Weekly Work At Home Recap 6/18/2010

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TGIF Ya'll!

This week, I'm keeping it short and sweet.

First and foremost, Congrats to the Lakers! It was a hell of a series and they proved they were the better team. As a New Yorker this is probably the closest thing to winning NBA champion we'll see? Why because Lamar Odom and Ron Artest are from NY. LOL

Shout Outs

Today I want to highlight some comments from two people that have taken action on my advice and achieved success because of it. I figured I'd share it with you because I know sometimes you look at my success and may think it's unattainable or too far removed. But the following people are just like you. The great thing about these two people is they both followed different paths that was right for them. I love that fact because this is what my blog is all about. Giving you different choices so you can make the decisions that are best for you. In any event read their stories below and gain some inspiration from it. Because after all these folks are just like you. The only thing that may be separating you from them is taking action.

Click Here to Read Sue's Story.

Click here to Read Brian's Story.

New Stuff I'm Trying…

Big Phil put me on to a spanking new opportunity to make some easy money. I'm talking about almost swag buck easy. You get paid to take answer short and often silly polls. I'll have a review shortly. But Phil has been paid out many times already so I feel confident recommending it to you now. I've already earned $1.20 today with it. A few people from my facebook fanpage have already earned as well. So give it a shot. It's free and easy, just the way you like it. LOL Visit: InstantCashSweepstakes.com for more details and to sign up. If you enjoy that poll, you'll also enjoy the Swagbucks poll where you can earn $1 Swag Buck dollar every day of the week. So that's another easy money maker for all my swag buck users out there.

In any event, enjoy this week's lead recap.

Customer Service  Reps Wanted

Monday 6/14/2010

English to French Translator

Experienced Access Operator/VBA Programmer

Contract Quickbooks Work

Comic Book Illustrator

Experienced Coder Needed

Accounting Bookkeeper

Designers and Productions Artists

Content Writer/American Government

Spanish Editor

Tuesday 6/15/2010

Bankruptcy Paralegal

Shopping/Fashion Writer

Wedding Blogger/Wedding Writer

Legal Secretary/Paralegal

Comic Strip Illustrator

Writer for County Club Industry

Web Designer

Wednesday 6/16/2010

English to Chinese Translation

Web Content Writers

Experienced IT Consultants

Business Analyst

Response Writer

Aggressive Attorney

Blog/Content Writer

Fashion Writer

Thursday 6/17/2010

Graphic Designer

Website Designer


French to English Translator

Phone Auditor

Educational Callers



Assistant Attorney

Content Editor

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26 thoughts on “Weekly Work At Home Recap 6/18/2010”

  1. @Callie:

    Hey Callie, ICS is still rockin’ for me!! Close to $300 earned in just over two months. One of my refs won the $50 daily jackpot and I’m halfway up level 8.

    90% of my now 400 referrals have come via ClixSense advertising using money I make. Haven’t done any testing to see if my splash page works better than the normal affiliate link. I always use my own splash page’s so I’m a “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” kinda guy.


  2. Ok people, I’m hearing way too many crickets over here on this side of the blog. Lol
    How’s everyone doing with ICS? I know I’ve slacked a bit due to my very recent move. I’m still a TL3, so gotta get back on my grind. Eddy, Phil … I bet you guys are probably a TL … off the chart or something. lol

    By the way, has anyone answered any of their own polls yet? Or any of mine? 😉
    I’ve written quite a few good ones since my inception, but haven’t seen not one of them. Hmmm …

  3. Hey ya’ll,

    I’ve just been bumped to TL2. I’m lovin’ the progress! But uh oh … I feel my addiction intensifying. Maybe I’ll start and facilitate an ICSA (Instant Cash Sweeps Anonymous) group. Lol

  4. I’m so glad I was able to stir so much excitement. I’m going to pass on the “going Pro” thingy for now. Maybe after I read Eddy’s full review, I’ll change my mind. So far I’m doing pretty good with rotating my ICS earnings into bringing in more referrals. That’s sort of my style ( damn this blogging thing really works LOL ).

    Oh and I’m halfway through Trust Level 6. One thing I’ve found, is that there is only one cash prize per round of quizzes. I did see my first ten cent win around TL3 but the monetary values are scattered.. so even at level 6 I still see plenty of one penny wins.

    • Phil,

      You done started a fire buddy and I’m fanning it all the way to the bank for us all. lol

      You’re silly. lol. But it is very addicting. I feel weird if I haven’t logged in a few times a day to take the polls. Judging by referrals it seems like many others feel the same way. Good times and easy money. Gotta love it.

  5. @ivibeblk:

    Thanks! Oh I’ll definitely keep playing!

    I’m sure the inconsistency in which I’ve been able to play has been a disadvantage for me. But I’m working on that though. I’ll be looking forward to the pro invite. Keep those fingers crossed! lol

  6. @ Eddy
    Yes, I’ve been grinding with ICS too I’ve set my alarm too it so if I’m home I’m getting my surveys done. I’m curious to see how fast you can advance and in their trust levels and does the winnings go up if you do too. I guess I’m going to do Pro today and see how often these paid survey comes in.

    @ Callie

    I’m sure they will offer it to you soon if you keep playing…maybe today ( fingers crossed for you).

