Weekly Work At Home Recap 9-16-2011

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Help Wanted

Hello all,

Hope you're having a great week. I have not done this in a while but I wanted to give you a work at home update.

Wealthy Affiliate Update

If you're interested in becoming a successful affiliate/internet marketer like myself then you may want to take advantage of the promotion that WA is having this week. You're able to buy a membership at Wealthy Affiliate University for the 2005 prices which haven't been available for years. It's a great way to get the education you need to succeed at a huge discount. So be sure to check out their "Throwback Special" here. If you have no idea what Wealthy Affiliate is, feel free to read my detailed review here.

I tend to recommend WA to people that want to start their own business, blog or would like to learn how to get more traffic to their existing website. But I've never really referred WA as a tool to get a job but maybe I should. Let me tell you why.

A while ago someone named Jeff signed up for Wealthy Affiliate after reading my review and overall digging the value I provide on this blog. Jeff is a grinder! He jumped head first into this business and started pumping away at the various activities suggested by WA such as article writing. He would send me his articles and I would proceed to tear them apart. lol But he never took it personally. Instead Jeff would take the feedback I provided him and what he learned at WA and make adjustments accordingly.

Like most of us, he wasn't seeing results at first. But unlike most of us, Jeff never gave up. He understood that he had to keep grinding to see results. After all, this business is a numbers game. The more stuff you put out there, the more likely something will eventually stick and make you money. So he kept pounding away. Eventually Jeff was able to increase the visitors and sales for a website he was a part time employee of using the techniques he learned from WA. Jeff also had a full time job but his situation at this job wasn't the best to say the least. So he decided to look for other options.

But here's the thing, because Jeff had some success with his Internet Marketing efforts he decided to make that his selling point on his resume and interviews. Next thing you know Jeff was hired at an advertising agency. Yes part of his past work experience dealt with selling radio and TV ads. But what really impressed his new company was Jeff's knowledge of internet marketing and what he could teach them and apply to their company. So my buddy Jeff was able to land a new, better paying job because of what he learned and more importantly applied from Wealthy Affiliate. Jeff didn't go into WA with the idea of using this to get a job. He wanted to use it to build his own marketing business. However because of some circumstances at his job he adapted his skills to something else that is now giving him joy.

It just goes to show there is a lot of ways to use these important skills you learn from WA. They're very flexible. I've personally used them on my sites which are very successful and why you're here reading this post. However I bet you never knew I also consulted on internet marketing for a while and I'm actually doing it again. That activity brought me another source of revenue in addition to my sites. The point is learning a new skill such as internet marketing can really open up your possibilities. Considering the state of the economy and job market, now more than ever is when you want to have as many options as possible. The internet is not going to disappear anytime soon. If anything more and more businesses and activities are moving to the web. You could be part of that wave or get left behind it. Either way the choice is yours. If this resonates with you, I would encourage you to take advantage of the discount Wealthy Affiliate University is currently offering as it ends soon. Who knows where this business will take you? Jeff didn't know and look what it got him. Let it marinate in your mind.

In any event, enjoy this week's job leads below which are sponsored by one of our top recommended companies Arise.

Good luck!

Customer Service  Reps Wanted

Monday 9/12/2011

Magento Administrator

Experienced RN's for Course Writing

Bookkeeper Needed

Email Template Designer/HTML Coder

Corporate Blogger

SEO Expert w/ Online Marketing and Social Media Skills

Book Editor Needed

Spanish Editor

Vascular Technology Writer

Bilingual Copywriter – Spanish

Tuesday 9/13/2011

Browser Extension Developer

Funny Ghostwriters Needed

Senior Field Services Representative

Solution Consultant Level II

Customer Service Manager

Customer Technical Training Advisor

Content and Communications Editor

Legal Researcher

Copy Writer/Editor Needed

Wednesday 9/14/2011

Investment Newsletter Researcher & Writer

Financial Writers

Travel Industry Public Relations Pro Needed

Web Content Writer/Customer Service

Inbound Customer Service

Entry Level Paralegal

eCommerce Conent Manager

Thursday 9/15/2011

Server Virtualization Technical Writer

Technical Marketing Writer

Accounting Manager

Historian and Author Consultant

Senior IT Program Manager

SMB Product Marketing Manager

Electronic Newsletter Editor

Business Research Interviewer and Reporter

Microsoft Excel – Spreadsheet Expert

Talented Writer Needed

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Work At Home Recap 9-16-2011”

  1. Hi Eddie, I’m Tara. I seriously need the skills they teach at WA. I have been waiting for the right time, watching your blog for a very long time,  and I love their new offer. I just can’t tell whether you can still pay monthly with this promotion. If not, what is the best monthly offer they have right now? Thanks Eddie, for all of your hard work 🙂

    • Hi Tara,

      Unfortunately the offer is only good if you purchase a year membership. I really would have preferred if they offered a monthly discount option for this promotion too. But alas that is not the case. If you go with the monthly option you’ll just have to pay the current prices. Just select the lower option if anything. I hope this helps.

      By the way you’re quite welcome! Thanks for the continued support.

      Eddy (Spelled with a Y. lol)

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