hi Eddy,
    I am so sorry to hear that you’ve been having a bad week.

    I think it is wise that you’ve taken a break from article writing. It has been said that when you feel down, your inner wisdom is telling you to slow down and go within.

    I listened to a very interesting podcast a few days ago titled “The Wisdom of Our Emotions.” I learned a few things from it. The URL is listed below. While you’re there, check out the previous programs. These podcasts are very inspiring and most of them offer very practical suggestions.

    We’re rooting for you Eddy. Be well.

    URL: http://www.soundstrue.com/podcast
    (If this URL doesn’t work, just go to the Home page: http://www.soundstrue.com and click on Podcast, in left column, half way down the page.)

    PS: Thanks for the new job and freelance leads!

    • Lynn,

      Thanks for the words of encouragement and the podcast (and follow up email).
      I basically allowed myself to go through the emotions and feel a lot better today. I think when I was fighting my feelings, it actually made matters worst.
      But once I let them take their course, and just distracted myself with my other blessings than it was a lot easier to get through it. So thanks again for your advice
      and concern.

      It’a always crazy getting advice from your little sister because I’m so accustomed to giving it to you. But you’re absolutely right Vick. It’s just a matter of being patient and allowing things to unfold as he has planned. I prayed on it and not surprisingly felt at peace the following day. So thanks!

      Thanks for the day off. lol I’ve definitely been spending more time with my princess and appreciating all my moments with her. My and my wife also went to have our usual date “day” and had a great time at the movies and lunch. So it was a great distraction. You just start putting things in perspective and it makes you feel a lot better. In any event thanks for the words of encouragement.

      The weekend has already taken a turn for the better. So I’m already in a better place. So thank you!

      I just want to say thank you to all of you who have commented here and emailed me privately. It’s good to know I have folks out there that have my back just as I have theirs.
      Too often people are happy to take but aren’t willing to give back. But you guys have demonstrated to me that this is a two way street and I really appreciate you all for it.
      Thanks again!

  11. Eddy,

    Sorry to know you’re going through. Your usual babbling is missed. I’m glad you’re planning to return next week. In the mean time I’d like to encourage you with the following quote and hope it helps. It’s one I was inspired to write some time ago during a tough time I had to endure:

    “No matter how dark the day may be, there is always hope for a brighter tomorrow.”


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