Weekly Work At Home Recap 5/28/2010

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Hello All,

I hope you had a great week. If not, never fear the long weekend is here. With that in mind and in observance of Memorial Day, I'll be skipping my random words of wisdom or ramblings of a mad man depending on how you view them.

To most people Memorial Day has been relegated to the official start of summer, a day off from work or a reason to fire up the barbecue and stuff your face with more meat than what was meant to be eaten by a human being in one sitting.

That's all cool but let's not forget the true meaning behind this day. You're able to sit back and enjoy your day off because of the brave men and woman who have sacrificed their lives in service of defending this nation. So as you enjoy this long weekend with your family and friends, please take some time out to say a pray for the fallen soldiers and for those men and women who are still serving or have done their time to make your life better.

Take Care and be safe! Enjoy the leads below. I'll speak to you in about a week or two. I'm off on another trip. It's good to be the boss. lol

P.S. Shout out to Swagbucks. I redeemed my two $300 Apple Gift Cards about two weeks ago. This week after being delayed two days in China, I received my 3g iPad. For those of you who aren't a fan of my facebook fan page and missed the video of me unboxing it, click here to see it.

How I got my iPad was a perfect example of what I discussed last week regarding leveraging. Sure as a successful affiliate marketer I could buy as many iPads as I want. But instead I leveraged the usual internet searching I do and my ability to refer people to get my iPad for free. This was only possible because I didn't view Swagbucks as a waste of my time. I saw it as an opportunity that could be scaled up. That's just another example of how perception makes a huge difference. See how all this stuff ties together when you don't have a limited mindset? When you start to think outside the box society has put you in, there is a world of possibilities and it's not limited to gadgets.

Customer Service  Reps Wanted

Monday 5/24/2010

System Administrator


Web Designer




Tuesday 5/25/2010

Voice Talent Needed English/Spanish

English to Somali Translators

Fiction Editor


Assistant Web Editor

Vietnamese Interpreter/Translator

Wednesday 5/26/2010

IT Support and Systems Manager


Creative Writer

Medical Practice Question Writer

Financial Writer/Blogger

Fashion Jewelry Writer



Thursday 5/27/2010

Contract Attorney

Nutrition Writer

Community Manager

Service Specialist

Remote Private Banker

Remote Support Technician

Sales Executive

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Email Reader

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Mystery Shoppers

Online Chatters

Text Message Operators

Make Money With Used Books

Survey Taker

Work At Home With Amazon.com (Data Entry, Typing, etc)

Data Entry, Typing, & More

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Work At Home Recap 5/28/2010”

  1. Dear Eddy,
    I just wanted to say Thank You. My husband is a veteren and is scheduled to deploy again soon. Its a hard and scary time for families and it means so much to have people voice their support for the soldier. Thank You and God Bless you and your family:) Happy Memorial Day!

  2. hey Eddy, hope you and yours are well..what’s up w/the link ‘Voice Talent Needed English/Spanish’ under Tuesday 5/25/10? I am really interested in learning more about voice talent needed but the link is broke. Are you gonna want to provide a new link? Just wondering, besides, I would be doing you and everyone else interested in the job a disservice if I didn’t give you the FYI. Thank you for all that you do.

    P.S. I lke Joel Osteen, too…you may want to check out Zig Ziglar (if you haven’t already), Rich Pitino “Success is a Choice” and Tony Robbins GOOD STUFF

    P.S.S. you are GOOD STUFF, too. I totally get you.

    Love in Jesus name,


    • Teena,

      Sorry for the delay. The link seems to be working fine for me. But thanks for the heads up anyway. Each job has a flag job feature you can use as well when there is a problem.

      By the way, I’ve read some of Tony Robbins stuff recently. I really enjoyed it. I haven’t heard about the other people you mentioned so I’ll definitely take a look. Thanks for the suggestion and the support!


      No need for thanks. Your husband’s service and those like him have made my life possible. So no, the thanks goes to him, others like him and the family members like you. I’ll keep your husband in my prayers. I can’t even imagine what your family is going through. I think describing it as hard and scary is probably an understatement.

      In terms of support, I don’t know anyone that doesn’t support our soldiers. I just think we all show it differently which is the great thing about this nation. I think people confuse politics with support or lack their of and it’s not necessarily the case. Ultimately I think every American can agree that they just want their men and women to be safe so they can spend time with their families for many years to come. Unfortunately people like twisting politics to push their own agenda than actually expressing the reality of a given situation. So try to keep that in mind. Things aren’t always what they seem. All Americans support their soldiers but they may not agree with the politics behind the use of our brave men and women. That is a difference that conveniently gets blurred depending on who’s telling the story. Fortunately because of our brave men and women we’re allowed to have those debates for better or worst.

      Either way, please express my thanks to your husband for me. Thanks Ashley!

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