Weekly Work At Home Recap 9/10/2010

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In contract, Yeah

Hope you had a great Labor Day Weekend! No doubt many of you spent it with good company and even better food, preferably something grilled! Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer. The kids are back at school and most of us stay at home parents with kids at school age have a lot more free time on our hands.

I don't know about you but the Fall is probably my favorite time of the year. The leaves are changing colors and the air is nice and crisp. To me it's the perfect time of year because it's not too hot or cold. I also find it to be very inspiring.

One of the things I enjoy about the Fall is watching the squirrels go to work. Their fur coats change and get a lot thicker to protect them from the winter storms ahead. In addition to that physical change, they are busy collecting and hiding nuts all around their tree. The reason they do this is so they can manage until Spring and Summer arrives. See the squirrel knows they can't control how the Winter turns out. So instead they instinctively focus on what they can control which is collecting nuts and strategically placing it around their home.

So Eddy, what's up with this Discovery Channel commentary on these fury versions of rats?

Well many of us are like squirrels but aren't behaving like it of late. Too many of us are watching the news reports about the economic Winter we're having and pretty much just wandering about being depressed about it (rightfully so!). But how has that helped the situation? Can you imagine if squirrels acted like this? You would see a gang of frozen rodents every winter. But you don't. They thrive just fine. You know why? Because they know Winter is a season that will pass. They may not know exactly when but they don't focus on that. They focus on what they can control.

I'm encouraging you to act more like these fury little rodents this Fall and on. I challenge you to focus on the things you can control in your life. Trust me, despite what the gloom and doom news reports will have you believe, you do have some control in your life. First it starts by limiting your intake of that negative garbage on the news. Next it means to take more action in your life. I don't care what type of action it is. But it has to be towards gaining control in some area of your life that is causing you pain or stress.

Eventually when you take enough continuous and consistent action things do get better. Next thing you know you'll be like a squirrel sitting on a stack of "nuts" looking at winter as another season that will pass. So this is how I want you to view this Fall. Let it be the rise of a new you that takes control again! We can't control the economy but we damn skippy can control how we react to it.

In any event, let me stop my preaching. But I felt compelled to share this with you. Hopefully it something you can appreciate and this Fall will be the start of a new beginning for you. Every day is the opportunity to start anew. Let today be that for you. Is this resonating with you? Let me know below.

Either way, enjoy this week's leads.

Tuesday 9/07/2010


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Wednesday 9/08/2010

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Thursday 9/09/2010

Blog Writer

Custom Illustration or Painting

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26 thoughts on “Weekly Work At Home Recap 9/10/2010”

  1. Hey Eddie! I know this is a little off the subject but… I recently suffered two, yes two strokes! I’m doing fine now but I just sat down to think about my career. It’s so cool to realize that I don’t have to worry about what the guy who cuts my paycheck thinks or about how much sick time I have left! I’m still getting paid and come to think of it, it’s because of my “little squirrel mentality”! You’ve been proven right again! I’m recovering nicely because I’m tough as nails and strong as a horse, much to the suprise of a great many people!

    • Cathy,
      Oh my God! I’m so happy to hear you’re doing well considering the situation. That’s crazy! I must say I think my career would be the last thing I would be thinking about considering the recent events. But I can see why you might appreciate the freedom given to you by your career.
      In any event, get well soon and do whatever your doctor suggests to get you back on track!!! I don’t want to hear about any more strokes. I’m still in shock!

  2. @Eddy Salomon:
    A shout out to you today! Yes, you really hit quite a few nails on the head with this particular article. Your humor plus your wisdom are hard combinations to beat, especially in that, in the midst of all your humor is so MUCH wisdom! Keep up the good work. God bless you and your two ladies, Mrs. Queen and Little Miss Princess!

  3. Thanks for the comment. Kind of down after the weekend. Struggling with my business but if I don’t do anything different, I’ll continue to get more of the same.

