Weekly Work At Home Recap 8/26/2011

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Help Wanted

Hey Guys,

How was your week? Was it filled with earth quakes? Well if you were in the North East part of the United States it sure was. lol Fortunately it was minor. So let's count our blessings.

Okay, back to the subject at hand. I just wanted to give you a heads up. I recently signed up for a new way to make money from the folks that brought you my trusted recommendation of Instant Cash Sweepstakes. Their new make money opportunity is PaidViewPoint.com

You'll appreciate it if you're frustrated with paid online survey sites that don't always pay you for every survey you take, or give you surveys that take half your life time to complete. I joined this past week and have already earned $1.30 for a few minutes of my time. Yeah it's not a lot but it's more than most people get for their opinions. And besides we list jobs like the ones below for those looking to supplement your income. In any event I'll have a nice review prepared once I've actually cashed out. But I wanted to give you an opportunity to join beforehand just in case you can't wait for my article. So enjoy this opportunity and the job leads below.

Talk to you soon.

Monday 8/22/2011

Property Mgt Specialist

Website & SEO Content Writer

Marketing/ Technical Writing & Editing

Web Developer/Coder Needed

PHP Developer

Financial Education Writer

Blog Content Writer

Grant Writer

SalesForce/Access Implementation Specialist

Tuesday 8/23/2011

Sales Position


Web Projects – Edits & Updates

CPA Accountant

Technical Lead/Project Manager

Contract CakePHP Expert

Photoshop Pro Needed

Legal Writers Wanted

Digital Photo Retoucher/Editor/Technician

Academic Writers & Educators – Science

Wednesday 8/24/2011

Resume Writer

Grants/Proposal Writers

2-D Digital Artist for Online Game

Experienced Science, Technology or Intellectual Property Writer

Remote Tech Support Admin

Software Consultant


Writers Wanted

Tech Community Leader/Writer

Thursday 8/25/2011

Web Content Manager

Internet Writer/Editor

Customer Service

Curriculum Specialist

Culture Writers

Bilingual Medical Tele-Interviewers

Content Reviewer

Mien Interpreters Needed

Project Manager w/FiServ Signature Experience

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Online Poll Takers

Online Shoppers

Get Paid To Be Green

Get Paid To Search The Web (SwagBucks)

Mystery Shoppers

Online Chatters

Text Message Operators

Make Money With Used Books

Survey Taker Work At Home With Amazon.com (Data Entry, Typing, etc)

Data Entry, Typing, & More

More Job Leads HomeJobStop.com (Membership based site)

19 thoughts on “Weekly Work At Home Recap 8/26/2011”

  1. LMAO. Larry I’m rolling over here. lol
    Isn’t nice to see all these little opportunities add up. But unfortunately some people don’t see the value in the multiple stream of income approach. Its either all or nothing for them. But as you can see that’s a lot of money they leave on the table for the rest of us. So applaud you and thanks for sharing!

    By the way I’m experiencing the same thing with PVP. I can’t wait to get to the good surveys that pay more. But an easy .10 cents is an easy .10 cents so I’m not complaining!

    Thanks for sharing.

    • I did get one “Sample” survey from them, which was an example of what an advertiser’s survey might be like.   It was a tad bit longer and paid a bit over $1.50.   So the advertiser’s surveys look promising!   It was still wayyy shorter than any of the other paid survey sites I use.

    • Nice! I’m looking forward to surveys like that. I recently just got one for .44 which was nice and quick! This could turn out to be another great one to add to our multiple streams of income.

  2. I too signed up for PVP right away when I saw it on ICS. So far I really enjoy it, although I still haven’t gotten a survey other than their profile / screening type ones. Still it seems to be fairly regular that I get one of those each day; a dime a day isn’t too bad considering the amount of time it takes to run thru those questions. Again, something that I can easily do whenever I’ve got a free few minutes to kill. As with any other survey site I knew I wouldn’t be making a killing, but it is just another little trickle feeding into my online income river. BTW, I just happened to log into my PayPal account a few weeks ago and was totally blown away by the several hundred dollars in there! But then as I went thru the transactions, I realized it was from sites recommended by you or similar: a few cashouts from FusionCash, Inbox Dollars, Pinecone surveys, Nielsen, Gomez, Matrix Mails, ClixSense, etc. etc. Now I just have to learn to regularly transfer that money to my bank account so I can spend it on booze and women (ok, who am I kidding… I know I’ll end up spending it on gas, food, and maybe a movie 😉 )

  3. Thanks Tony. I noticed the bonus code too but didn’t have one either nor do I know where to find one. Maybe it’s something they’ll use later. But whether or not you wish to wait is on you. I’d prefer to start earning now. But my delayed gratification isn’t what it use to be. lol

  4. As always Sir E. the best ones just have your name on them! Slowly coming back waiting for that favor
    to come my way with effort! relaly like PVP. cool is that they get it! Wish other sights were as ethical and
    taking into consideration without panelist to take their surveys where would they be?? hmm?
    Thanks for the great referrals! You already know I am a fan.currently still engaged in the heated battle
    with the KOP, where’s my flame blower? LOL

  5. Hi Eddy!  
    I love the information you provide on this site.   I started to sign up with  PaidViewPoint.com website and I noticed that they have a place for a bonus code.   Is there any way to get a bonus code?   Should I wait until I have a bonus code to join?

  6. Just signed up.   Just wondering if they email new surveys or you just have to check their site everyday.
    Stay safe with that hurricane heading your way!   Managed to bypass FLA   yeehaw for me!

    • Nice! They email you. Although like many emails I have signed up for and want, it ends up in my spam folder. lol So be sure you check your spam folder regularly. Because it may be in there.

      I’m so amazed that Florida was spared and we’re going to get it. lol It’s usually just the opposite.

    • I have wished to get more surveys from them.   However, I signed up as soon as it was available and have earned close to $4 very easily only through surveys. So far, this is a very promising opportunity, and hopefully the frequency of surveys will increase over time.

  7. Hey Eddy!
    I enjoy ICS, so I signed on to Paid Viewpoint as soon as I could.   I enjoy both sites.   I have always liked the look and feel of ICS.   I love the look and feel of Paid Viewpoint (love the neon green with black) – it’s more fun and comfortable than the other survey sites out there.

    • I signed up for Paid Viewpoint and so far I’ve earned $1.50 since 8/21. I’ve completed the registration survey and 4 traits surveys. I too like the green/black colors, along with the larger text, easier to read.  

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