Weekly Work At Home Recap 6/4/2010

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Greetings from Aruba. Hope you had a great short work week.

I know what you're thinking. Why is this man working on his vacation? Trust me it's a question my wife asks every time we go away. lol But the great thing about being an affiliate marketer is that I can work anywhere there is an internet connection. The other thing to keep in mind is that I love what I do. So it's not actually work for me. How many people can actually say that about their jobs?

In any event, since this is a vacation I'll keep this short so I can get back to relaxing with my family. We're exhausted after a long jeep excursion of the island. We drove through some rocky terrain where I swore the jeep would flip over. My 2 year old daughter thought it was tons of fun and here I am a 6'4, 200+ lbs black man holding on for dear life. Tsk, tsk. lol

Before I go, I just want to remind you again about the Wealthy Affiliate University price increase on June 7. I know some of you have aspirations of being a successful affiliate marketer like yours truly traveling the world and making money while you're doing it. I always dreamt that I would be in this position and now after a lot of hard work, God's blessings and some great training, I'm living that dream. I'm not any more special than you. I breath the same air and bleed the same red blood you do. The only difference between you and I is that I believed enough in my dream to take action on it even when others thought I was crazy. When the going got tough, I kept plugging away. So if a regular dude from the Bronx was able to make all this happen why can't you?

If being the boss appeals to you and you think affiliate marketing is the path to that, I encourage you to take a look at the Wealthy Affiliate University before the price increase. Even if affiliate marketing isn't your thing but you want to be your own boss, stop thinking about it. Be about it. Take action, invest in yourself and maybe one day you'll be able to take your family anywhere you want at the drop of a dime. I'm sure you would love that and I'm even more confident that your family deserves it. So make it happen Captain. Don't let a boss control your destiny if that's not what you want. Never stop working towards your goals even when it seems impossible. If I can beat the odds, so can you!

Alright, I've yammered enough and besides I think there is some fruity drink with my name on it. Please note that if you're a dude, it is only acceptable to consume these drinks on vacation abroad. It's not a good look elsewhere. lol And while we're on vacation rules of engagement, I would like to publicly state speedos should be banned. I don't care if that's cool in Europe or your country. I really don't need to see your junk Dude. lol

Moving on, enjoy the leads.

Customer Service Reps Wanted

Tuesday 6/01/2010

Writer with Journalism background

Pregnant/Parent Writer

Municipal Securities Writer

Internet Marketing Copywriter

Website Copywriter

Resume Writer

Wednesday 6/02/2010

Sports Writer

Online Tutors

Accounting Consultant

Czech/English Interpreter

Technical Writer


Help Desk Technician

Sports/Music Writer

Thursday 6/03/2010


Financial Writer

Customer Service Representative

HR/Communications Writer/Consultant

Cartooning/Art Instructor

Legal Assistant


Data Entry

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