Weekly Work At Home Recap 7-30-2010

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Help Wanted

Guess who's back?

The last two weeks or so I've been missing some important women in my life. First my wife and daughter went on their yearly "YaYa Sisterhood" vacation get away to Florida. Most of you women should get the YaYa reference. Dudes it's basically a reference to a chick flick about women bonding and probably a movie you would never see unless dragged to it kicking and screaming. Well all the women in my wife's family do their bonding by heading off to her aunt's summer condo where they basically do all the stuff that none of us husbands want to do. It's great for them and me. But obviously I missed them when they were gone. Fortunately my wife and I both have the new iphone and did video chats every day so my princess wouldn't forget her daddy and so I could undo any man hating brain washing that was happening in my absence. lol

In addition to losing my better halves for a week I also temporarily lost my two virtual assistants that help me run both my sites. They do all the dirty work behind the scenes that make the sites useful to you folks. Some of you may have noticed the lack of job leads during their absence. As much as I missed them they were gone for some great reasons. One was moving to their new dream home and another one was having a beautiful baby girl! I always knew how important both these ladies were in my day to day operation of the sites, but when they were gone it really brought it home for me.

Ultimately I realized that the people that keep me sane and happy all happen to be some great women. So I just want to give them all a shout out and say in the great words of Jerry Maguire "You complete me." lol (Thanks Denise, Callie, My Wife & Princess!)

Hopefully all of you have some great people in your lives that make you feel the same way. No one becomes great on their own. They always have help a long the way. I know some of you don't have that when it comes to this work at home stuff which we discussed earlier this week in my article Blood & Work At Home Dreams don't mix. If you can't get the type of support you need from people around you, try to seek it elsewhere. If you do have it, then appreciate it because not everyone does. Just don't be an island. Trust me life is a lot easier in many respects when you have a great support system behind you. That's why I'm always pumping the concept of training to you and why my sites exists to help you folks find legitimate work at home options. When you go it alone, life becomes harder and in some cases dangerous. I'm very blessed to have a great support system around me and I hope that if you don't have one, you find it here with me and this blog.

In any event, enough of this mushy stuff. All this estrogen from my support system must be rubbing off on me. Enjoy the return of our job leads below, I'm sure you've missed them!

ICustomer Service  Reps Wanted

Monday 7/26/2010


Academic Thesis and Research Writer


Tuesday 7/27/2010

Legal Secretary

Image Editor


Telephone Patient Advocate

Wednesday 7/28/2010

Assistant Bookkeeper

Business Intelligence Writer

Experienced PowerPoint User

Army Reserve Health Care Administrative Assistant


Litigation Paralegal

Technical Writer

Thursday 7/08/2010

Programmer Editor

Article Re-Writes

Creative Fashion Writer

Senior Technical Writer

Editor/Relationship Manager


Loan Processor/Assistant

Search Engine Evaluator

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