Weekly Work At Home Recap 8-06-2010

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Out on Vacation

Hey Guys,

Hope you had a great week. I'm going to keep it short this week. Mentally, I'm on vacation mode as you can tell by the picture on the left except obviously I have a year round tan. lol I'm heading back to the Bahamas for about a week. So it's hard to focus on anything of substance to inspire you. I'm also in the process of trying to buy my dream house. Hopefully by the time I get back that is a reality. Those of you that are fans of my Facebook fanpage know the pain I've been going through with this process. Thanks for the support ya'll have been giving me on that.

In any event, since I don't have much in the way of anything informational or inspirational, I decided to refer you to an interesting article I read: Want More Profits Send Your Workers Home. It details how at home workers tend to be more productive and help companies make even more money. It's a great article to send to your boss if your job can be done from home and wanted some documentation as to why it helps the company. It's also a great piece to send to anyone you know that think people that work at home goof off all day and are lazy. (Haters!)

Well that's it for me. I'll leave you with the following quote:

"Failure is success if we learn from it."

– Malcolm Forbes

Too many of you aren't seeing your failure as such and as a result you're holding yourself back from the success you deserve. Get your mindset right, take action and everything else falls into place. It may not be on the time table you want but if you stick through with it, you're bound to succeed.

In any event, enjoy the leads below!

ICustomer Service  Reps Wanted

Monday 8/02/2010

Mortgage Research Assistant

Medical Billing

Legal Article Writer

Proposal Writer


Medical Transcription

Tuesday 8/03/2010

Technical Writer

Advertising/Marketing Copywriter

Military Veteran Writer

German to English Document Translator

Wednesday 8/04/2010

Content Writer


Technical Writer/HR Editor

Dutch Localization Translator

Search Quality Judge

Principal Technical Writer/Project Lead

Blogger/Nursing Expert

Thursday 8/05/2010


Fiction Writer

Hardware Technical Writer

Content Editor

Article Writer

Travel Agency Bookkeeper

Billing Specialist

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Work At Home Recap 8-06-2010”

  1. So Eddy is off on his monthly vacation.

    Here’s a thought. Why not just save money on vacations and buy a house in the Bahamas. Although this seems to make sense, you’ll probably just replace your routine Bahama vacations with monthly visits back to New York.

    Anyways, have fun and continue to relax.

    Phil ( philsfault ) Ames

    • LMAO! Monthly Vacations? It seems that way doesn’t it? Trust me if it wasn’t because we have family like the grandparents that my daughter sees several times a week, I would have been living on an island already, preferably Aruba not the Bahamas. lol But that’s not in the cards at the moment. That being said, I’ll take your advice and have fun and relax. Thanks Big Phil!

  2. Eddy,

    Failure is painful, so to spare myself from the hurt I try not to mentally revisit my past failures. However, you’ve given me a good reason to look at my failures from a positive perspective and even gain success from them. I love the quote and will make it a point to remember it frequently.

    Even though you felt you had nothing much to say to inspire or inform, you still hit a nail right on the head. I’m glad I received a spark of inspiration from you. I needed it. See, you don’t have to write a novel to send them inspirational sparks a flyin’ … lol sometimes it just takes keeping it short and sweet.

    As for your dream house, soon and very soon! Hubs and I went through months of pain and frustration while we searched and searched. The bulk of frustration for us came during the 3 times we just knew we’d found the one, but each time there was something or another that just wasn’t quite right. What a let down, but it was for our own good. We knew we had to keep looking. Our faith was truly tested. Finally, in early July I put my foot down and said, “By August 1st we’ll have a house!” So, I’m already leaping for joy on the inside for you because I already know what I know!

    Thanks for the inspiration. Enjoy your upcoming vacation!! The pic on the upper left is too funny. Is he supposed to appear as though he’s floating in mid air with the chair stuck to his arse? LOL

    • Hey Callie,

      I’m glad the quote hit a nerve for you. I definitely think people view failure in the wrong way. I know I did until I started reading how many other successful people fail regularly and that’s how they became successful. They viewed it in the right way and eventually I did as well. Obviously it’s worked well for me. But I understand the disappointment that comes with failure and it’s fine to feel that. But then it’s a matter of shaking that feeling off and realizing, “Hey I’m that much closer to success because now I know how to avoid the wrong way of doing x”. Either way I’m glad the quote helped you. By the way, are you implying I babble too much? lol Not little old me? LMAO.

      In terms of the house it’s been almost a year of searching and I think we got spoiled with how fast we purchased our condo several years back. We knew it was a blessing from God and why it happened so fast. We had already prepared ourselves that lighten wouldn’t strike twice in terms of the speed in which we found our perfect condo with this house. But I expected something more in line with the 3 months you spent searching. But I guess God had a different path for us. Now I’ve accepted that and have come to piece with it. I’m no longer trying to force things on my time. I’m just going with the flow. We’ve had some awful let downs along the way and recently lost the bid on our dream house. But after mourning that, I’m back on the right path with my mindset. I had to remind myself thats’ how life has played out for me. I always end up on the winning end when the time is right and this will be no different. Your recent success with finding your dream home has further inspired me. So I know my harvest is around the corner as well. So I’m happy you’ve shared your house experience with me because it definitely makes me feel better about what we’ve been going through.

      But for now I’ll be focusing on my Bahamas Trip! lol By the way I don’t know if that dude is suppose to look as if he’s floating. I just thought his activity of doing nothing laid out on a chair embodies what I plan to do. lol

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