Weekly Work At Home Recap 6-17-2011

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Happy Father's Day.

Hello all! Hope you've had a productive week. I sure have. I've been on my grind lately trying to learn new ways of making money at home, trying to get my affiliate marketing paper up, etc.

I pulled an all nighter yesterday and it brought me back to my earlier days in this industry. This was when all nighters were a norm for me and I learned to function on a few hours of sleep per night. Look, I don't like losing sleep. But learning various ways to make money that can help me achieve my goals, is like an adrenaline rush that keeps me going, even when my body wants to quit.

I think that's a huge difference between those who make it big and those who wish they could. Folks that succeed are able to get excited about the possibilities and take action. The folks that fail tend to get stuck in reading, analyzing and never acting. And I'm not judging you if you fall into the latter group. I make visits to that group myself. But it's something you need to snap yourself out of because you won't see any new results. For instance even though i was dead tired today from my all nighter, (not the young whipper snapper I use to be.) I made sure to take action on a new opportunity I stumbled upon in all that reading I was doing.

As a result I earned a little cash for something I already do for fun and actually pay for at a times which is downloading apps to my devices. So my point is action always produces results. In my case it was a bit of easy money. Had I not acted I would never know about this opportunity and many more I refer to you. With that said not every action will produce a favorable result. But neither is taking no action and just over analyzing everything.

The more you do, the more you learn and that's how you grow your person and your wallet! Let it marinate.

Okay, enough of my babbling. (Haven't done that in a while, huh?)

I want to share a few opportunities I've personally joined and making money with at the moment because of all that reading and action taking I mentioned. Obviously I'll have my usual full reviews with proof of payments, cons, etc. You already know how i do. But sometimes that takes me a few weeks to compile and some of you don't want to wait that long. So with that in mind here are the opportunities I've tried.

Beezag.com – They basically pay you to watch TV commercials. But you really have to watch them. They verify this because they flash 2 numbers during the video you're watching that you'll need to fill in at the end of the video. You earn points which can be used for cash and other rewards. I'm very close to cashing out. i've already earned about $2 and the cash out is $8.

Appreward – If you own an apple ipad, ipod touch or an iphone, then you'll love this program. They basically pay you to download free apps and paid apps. I literally earned nearly $2 in a few minutes of joining this company. Best of all they pay you the same day. Usually in a matter of minutes. So give that a shot. Just be sure to sign up with your paypal email account so the money goes directly there. To sign up click here on your apple device.

Hopefully this all appeals to you, if not well at least you have the traditional job leads below. Enjoy and good luck.

Finally I want to save the best for last. Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. if you're anything like me you don't really care for all the hoopla. We just do what we do and don't really need a day to celebrate that. My wife keeps asking me if I want to do anything and I tell her I don't want to do anything except sit at home and enjoy watching some TV in my family room now that the surround sound is totally hooked up. I know I'm a simple simon and I like that way. Cheers! lol

Tuesday 6/14/2011

Social Media Coordinator

Environmental Website Salesperson

Assessment Writers/Editors

Account Manager – I.T.

Telemarketing Sales


Writers for Customer Service Audits

Wednesday 6/15/2011

Handbag Designer


Blog Writer

Project Managers and Instructional Designers

Writing Positions

Expert Proofreader

Dispatch Coordinator

Outbound Contact Center Agent/Appointments

Thursday 6/16/2011

English/Romanian Interpreters

Software Writer

Business Analyst/Documentation/Tech Writer

Certified Coder

Business/MBA Freelance Writers


Experienced Medical Transcriptions

Travel Counselors/Agents

Virtual Assistant/Real Estate

Virtual Spanish Teacher

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Online Shoppers

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10 thoughts on “Weekly Work At Home Recap 6-17-2011”

  1. Eddy, just stumbled up on your site and I’m glad I did.
    Thanks for the two suggestions.   And, I appreciate what you said about folks who succeed are action-takers vs. other folks who tend to get stuck in “stuff’ and never take action.   What a reminder it is for me because I sometimes fall in that second camp.   Nonetheless, your statement in today’s article was a shot in the arm and I’m off to resume taking action on my own work at home projects.   Thanks again and by the way . . . Happy Father’s Day to you.   Enjoy your day however you please.

    • Dee,

      You’re quite welcome. We all need reminders. Lord knows I do. So I’m happy to share it with my readers. Stay on your grind. Thanks for the father’s day wishes. It was a wonderful day.

  2. LOL, Well happy Father’s Day to you too Lowell. Trust me I would have forgotten too if it wasn’t for the wife asking me about it. As my father day gift to you, I’m going to forgive you for misspelling my name even though it’s all over the site as Eddy. LMAO. But seriously thanks for the support and keep grinding my friend.

  3. Thanks Eddie!   It’s been a while since I connected.     Yes, I did have a busy week… so busy in fact, I forgot it was Father’s Day tomorrow. Hope my kids didn’t forget… ha ha.   Anyway, thanks again for another great article.

  4. Happy Father’s Day Eddy!

    Here’s wishing you the happiest and most peaceful Father’s Day ever!  I know you’re usually very busy, but try to get some chill out time in there on this Father’s Day!  ( I know it’s going to be hard since your Princess is still little….) : )


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