Weekly Work At Home Recap 8/20/2010

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Eddy & Bee at a steak dinner in the bahamas.

Guess who's back?

I'm back from my vacation to the Bahamas and feeling totally refreshed. It's amazing what a little time away can do! Hope you guys missed me. I have to admit I'm still trying to get in back into the swing of things. Summer time is pretty much over and I'm trying to enjoy the rest of it. Hopefully you are too.

In any event, I'll keep this short. The job leads are listed below. Sorry about last week's leads. I really had every intention of doing them. But spending a day on a private island looking at views like the following: View 1, View 2, Our Chariot, My daughter napping 1,"Bee" napping 2, doesn't really inspire any sort of work. So please forgive me. Enjoy your leads!

Customer Service  Reps Wanted

Monday 8/16/2010

Marketing Copywriter

Environmental Writing and Outreach Consultant


Technical Support

Childrens Book Illustrator


Tuesday 8/16/2010

Sales Copywriter

Blog Outreach Manager

Academic Editors

Technical Writer

Legal Assistant

Mortgage Research Assistant

Independent Contracter General Transcriptionist

Wednesday 8/18/2010

Automotive Writer

Assistant Bookkeeper

Event Planning Blogger

Pharmecuetical Scientific Writer

Music Industry Writer

Professional Ghost Writer


Website Copywriter

Thursday 8/19/2010



PPC Marketing Expert

Professional Writer and Transcriber

Facebook Expert Needed

Clinical Trial Protocol Writer

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23 thoughts on “Weekly Work At Home Recap 8/20/2010”

  1. Damn, that lil gal has been letting you have it. The whole 9 yards with deckin’ the fam jewels and all. Lmao
    As for her bs, well she’s no different than any of the rest of us, we all have our moments. Kiddos go through just like adults do. You may have to be fully prepared for her next time by having on your suit of armor. lol

    • She was just on some stuff that week. It was funny though. But you’re right kids are just little adults that have their moments. Unfortunately for me hers happen to be violent that week. I think it would have bothered me more if it was done out of anger. But it was all in fun for her. lol

      I’m going to invest in a cup and some goggles for the remainder of her childhood. lol

  2. Ouch! Hmmm … wonder what you did to deserve a punch from your princess? lol
    I bet it was your left eye; it does look a bit red.

    I don’t like to wear my glasses much either. Pretty much when I’m on my puter or watching tv. Otherwise, gimme my contacts any day!

    • I don’t know if I deserved it or not. But she was on some bs that week. It was also the week she ran up on me and punched me in my man privates. LOL
      But you guessed it, it was my left eye and why it was pink in the picture. But I feel you regarding when you use your glasses. That’s pretty much my usage too unless my daughter decides to deck me again. lol

  3. Hey Eddy,

    Pardon my mad lateness of this, but … welcome back! Of course you were missed, what can I say? lol
    Glad you had a refreshing vacation experience.

    Wow, the scenic pics are beautiful, would definitely take my mind off work for sure. As for “Bee”, I tell ya, she gets cuter and funnier with each new pic. I love the face she’s making above. lol

    And by the way, you look nice in your glasses. Gives you a more studious appearance. 😉

    • Callie,

      Better late than never! LOL
      I’m glad to hear that at least you missed me. lol Thanks for the kind words about Bee. I feel the same way but I gave her life so I can’t really be that objective. I’m not big on the studious look but thanks for the kind words. It was a function of Brianna punching me in the eye several weeks ago and apparently she did some damage. So my eye started getting irritated during the vacation so I was forced to wear my glasses. Fortunately I’ve been to the doctor since then and have finally been able to wear my contacts again. So no more studios look for me. LOL

  4. Hi Eddy thanks for this great site. I’ve been looking for work at home jobs off and on for years. I am a woodworking artist and everything that I do other than that takes me away from it-precious time i could use to create. I just finished working for Census since Fall 09 and everything in my life was at a halt due to hours, etc. I have some part-time delivery work but I need something else and going back into an office environment would kill my spirit for sure. So it’s “at home” work or “in the field” that I’m after. Again thanks for the informative site. I have a question for you though-since you pass on the job info for free how do you make a living with this site?

    • Hi Candy,

      I totally feel you about being pulled away from your passions because of that little annoying thing of making a living. lol I’m confident that with the leads and possibly the opportunities on my recommendations page you’ll be well on your way to getting more of that time back. But from my experience I work more hours now then I ever did offline. But my passion also happens to be what I do here.

      In terms of how make money, I’m assuming you’re new to this site. I’m an affiliate marketer where I get paid to recommend companies to people. In this case, I’m usually paid by a work at home related company to refer people to their legitimate opportunity and no people don’t have to necessarily invest money for me to get paid. I’m also paid by sponsors like Google that want their ads on my site which are clearly labeled as sponsors. (Disclaimer: Always research everything, don’t assume anything happens to be legit just because they paid to be on a site, your tv network magazine, newspaper, etc. lol)
      You can read more about what I do and what this entails here: http://www.workathomenoscams.com/wareview

      In any event, good luck with the job leads. I’m sure you’ll find something. Considering you like doing wood working, I would recommend you read my article on esty:

      Take care.

    • Don’t be jealous. Anyone can go on these amazing vacations if it’s something you make a priority and work towards. I’m jut very blessed to have a business that helps me achieve this. But I’m no special than anyone else. You put in the work consistently and eventually you can reach nearly any goal. I’m living testament of it.