    • RaNaye,
      I’m glad this post has inspired you to get back on the horse and try to make your business work. Sometimes we just need a fresh look to get the juices flowing in our mind. But never give up on yourself or your dreams. It’s okay to step away and make adjustments. But it’s never okay to give up on yourself. So always keep that in mind.

      Thanks for the love and support as usual. I’m happy that some of you find my corny humor funny. Lord knows I crack myself up. But it doesn’t always translate that way to others. lol I’m very blessed to be in a position where I can drop a little knowledge in a funny way and people still get it. So thanks!

  4. Thanks for the comments. I needed that. I’m kind of down after this weekend and having trouble getting motivated to continue on with my business.

  5. *** .. and the Academy Award for Best Use of a Squirrel In a Blog Post Goes to…. ***

    Fantastic post Eddy!!

    Going to sleep now, just wanted to chime in.

    No really… Taking action and taking control of our lives instead of letting our lives control us is the key to our growth, both online and offline. We can complain that winter is coming ( how can I afford Christmas Presents ), or we can take small steps to make our winter a bit brighter ( Hey! $2.00 a day = $180 more for Christmas ).

    Okay, really going to bed now. I think this might be my favorite post.


    • Phil,

      You giving out awards in the little free time you have now too? What aren’t you doing nowadays? lol
      Thanks for the love. I knew you of all people could appreciate the thought process because you are living proof of it.
      So thanks for chiming in!

  6. I love the fall of the year as well, but my most FAVORITE season of the year is spring.
    Well, Rev. Eddy, that was a very good sermon and is confirmation of what I felt I needed to do for some time; but my heart really wasn’t in it and I was failing to get anywhere with what I knew I needed to do. My heart really was not in to it in spite of the fact I KNEW I needed to make these changes. In the month of July, I decided to stop thinking about it, talking about it, avoiding it and go ahead and just doing it! The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Guess what? With that small step that I began taking towards getting rid of “Stinking Thinking” and other detrimental actions and habits, I began to be blessed. The month of August was so filled with blessings, not only for me and my family, but others in my life, especially my prayer partners””all of them! There were so many blessings coming in until I got “skurred!” (Scared) LOL!
    I’d sat down in July and made an assessment of my attitude, my finances, my general circumstances, and said, “If I don’t make some positive changes now, I’m destined to still be in this same place next month, even next year; so it’s time out for procrastination and theory.” Action! Lights! Camera! It’s SHOW TIME!
    One thing that always cheers me up is a good, old-fashioned Western, so I began in July going to the public library and checking out Western movies and bringing them home watching them. Prayer, Westerns, and revised attitude made a big difference. Your squirrel lesson was just a confirmation of what I had begun to put into practice. I know this is off-topic, the mention of Prayer and Westerns, but it worked for me!

    For a young man, you sure do “pack” a whole lotta wisdom. Keep up the good work and keep on sharing. We love it!

    • MsEdrena (Big Sis),

      Spring is a close second in my favorite season. It almost just as perfect as Fall is to me. So I’m totally in agreement with you.
      In any event, it sounds like you’ve been doing some deep soul searching over the summer and have made some powerful moves which lead
      to a lot of God’s favor in your life. I’m happy to hear it because Lord knows you deserve it!

      There are two “quotables” in your comment that I love:
      “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” Too often people think just the opposite which is what leads to the inaction you and we all experience from time to time. But when you break things down by smaller bites, various facets of life become a lot easier to swallow. So it’s good you recognized that.

      My next favorite is “Stinking Thinking”. Lord am I going to be using that one a lot. lol So many of us have that foul smelling mindset that stops us from greatness. The problem is some of us are getting accustomed to the stench like it’s normal. Fortunately you recognized all it’s vileness and made the appropriate changes. I never imagined Westerns as a catalyst for change but in hindsight, most of us view squirrels as furry little rats.
      So I guess with the right mindset you can find inspiration anywhere. lol Thanks for sharing Big Sis.

