Weekly Work At Home Recap 6-25-2010

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Happy Belated Father's Day!

I totally forgot my manners last week. Here I am part of the exclusive Daddy's club and I go ahead and take our national holiday for granted. I hope all the Dad's out there had a great day.

My family was kind enough to make a big production out of it by taking me to a nice fancy Caribbean dinner the Saturday before Father's Day. Then the following day I took my dad to the movies to see, Get Him To The Greek! The movie was spit out your soda and choke on your popcorn funny. It's highly recommended if you can deal with low brow and crass humor which is perfect for neanderthal like myself. lol

Later my family throw a get together at my house and we stuffed ourselves with some good food. My lovely wife also got me a new toy, literally. I've been begging for a toy helicopter to fly around the house and she finally relented and bought me one. The cool thing about it is that it shoots missiles which unfortunately I have lost. So my dog is safe for now. lol I must say it was the best Father's Day I've ever had. But you have to take that with a grain of salt as I've only had two.

What did you guys do to celebrate Father's Day? By the way we were having a bit of a discussion on my Facebook fanpage about why Father's Day doesn't get the same type of love as Mother's day. We also discussed the whole capitalism aspect of these holidays and how they have lost their true meaning or are just made up to guilt us into spending money. See the discussion by clicking here. What are your thoughts about this?

In any event enough of the personal stuff. I just wanted to share a bit of my life with you because I feel we're cool like that. In any event, enjoy this week's lead recap.

Customer Service  Reps Wanted

Monday 6/21/2010

Medical Provider Negotiator

Senior Family Law Paralegal


Phone Agent/Paralegal Family Law


Chemistry Flash Card Writer




Tuesday 6/22/2010

Contract Attorney

Technical Writer

Construction Accountant

Mortgage Processor

Paralegal/Bankruptcy Preparer

Audio Transcription

Legal Recruiter

Sr. Technical Writer

Wednesday 6/23/2010


Web Developer

Celebrity Gossip and News Writer/Blogger

Fashion Writer/Blogger

Technical Writer

Italian to English Translator

Pharmacology Practice Test Writer

Customer Service Professionals

Financial Business Development Representative

Thursday 6/24/2010

Article Writers

English Editor for Book Translation from Japanese

Experienced Property Title Abstractor

Web Content Writer

Finance Writer

Writer/Journalist for Indian Restaurant

Content Writer


Tax Preparer

Experienced Federal Grant Writer

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