  5. @Shyanne:How do you get jobs in your inbox like you’re talking about? is that where you click to make the money? Also, why aren’t you taking big money jobs? I want bigger money jobs i think.

  6. Although I’m jealous, you are totally forgiven “”but above all, thanks for not sending us post cards from your vacation paradise saying, “Having a good time! Wish you were here!” 🙂

    Those pictures were simply gorgeous. Wow!

    • MsEdrena (Big Sis!),

      Thanks for your understanding regarding my time away and not posting leads. lol
      The pictures don’t even do the place justice. Ironically it was almost like a postcard. lol

    • Carla,

      Thanks! I think she’s pretty cute too but obviously I’m bias because I made her. lol I don’t do any mentoring because I’m just too busy. But I don’t mind answering questions from time to time. So feel free to email me privately. The fact you already have a blog set up and have been writing in it is great because we can skip through a lot of the basic stuff.
      So definitely email me and I’ll try to help you as I have free time. =)

  7. Eddy,

    Help! First, hello everyone. Eddy, I’m glad to see that you are one of those involved family men that, in my life at least, I’ve not known very many…good for you! I’ve been hanging back mostly reading and taking in info on here for over a year ( I think I commented once or twice) and I want to say what a WONDERFUL site you have here! I know you are making a living but you are also helping us so much. I know next to nothing about websites or much at all about the internet. I mean I’ve gotten two degrees online, joined social groups (mostly flame groups about 10 years ago) and pay bills, etc. But last year when I was out of work sick for 8 months I began my research to find a way not to have to go back…LOL. That’s when I found your great place here.

    I am working on freelance writing. I’m online again obtaining my MFA this time. However, I have also gotten interested in some of the marketing you do. Since I had to go back to work but only lasted 3 months, I am super desperate for money. I’m awaiting an answer on getting my unemployment but I know that will not last forever or be enough. I know you and others say do not go in a big job or start big on the internet if you are desperate for money but I am in a quandary. I can’t find a job in town so I have been putting more and more time into research and reading your website.

    I joined HomeJobStop.com and paid the $24.00 that gives you access to everything. Although I have written most of my life I have never “submitted”, (I mean that would mean rejection Eddy…can’t take that chance…LOL). Every job I see I think I’m not good enough for that. I always did well in school so I thought about applying to write term papers, etc.

    But I got my first masters degree in counseling and did that for 6 years and now getting one in Creative Writing. I think because I stayed home with my kids for over 15 years and in 1991 started college for a BS, and HAD to work because I was divorced, I always imagine myself way behind everyone else that was in the workforce all those years I was at home. Goodness, I wish there had been computers (desktops) and the internet in the 80’s.

    Whew, you see why I don’t reply….I can’t stop once I start. I joined Mechanical Turk at Amazon last week, of course did not bother to re-read your email, went for the big money and big jobs, and totally screwed up. They wanted all kinds of info…I said hey, Eddy said don’t give them all your info but he sends us to turk…guess it would help if I would READ your email completely….LOL. Tonight I found out you can do some of the same type of jobs on InBox. I’ve heard some that didn’t like Send Earnings and Inbox but I love them. Usually I just click, click, click away and I will get two or three $30.00 pay outs a year. Then I started checking them out in depth and found you can do little tasks like Amazon. I had like 35.35 earned and got an email telling me if I could make 40.00 by the end of August they would waive the 3.00 check fee. I’ve got about .80 to go. The first time it took forever to get my check but I’ve been with them for about 3 years now and since I’ve found other things I can make money on the sites I can probably get more payouts per year. Let me tell you that $40.00 I am about to get from Inbox and I’m almost at $30.00 again with Send Earnings, that $70.00 will pay a bill or buy some groceries. I also joined Neobux, clixsense and about 5 or 6 others from your website. I saw your name on one the other day as my “sponsor”.

    I have a couple of questions: ya’ll please do not laugh at the newbie sounding stuff. You’d never know I’ve been on the net over 10 years.

    How do you “link” sites (with the two lil lines under the word). And

    What does “a non-sponsored link” mean?

    I was doing tasks and they wanted me to give them the non-sponsored link on what I was checking for them and had to give the task back because I did not know exactly what they meant. I appreciate anyone’s help.

    And thanks to Eddy and everyone else I’ve learned from on here.


    • Shyanne,

      Thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate it. Obviously you said a mouthful. lol So I’m just going to try to find your questions and answer as best as I can. If I miss something, forgive me.

      Linking to sites: Do a search on google on how to create a link. It’s merely just learning some HTML. But you need to have a website or blog or some mechanism to do this. Sounds like you might need some basic html lessons which can easily be found for free online using google.

      Non-sponsored link: Just based on the word, it means a link where the person isn’t making money for it. So if I link to cnn.com from my site, that isn’t a sponsored link because I don’t get paid for it. But if I link to inboxbollars.com using the referral link they provide me, then that’s a sponsored link. You just really need to speak the people that have mentioned this on their site for clarity. When in doubt always look for a help section on a site in question or contact us link and use it to ask these questions to the site directly.

      In any event, I’m happy you’ve learned the value of reading my articles carefully. I’m guilty of being wordy as well. But I like giving you guys complete information so you avoid issues or misunderstandings. Keep taking action and reading! Thanks again for chiming in.

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