Weekly Work At Home Recap 9-21-2012

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Hi Again All!

How was your week? Hopefully it was a great one!

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ZeekRewards Affiliates Might Have To Pay Back Money. Yikes For Those Reps That Were Making A Killing!

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In any event, enjoy this week's job leads below and good luck.

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Monday 09/17/2012

Social Networking Virtual Assistant Needed

Data Entry Expert Needed

Transcriber Needed for Audio – Video Interviews

Forex Ebook Writer

Instruction Manual Needed

Tuesday 09/18/2012

Full Time Customer Service Agents Needed

Support Manager Wanted

Data Entry / Web Researcher Wanted

Virtual Assistant – Order Processing

Personal Assistant Wanted

WordPress Administrator Required


Web Researcher & Data Entry Assistant

Wednesday 09/19/2012

Ghost Writer Needed

Sales Copy Writer Needed

Guest Blogger Needed

Seeking Writers for Video Game Quiz / Trivia Questions

English to Bulgarian Translator Wanted

Translator Needed for Medical Book – English to German

Experienced Administrative Assistant Needed

Thursday 09/20/2012

Telemarketer Position Available

Customer Service Engineer Wanted

Quick Books Consultant

Quick Books Expert Needed

Part Time Office Manager / Bookkeeper

Adwords Assistant Needed

WordPress Administrative Assistant Needed

Professional Thesis Writer Needed

Photo Researcher Needed

Experienced Writer Needed

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Data Entry, Typing, & More

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Work At Home Recap 9-21-2012”

  1. Eddy, ever since I heard about Zeek rewards being shut down for being a ponzi scheme, I started trying to figure out how they were operating any different than the big banks on wall street or the housing marketeers. I don’t see any difference. I wonder if the Fed didn’t like that someone else was helping people actually make money instead of it ending up mostly with the fed. I’ve honestly looked and looked and Zeek rewards really reminds me of the big banking system in this country. I’m not sure how it could be seen as a ponzi scheme, but then I think the big banking system is a big ponzi scheme run by wall street exc’s, so go figure. What I find interesting is that the fed wants those people who weren’t defrauded to return the money they made, and my question is why? It just points to more suspicion that the fed didn’t like a whole lot of people making lots of money when they weren’t included in the game.

    • Wendy, I sort of hear your point.
      But the other organizations you’re referencing actually have real products that people purchase and use. The companies are making money from these products and not just paying other members by the money collected from previous members. There is a difference. But I agree many corporations are very similar to a pyramid scheme.

      You have to keep in mind just because people were making money with Zeek rewards doesn’t mean it was legitimate. If I rob a bank and made money, it doesn’t mean that’s a legitimate business. I’m still stealing money from other people. So just keep that in mind.

      But I hear what you’re saying about how many so called legitimate business we accept have a similar pyramid smell to it.

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