    • Ivibeblk,

      Sounds like you got a nice flow going with it too. My trust level went up to T2 and I’ve definitely seen a little more money because of it. But going pro should definitely help get our paper up. So keep me posted.

  7. Hey there Ivibeblk, Eddy and others,

    Hmmm … I wasn’t aware of a pro version. But I’m very interested!
    Lord knows I hate to ASSume anything, lol, so I’ll ask am I correct in understanding that the pro version is per invitation only?

    • You’re ASSuming correctly on this one. I’m actually holding off my review because of this new option. It makes me wonder what other goodies these guys have tucked away.
      So I’m going to accept the invite and see what happens and then proceed with my review after that. But so far so good. I think a big factor might be how often you’re taking the polls.
      I’m obsessed. So I’m there several times a day. It’s actually a lot of fun.

  8. @ Eddy, Phil & Callie Hi everyone. I was curious has anyone been offered and signed up to the Free ICS Pro? The extra $2.50 initially and the potentially higher payer surveys sound good but I don’t know if I want to make a video to join. Have you tried it so far?

    • Hey Ivibeblk,

      I guess you’ve been on your grind with it too because I received the same invite.
      Just haven’t had a chance to see it through yet. But I did get the same pro invite.

  9. @Callie:

    I was going to hold our for more, but I wanted to roll that money over into a new ( ICS ) ad first thing in the morning ( reinvesting ) since I’m going to have a long day away from the ‘puter tomorrow.

    Thanks for the “shout out Callie” … Yeah, not bad for three days.

  10. Hey! Not fair. I didn’t get a $1 sign up bonus. Oh well, guess I’ll have to be happy with the daily cash outs 😉

    Congrats on your .03 win this morning Eddy ( lol ), I did a screen shot when I saw our names together in the winners box. I’ll share it with you later in banner form.

    • Hey Phil,

      Apparently this seems to be the case with a few other folks. It’s random I suppose. But lucky for you I’ve been on my grind and taking tons of polls everyday racking up the cash, tickets and coins for you.
      So enjoy it. Thanks again for this opt. It’s a lot of fun!

      By the way this company seems have a lot more hidden treasures. I recently qualified to take video surveys which pays a few dollars. I think as you move up and keep doing the polls, they provide these members more opts to make money. I’ve also noticed the cash I sometimes win has increased as well. These benefits seem to become available depending on how active you are with the polls. I was going to do a review this week since I can cash out already but I might hold off since I see they have a few tricks up their sleeves that benefit us all. My suggestion to everyone is to do the polls multiple times a day. Set up those email alerts to remind you. It seems to make a huge difference.

  11. I signed up for instant cash too. I can’t wait to cash out. I got a $1.00 for signing up too. I wonder how much I could accumulate in 30 days????

    • Great job Ivibeblk,

      I think you can rack up some easy dollars within 30 days. I’m already at $4.89 but obviously it helps that I have some referrals. But even without them I think I would have earned a dollar or two on my own
      within the week. Not much but it’s fun.

  12. Just signed up for the instantcashsweepstakes.com- no idea what I’m doing, but it’s fun! I watched your video about advertising the work at home sites on places like clixsense- I plan to put that into action- as soon as I have a minute to sit down & do it. Have to watch the video again though- I’m glad that you have that up here. I’ll be checking out swagbucks too… Thanks Eddy for all that you share with us!

    • Mo,

      You’re quite welcome. Great job taking action. There isn’t really much to know about ICS except that you’re taking polls that can earn you cash and entries into their they daily cash sweepstakes. Ain’t nothing more to it. But don’t worry I’ll have more of a detailed review soon. It’s just great to see you taking action. That’s what leads to success. So keep it up.

  13. Sue and Brian,

    Congrats and 2 thumbs way up to you! It’s great being a member of the Action Takers Club, isn’t it? lol No ridiculous initiation requirements to get into this club. However, it is exclusive to those who simply have (and maintain) the proper mind set without fear, embarrassment, or shame to take action on various ways and means to make money from home regardless to how small or large the payout, reward, etc. Much continued success to you both!


    Yay Lakers!!

    In reference to your article, what can I say except another great job! Thank ya kindly sir 😉
    And by the way, I just signed up to Instant Cash Sweepstakes. lol See, once an action taker, always one. For me, it’s like an addiction, but all good though!

    • Callie,

      I love the Action Takers Club. That was great! I’ll be using that a lot more and of course crediting my right hand gal.
      In any event thanks for being you Cal and always taking action. It’s just another reason why you get checks and money while you sleep. lol
      Isn’t that a great feeling?

  14. Now this is what I’m talking about! As time goes on, through perseverance, or is it just plain old stubbornness? I will and have gradually increase income. I do however keep WA in the back of my mind. I once joined WA about 6 months ago and they WILL poor information to you but it was so much, so fast I couldn’t wrap my head around it. One day, maybe.

    • I think a lot can be said for plain stubbornness when it comes to making money online. The reason most people don’t is because they lack the patience and they tend to turn their noses up at easy low hanging fruit opportunities. But obviously it’s clear that when you do have patience and keep an open mind you do end up making money. Just find whatever path is right for you Cathy. It doesn’t have to be affiliate marketing.

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