Weekly Work At Home Recap 6/11/2010

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Me and my princess in aruba.

Hello All,

I'm back in good old NY. I must say it was very hard to leave Aruba. Quite frankly, we were sad to come home. What can I say? Aruba is a beautiful island with a nice mix of people living together in harmony. It's definitely now one of my top 3 islands. If you haven't visited Aruba, you should check it out. I'm confident you'll love it. But I must warn you. You may not want to come back.

Here are some pictures of my trip:

(Me & Bee Heading to a Cliff, Me holding my princess in one hand and a cold one in another, Brianna heading to the beach, My life is good pose)

Hope you enjoyed the pics. Time to move on to my weekly babbling words of wisdom.

Copy Cat….

A lot of times people ask me how did I become so successful? Most of my loyal subscribers know that a great deal of it is because of mind set, education, taking action, hard work and persistence. It's a formula I'm constantly shoving down your throat because I know it works. However there is another little secret to my success I rarely mention but is just as vital. I'm a big copy cat.

Here's what I mean. There are always people who have far more knowledge and success than you in certain areas. A lot of time you find people who are envious of others in these situations. You and I know them as haters. They get angry when others are doing well around them.

Not me, when someone is doing better than I in a given area, my ears perk up. I want to listen to what they have to say. My goal is to learn as much as I can so I can try my best to achieve the same results if not better. I have no problems copying folks that are successful provided it's nothing shady.

That's why when I wanted to learn how to become a super affiliate marketer, I purchased courses, ebooks and learning material from folks that were doing better than me. Right now I'm in the process of trying to purchase a home. I'm heavily relying on my uncle-in-law for advice because he's a contractor that has purchased many homes. When I was growing up and played basketball, I always tried to play the guys better than me because I knew that was the only way my game would improve. These are all examples of me being a copy cat in a good way.

My logic is why re-invent the wheel? If someone has found the formula to success then it only makes sense to model my behavior after them or learn from them. Now with that said, you should always add your own flavor to anyone you may model yourself after. For instance Coke and Pepsi are pretty much the same drink. But they both have variations to their drinks. You try to pass off a Coke to an avid Pepsi lover like my wife and she may spit that coke right in your face. (Oh yes her Pepsi senses are that serious. lol) That slight difference can be huge to certain people.

So always keep that in mind when trying to mimic the success of others. Part of their success is based on their unique attribute. Be sure to bring yours to the equation.

Well now you know another one of the keys to my success. Hopefully you'll run with it instead of hate on it. lol

With that in mind, you may want to check out AOL's Meet the New Young Millionaire article. I read it and felt very inspired to push myself. Don't let the age of these millionaires deter you if you're older. See past that minor detail. Instead focus on the fact that these are just regular people that had simple ideas. But unlike most of us, they had the balls to back them up with action. As a result they've become very successful while others just dream or yammer about it.

Even if your aspirations aren't as grand as becoming a millionaire, identify something that you would like to achieve. Then find the people who have achieved this goal and try to mimic them. After all you already know the results you've been getting doing it your way. What do you have to lose trying it another way? Your results may actually vary, for the better.

Let it marinate.

In any event, enjoy this week's lead recap.

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Wednesday 6/09/2010

Customer Service Representative

Business Model Spreadsheet Creator

English to Arabic Translators

Artist needed for Childrens Book

PHP Web Developer

Web Trends/Web Analytics Expert

Used Car Writer


Swedish Interpreter/Translator

Thursday 6/10/2010

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10 thoughts on “Weekly Work At Home Recap 6/11/2010”

  1. You see Eddy say “take action” over and over and over again, not just in this article but all through his site. Too many times on the internet we fall victim to the “get rich quick” stuff that is out there. I always wonder with these “gurus” that push that stuff as to if they could really make 2 million in 30 days (or whatever), why aren’t they hiring a bunch of people privately for $100,000 and then pocketing the rest? You know the answer. They aren’t selling anything of value. Eddy’s way is the way. Take action on SOMETHING. Grind daily. Then maybe you can be in Aruba too someday. I know that is my aim. 🙂

  2. I am glad I bumped into your site. I had a lugitimate work at home position with a disability company but the company went down the drain as far as I know. They were so great to work for and I was doing what I loved best from home. I have a disability now from a car crash and have been finding it hard to find something again that is not a scam. Anyway, its going to take a while but I am very happy with your site.

    Thank you very much!

  3. Great article Eddy! I’m so glad you had a great time in Aruba. It’s a beautiful place, I was there 2 years ago and loved it.
    I agree totally about learning from the people who have achieved what we would like to achieve! Learning, action, and a positive attitude makes all the difference!
    Keep up the good work with your site, I’ve always enjoyed it.

    • Elizabeth,

      Thanks to attesting to the beauty of Aruba. Prior to my last visit I was there many years ago for a cruise and we knew it didn’t do the island justice. So we always talked about coming back. So I’m happy we did. I plan to be back very soon. In any event, I agree with your formula. Learning + action + a positive attitude = success and a wonderful life. It’s definitely not as complicated as people make it.
      Thanks again for the support. I’ll continue to do my job to inspire, inform and educate.

  4. Hey Eddy, that does look like a great place to head out to once I can afford it. BTW, I’m not sure how many people here agree with me, but I’m doing my darnedest to copy cat you! You have really showed me that anyone can do this if they just put in the effort. You aren’t the only one I’m trying to copy, but you got me started. Now if only I could get everything in place as well as you have, I’d be set.

    • Zane,

      Ageed buddy. Trust me it’s a wonderful place. So I hope you can experience it.
      In any event thanks for the kind words. All I’m trying to do is inspire people to do more than they thought they can. So it makes me feel really good to hear that it’s had that effect on you. Because at the end of the day I’m not that special. I’m just willing to learn, work hard, keep an open mind and take action. Anyone can do the same. So I applaud you and the path you’re on. It may not move as fast as we want in terms of reaching our goals. But this is where delayed gratification comes in. Imagine if I gave up after a year or two of trying this. I would be wishing to head to Aruba instead of just talking about how I came back from there. So as long as you’re willing to stick this through, you’ll eventually see the benefits. So keep at it!

  5. This article is the truth..It is wise advice to be around people who can uplift you mentally and emotionally…Wise man once said if you are the smartest person out of all you friends, you need new friends!!!llol
    Great article

  6. Eddy,

    The photos are great. They really get the feel of an island. vacation. I presume they were taken by your wife. She has a good eye.

    Your thoughts about learning from other people’s success are absolutely right. Simply envying someone else’s accomplishment is pointless. Many people look at the successful person as just lucky. They need to think about how that success was built, what went into it, how they can do the same thing.

    • Eunice,
      Thanks. The wife is very good with the camera which is probably why she’s always behind it. lol

      I’m glad you agree with my thoughts today. I totally agree with you. I never understood why people would envy other’s success instead of trying to replicate it. The energy wasted on hating on them would be better served taking action to be like them. You’ve also hit it on the head regarding the perception of luck. I hate that word. I find people use it as a crutch not to take action.

      Thanks for chiming in. I’m happy you enjoyed the pics. I’ll be sure to tell the photographer…. I mean my wife. lol

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