Weekly Work At Home Recap 9/24/2010

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In contract, Yeah

Hey Guys, Hope you've had a great week!

I'm keeping it short this week. I'm recovering from a bit of cold that my wife decided to unintentionally (or did she?) to my daughter and I. Shout out to my Facebook fans for the great suggestions you provided to help me fight this. It definitely helped.

In any event, see you next week. Enjoy the leads until then.

Monday 9/20/2010

SEO Writer

Financial Documents Editor/Proofreader

Food Writers/Recipes

Listeners of The Steve Harvey Morning Show


Resume Analyst Needed

Tuesday 9/21/2010

Travel News Researcher/Editor/Blogger

Article Writer

Medical Biller

Proposal Writer

Certified Spanish Translator




Wednesday 9/22/2010

Bankruptcy Paralegal

Aerospace/Aviation News Writer Needed

Grant Writer

Translator German/English




Thursday 9/23/2010

Manuscript Editor

Content Article Writer

SEO Contractor

Editor/SEO Pro

Content Writer – US History

Bankruptcy Paralegal

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Work At Home Recap 9/24/2010”

  1. Eddy,

    I’m glad to hear that you are feeling better 🙂 I do love the old rememdies. They are my first line of defense when I come up against any nasty bug. What I like most about them is the lack of possible bad side effects, which can be worse than the illness itself.


  2. I hope you feel better soon. There’s definitely something going around. I keep getting some nasty cold type thing every couple of weeks. 🙁

    As always, thanks for the job postings!

  3. Eddy,

    I hope you feel better soon. Not feeling good really sucks. Chicken soup is the bomb in comfort comfort food when your not feeling so good. Echinacea is great for boosting the immune system. Here’s an old rememdy that my grandma used, you take slices of onion and put them on the bottoms of your feet, then put socks on, do this before you go to bed at night and it will pull the illness out of your body.
    This does work. I’ve done this. It feels weird, but in the morning the onions are discolored and your feet will feel soft and you will feel better.
    If your not an onion kind of guy, here’s a sure fire way to burn it out of your system. Take a 6 oz. cup of hot tea, put one oz of wiskey and some honey into it and drink it down. Then wrap yourself up in some blankets and it will make you sweat the bug out. This is a recipie from my brother from years ago. This one works too.
    I had this killer cold one summer and he mixed this for me. The next morning the sheets and blankets were soaked, but I felt like a million bucks.
    Anyway, hope you feel better soon 🙂

  4. Hi Eddy,

    I ran across your blog some way some how, but I must say I like your stuff and keep up the good work bro..and I hope I can catch up with you soon for an podcast interview..Thanks

    “TrafficColeman “Signing Off”

    • Cole,

      Thanks for the remedy suggestions. I’m feeling much better. I must say some of your suggestions sounds like stuff straight from the old country that my mom use to subject me to when I was really sick. lol The funny thing is, as crazy as it sounded a lot of the home remedies work. So I totally believe you. People forget that a lot of medicine today is based on natural remedies. Thanks again for the suggestions. I feel like I have an arsenal of stuff to fight off my next cold! lol

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