Weekly Work At Home Recap 7-9-2010

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I don't know about you but these dog days of summer are really getting to me. It's been a hell of a time trying to stay productive. I just feel so lethargic of late. I like using that word because it doesn't sound as bad as saying lazy.

But the fact of the matter is that's exactly what I've been feeling. I just find that I want to sit back in front of the stupid box and just veg out. Last week I created that top 5 list of the things I hate about working at home. Well one thing I actually love about working at home is when I just don't feel up to working, I can set back and relax. I've worked hard enough on my business so that it's on auto pilot. That means it still runs and makes me money even if I don't feel up to writing new content for a while. That my friend is the beauty of working at home when you have a business not a job. Most of the time it's a lot harder than a traditional job, but you can't beat perks like this.

Last week, I also discussed how I'm trying to do a better job of balancing work and family life. So I've been making it a point to set aside days to do things with my favorite girls (wife and princess). We've been doing a lot of local activities such as visiting The Bronx Zoo and yesterday we went to a children's museum. I must say it's nice to step away from this screen and live the life I've worked so hard to build.

I encourage you to do the same whether you work at home or not. We all need quality time with our families or quiet time to ourselves. Otherwise what's the purpose of everything we're doing? I hope you heed these words and are taking advantage of the summer with your family. Obviously I will be.

In any event, here are this week's job leads. Good luck!

Customer Service  Reps Wanted

Monday 7/05/2010

Virtual IT Specialist

Corporate Finance & Research Sales


Grant Writer

Math Assessment Question Writer

Medical Interpreters

Article Writer for Alternative Health Newsletter


Tuesday 7/06/2010

Article Writers

Medical Transcription/Editor

Paralegal/Legal Assistant

Contract Attorney – Litigation Research & Writing

Web Copywriter

Technology Bloggers

Wednesday 7/07/2010

Technical Writing – French – Canadian Translation

eBay Lister

Video Editor

Formatting Assistant

Experienced Transcriber

Marketing Writer

Ghost Writer

Thursday 7/08/2010

Blog Writer

Female Bloggers



Medical Transcription Editor


Online Health Writers

Sr. User Experience Researcher

Agent for Debt Live Call Transfers

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13 thoughts on “Weekly Work At Home Recap 7-9-2010”

  1. Better late than never??? I’m just now, today, opening my link to this article and I must say just the picture of that man sleeping in his recliner with his mouth open, slobbering, with popcorn all over his K-Mart jammies was worth the time I took to open it. As you can see, I’m lethargic (as in lazy) too, just opening my e-mail. Since I retired I just don’t do much of anything unless I FEEL LIKE IT! Anyway, keep up the good work Eddy. You do a fine job here all the time so you are entitled to get a bit lethargic (ahem, lazy) from time to time. Have a blessed day!

    • Big Sis you’ve hit it on the head when you said: “I just don’t do much of anything unless I FEEL LIKE IT!” That’s where I am and I think I’ve worked hard enough to be there. That’s the whole reason I built a business so I could be the boss and choose when I work. So thanks for summing it up in a great way! Great to hear from you!

    • Did you actually read the post above with the job leads that require no fees? Come on man. All the information is on this site but if you don’t read it, it’s useless.

  2. Hahaha, carried her did you? Ahh a daddy’s girl. I was one myself so of course I’m on her side. Didn’t know you were a Bronxite as well. I’m from the Eastchester/Boston Road area. You know I don’t think I’ve been to all the exhibits in the Zoo either, it’s just too big. Plus I always go with groups of kids and between the bathroom breaks, lunch breaks and waiting in line there’s no chance. But glad that your little girl got to go, it’s a wonderful place, it never gets old for me.

    • Keisha,

      I guess you have no sympathy for my back being that you probably did the same to your dad. Lol
      I know your area well. I went to school fairly close to that area. I lived off of gun hill road. In any event I agree the zoo is huge. God bless you going with a group of kids. I saw a lot of big families and it looked like an “administrative” nightmare to manage. I think I can manage one more kid in that situation. Anymore than that and it’s an uprising waiting to happen and you’re outnumbered. I saw a lot of casualities that day. Lol. Buy seriously it was great times. It’s nice to share the expirence with someone from the old neighborhood. 🙂

  3. Cool the Bronx Zoo! I’m originally from the Bronx. I love that place. We all need a little rest and relaxation from time to time.

  4. Eddy,
    That photo gave me a real laugh and started my day off right. You’ve had some beastly hot weather in your part of the country, so it’s best to take it easy. I hope it cools off soon.
    Again, you’re right about balancing work and family. Too many people wake up one day to find their kids grown up and gone, and they don’t know how it happened. Kids grow up so fast.

    • Renee,

      I’m glad I could put a smile on your face. You know my pain well regarding the weather. It doesn’t take much for me to sweat so this weather has made it damn near impossible for me to stay dry. lol I would love a stretch of mid 70s to 80s weather right now. In any event, I agree about the scary moment when you wake up and realize some important moments of life have passed you by. I don’t want that to happen with my daughter. So I’m trying my best to actively spend a lot more quality time with her. So I don’t become another workaholic statistic. Thanks for chiming in. Hopefully you’re nice and cool wherever you are.

      Is it just me but I never realized how big the Bronx Zoo was. It become very apparent when your daughter decides that she wants you to be her personal mule and carry her around. I lived literally 5 minutes away from the Bronx Zoo for a good portion of my life and I can count how many times I’ve been there on my hand. It’s nice to be able to share the few memories I have of that wonderful place with my daughter. It was actually very surreal because it literally felt like yesterday when I was a child there at the zoo wishing my parents would buy me a small pet turtle. And now here I am the parent. Time sure is flying. So it’s definitely nice to have that rest and relaxation with my family. Thanks for chiming in my fellow bronx bomber. lol

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