      I may not be as physically old as some of the wise elders, but I still have eyes and ears and use them more than most people my age might. You pick up some great things that way. lol

  7. Hi, eddy

    Am falling in love whit the way you write, it remember me the way I did couple of years back, I have lost that ability, do to hard time in my life that take over my passion for things Currently am working on finding some balance in my life.

    I came a cross your website looking for some how to make a earning from home
    Your advice ass been the bests so far I appreciate it. The squirrel metaphor is a wake up call for me on some point of my life. I list my website in this message please look and give me your honest opinion am just getting started.

    Thank you
    All the way , from Panama lol

    • Sharika,
      I’m glad that you enjoy my writing and it has inspired you in your life. We all need a little push back on the right path sometimes.
      Your website is a good start. My advice is try to stay focused on a given topic or interest you have. Next make sure you learn about internet and affiliate marketing otherwise no one will ever see your site and you won’t be able to make money with it. And finally just work on your spelling and sentence structure. I realize that English may not be your first language but you want to fine tune it more. I’m able to pretty much understand what you’re trying to express but a lot of people won’t have the same patience. That being said don’t feel too bad. English is my first language and I make spelling and grammatical mistakes all the time. Fortunately people look passed them because I’m providing them information they want and need.
      So just keep that in mind. It doesn’t have to be perfect but it must be a bit easier to read and understand. Good luck to you. By the way my wife and I plan to visit your country in the near future. I can’t wait. lol

  8. Wow, an interesting correlation between squirrels and humans. Only Eddy could have successfully pulled that one off.
    Now I won’t mind being a little “squirrely” from time to time. Where as before that would have been a negative attribute to my character. LOL

    Nice article!

    • Dee,
      Thanks little sis. I’m sure some people are going to look at these little rodents a bit differently except for the wife who sees them as furry rats and you know how she feels about little critters. lol

  9. There you go again – the passionate CEO is coming out. I cannot stand fall. I do not look forward to the inevitable challenges that follow. The colors and wild life that come out are something to behold however, I have to double check all the stuff we have to shovel the snow, clear the ice and plan B transportation alternatives during -60 weather and Midwest blizzards. Yuck! Come to think of it, I’m already thinking winter wardrobe. Double yuck!

  10. Eddy, I have been lurking your site for awhile, and I just had to comment about the squirrel metaphor. You made my morning with the gang of squirrel comment. Anyways, your point is right on target and I was once told this very same thing when I was a lot younger and had issues in my life that I just thought I was not going to get past. Working on the things that you can control is so important to focusing on the things that really matter. Eddy, keep up the good work and you are so funny, I still smiling. Thank you!

  11. Nice Eddy…Ive never been told to behave like a squirrel lol. Yet as always you take something that sounds complete off the wall at first and make great sense out of it. Btw my favorite time of year is Winter,I truthfully can’t wait for 30 below,I love it. Thanks again Eddy πŸ˜€

    • Dustin,

      LOL, Neither have I. But they’re pretty amazing little creatures when you think about it the way I laid out in this article. I’m happy you were able to look pass the ridiculousness of the analogy and get the message I was stumbling to relay in my own silly way. In terms of winter, all I love about it is the snow. I can do without the temperatures you’re loving. lol But to each their own. Thanks for chiming in! I really appreciate it.


      First thanks for the quiet support. I appreciate lurkers too because I am one as well. lol In any event, I’m glad you can appreciate my silly metaphors and humor. It’s funny how advice provided to you in the past comes back to present, isn’t it. It just goes to show how timeless certain things are. I’m happy that the advice served you well when you were younger and you’re still implementing now. It really does make a difference in one’s life. In any event, I’m glad I could bring you a little humor this morning and flash back to some good advice from the past. Thanks for the continued support and stepping out the shadows to post a comment. It feels good to know that I wrote something that entertained you enough to make you comment. Hope to see more of that from you. =)

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