Weekly Work At Home Recap 8-27-2010

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My Alter ego, super dad.

Hello All,

Hope you had a great week. Mine has been interesting to say the least. As some of my facebook fans already know, My wife went away on an all girls trip with her brother's wife and her sisters to Las Vegas. It's to celebrate her sister-in-law's big 30th. So if any of you live in Las Vegas and see 4 "old chicks" that have no business in the club, that would be my wife and her crew. lol (Yes, I know I've just sealed my fate. lol)

So while the wife plays and Lord know she deserves it, I have to go into full time Mr Mom mode aka Super Dad! I'll be the first to admit that I'm usually lazy around the house when my "better half" is here. I call her that because I think she's better at all this stuff than I am. lol But here's the thing, it's actually just a front. My mom actually raised me to be able to fend by myself without a woman. So when my wife does these escapes, I default to my good home training and can pretty much hold my own even though I pretend I can't when she's here. Fortunately for me she goes along with this phony facade that I put on to the world.

That being said, this week was yet another reminder of how much I admire single parents and stay at home moms (& Dads) that manage to juggle tending to the house, raising the kids and doing a work at home job. Time management becomes a requirement to maintain any sanity. I've literally had to alter my sleeping patterns so I can squeeze in some work early in the morning and late in the evening while the princess is still asleep. Child rearing is much easier when there are two parents involve and I feel very blessed that I'm in that type of relationship. I'm not looking down on those of you who are single parents. Stuff happens and Eddy's not judging you. In fact I have the utmost respect for you because I've been walking your shoes for a few days.

People that look down on stay at home or single parents need to be smacked. They wouldn't survive a day in your shoes. So I just wanted to say thank you for the great service you guys provide despite the limited resources of time and energy at your disposal. You folks should get the salary of these greedy executives and shady politicians. Because you probably put in more work in a day then most of them do in a week or lifetime.

Being Mr mom for the better part of the week has just re-affirmed the importance of what we do here on this site. I feel more committed than ever to provide you with various ways of earning from home so you can continue to be the super moms and dads that you are! In any event, thanks again for what you guys do! You're really an inspiration to me.

In any event, I would love to hear how some of you super stay at home or single parents manage your days in terms of balancing the children, chores and working at home. Do you have any tips or secrets you want to share with the rest of us?

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10 thoughts on “Weekly Work At Home Recap 8-27-2010”

  1. Thanks big brother. I’m doing my best and my husband does try, but there’s no touch like a mothers touch. Now I truly get it when they say “You only have one mother” because that baby craves for it’s mother, it’s amazing. But i’m glad you can acknowledge that us women do have it a bit harder. Some men don’t see it that way. Glad me and your other VA’s are able to help you get some family time in because family is most important and I know how hard you work. That too is also very rewarding. Thank you again for all that you do for me and all your readers =)

    • Dee,
      I totally agree with you. I think men that don’t acknowledge that you women have it harder just never really walked in your shoes or really watched what your days entail. I think it’s easy to get caught up in one’s own job and life so that’s why it may be hard for them to see it. It may also be because some of you do such a great job, you make it look easy that they mistaken that it is. lol

      In any event, thanks for all you do and the continued support because you guys do really make my life easier and better so I can spend more of it with my family. I feel fortunate that we all benefit from each other here.

  2. Great article! I’m not a single parent but I am during the day when the husband is out at work and even when he comes home, I still do more. I’m still trying to figure out this new role. My daughter is only 7 weeks old and is determined to keep me on my toes and surprise me with new sleeping and eating patterns! So the house chores come second because when i do attempt to get things in order or get dinner started or even get some work done, she flips out and i come running! Lol. I can thank her for losing all of my weight because when i try to sit down and eat something, that’s when she wants her mommy! Being a work at Lol. Being a stay at home mom is definitely a challenge. It is way more easier to go to work than stay home and raise a baby, run the house and work at home. So big shout out to all the mommies out there and the “good” daddies too!

    • Thanks Little Sis!
      I totally feel you on your points. You already know my wife does most of the house and child rearing in the house because I’m grinding here. But I’ve definitely tried to take a more active role. So fortunately for me I have assistants like you, Callie, Sue, etc that allow me to spend more time with my family. Because otherwise it’s damn near impossible to juggle it all. But apparently there are super stay at home moms like yourself that are managing it as best as they can. Our kids are definitely a blessing but require a lot of ongoing work. It’s tiring but so rewarding.

      But I definitely feel your pain. I definitely think the women have it a lot harder than us men in so many ways. So applaud you and this new challenge in your life because you are managing it!

  3. Eddy, I know that you know that you started out on the wrong foot at the beginning of your article but it shows that in addition to there being a lot of love in your home, you and your wife obviously also share a great sense of humor. Anyway, you did an excellent job of self-redemption very soon afterward. 🙂

    Back, years ago, when my mom separated from my dad, she became the single parent of six children; but we all pitched in, and with the help of God, we made it work. There was a period of some years when I was a single parent myself, but I only had one to rear. Made me wonder how Mom did it with six. There is no shame in being a single parent. If there is any shame, it’s to the parent who goes AWOL and does nothing for the children in this kind of situation.

    Blessed day to ALL!

  4. Hi Eddy, Interesting post and you are a gifted writer. Single parenting can be a challenge. Many years ago, I was a single parent for about three years until I met and married my husband. My daughter is now grown and a wonderful person and she was easy to take care of. Parenting, in general can be demanding at times, but I do think that it’s good to have two parents if that’s an option.

    • Thanks Judith.
      Well I’m happy that you have since married and have a great husband. I’m sure you have a great appreciation for him. But you’re right parenting can be challenging even with two parents. It’s a job one has 24hours a day. But it really does pay well. lol

  5. Eunice,
    I’m glad you enjoyed the post. It was totally heart felt. I agree with you about single parents and stay at home parents not getting the recognition they deserve. I think people take what they do for granted or as a joke because it doesn’t have the prestige of a so-called “Real career” where you went to college for or have to wear a fancy suit. It’s utter nonsense and down right disrespectful.

    In any event, I’m very blessed to have a mom that did show me these things because I definitely know men who weren’t taught these skills and they do have a lack of appreciation for the amount of energy required to do what their wives do. I know if I’m ever blessed with a son, I plan to raise him just like my daughter who is super independent and is always willing to help around the house. I don’t think that type of value system should be based on gender. Mothers are doing their boys a disservice by not waiting on their boys and not instilling the same value systems they do with their girls. Because these boys do grow up to be men that are useless around the house and take their wives for granted. So I’m totally there with you. Thanks for chiming in and sharing this post with others.

    Well at least you appreciate your friends plight. You’d be surprised what you can do when you’re forced into a situation. But if given a choice, I would prefer the set up that I have now with my wife and I as a team. It makes life easier for everyone. So God bless the folks that don’t have that luxury! Thanks for chiming in.

  6. I have several friends who are single parents. I could never, ever, ever do what they do! Too often I’ve thought “what would I do” in that position. I won’t share my answer.

  7. Eddy,
    This post is a real winner. Single parents must be the most hard working people on the planet, snd they often don’t get the respect or the support they deserve. I’m sending your post to several people I know. They’ll be happy to know that someone appreciates them.
    Your mother was very wise to teach you how to take care of yourself. Not only did it make you able to be self-sufficient, it made you appreciate just how much work goes into running a house and raising children. Far too many men don’t understand this. They have been waited on all their lives by women who make the job look easy, so they think there is nothing to it. Big awakening when they have to fend for themselves.
    Thanks again for a wonderful post. It’s a keeper.


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