What Type of Work At Home Seeker Are You?

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I've been in the work at home industry for over a decade. When you've been around that long, you start noticing patterns. One that I discovered is that there are basically 3 types of work at home seekers. Knowing what type you are, will help you succeed at working at home or not. So pay attention to this article or you may end up running around this site or web confused or desperate. That's a perfect recipe for getting scammed or failure.

I created this page to help you avoid this. After you read it, it will help you self identify the proper work at home path. I don't know you from a hole in a wall but I'm pretty sure you know yourself, needs and skills better than I can guess them. So with that said, I've listed the 3 most common work at home paths and the resources that will help you make money at home.

All you have to do is pick the type of work at home seeker you are and we've done all the hard work of finding the type of opportunities that fit your needs. If you have the patience to read and take action, you'll be closer to making money at home.

Ok, let's get into it!

The 3 Bears of Work At Home…

1. Replacement Income Seekers

These folks might be in a job they dislike or would just prefer to spend more time with their families. But can't really afford to not work because they have major bills that need to be paid. So in order for them to work at home full-time, the opportunity has to cover these expenses. Folks who were recently laid off, single parents, the elderly or widows also seem to desire replacement income as well. Unfortunately people in this group will take some time before they achieve their work at home goals. Like any job market your success has to do with job availability, skill sets and a willingness to learn or adapt to what is actually paying the most. Some replacement income seekers adapt very quickly. They notice a trend of what jobs are more available online and focus more of their efforts on those jobs. Then there are some people that chose to ignore the patterns because of stubbornness or cannot make the adjustment for other valid reasons. So they end up having to wait for the perfect opportunity that matches their skill set. Unfortunately these jobs may not actually be available.

I've also noticed that some of these job seekers are pressed for time and want to replace their large salaries very quickly. Usually this leads said job seeker into frustration or desperation. As a result some of these folks become an ideal victim for work at home scam artist who promise hundreds or thousands of dollars in short periods of time working at home.

I know this all sounds very discouraging. But my goal is to actually steer you away from these types of mistakes. As long as you can be patient and adapt to what's actually available, you will eventually find success. But just be prepared because it can take a bit of time if you don't have the skills for the work at home jobs that are in demand.

So if you're in a situation where you need replacement income, then you can find it by clicking here.

2. Supplemental Income Seekers

I tend to like these people because we share the same mindset. Although my goal was always to replace my job income. My thinking about how to get there aligned more with the folks we're discussing in this section. Supplemental income folks are pretty simple. They just want to earn some extra spending money. As such they're a lot more open to various little paying opportunities that folks who need a replacement income will ignore or turn away in disgust. Supplemental income people are a lot more flexible with their money making opportunities because usually these folks either have a full time or part time job. These jobs may cover a major portion of their immediate bills. Or they have a spouse that covers many of the bills. So when you consider this, it's no wonder these folks will happily take on opportunities that may pay them a few cents or dollars. They don't really need this money to live. But many of these folks have quickly learned that coupling all these little extra money opportunities can add up to some decent money that may lead to replacement income with some patience. They appreciate and live by the multiple streams income mantra. But it's easy to be patient when your bills don't depend on this income. So the folks in this category have a wider range of opportunities available to them because they don't need to depend on this money! These folks tend to find success a lot faster because there are so many more of these opportunities available.

So if you're the type that believes a penny saved is a penny earned, or that making some money is always better than making none, then click here to learn how to make extra money online.

3. Home Business Seekers

Obviously I have a soft spot for these guys and gals because I am one of them. But interestingly enough these folks actually compromise of the other types of seekers we discussed above. They are basically a hybrid of them. Home business seekers can either want to replace job income or bring in a bit of extra money. But the biggest difference between this group of folks from the others is they want to be the boss! They don't like the idea of anyone telling them what they can do, how much money they make or when they come into work. These folks tend look at jobs as a dead end or prison. At all cost they want out. I chose those words very carefully. Home business seekers know there is a COST involved in the financial freedom they long for. They understand that an investment in time, energy and money will be needed to succeed. Furthermore they tend to be more of a risk taker than the other work at home seekers. To be a home business owner there are only two options. You either succeed or fail. On the road to success you face a lot of the failures but most home business owners understand this risk. They fear it as much as the other work at home seekers but they push through this fear. Despite this, many potential home business owners will still fail. Unfortunately they usually give up just when they are right on the cusp of a breakthrough.

So if you look at your boss sideways and think to yourself, I'm smarter than this idiot than you're probably a boss in the making. So click here to make it happen!

Mix & Match

Although I've highlighted 3 types of work at home seekers, it doesn't mean it's a definitive list. Some people are a combination of these 3 personas. In fact I totally encourage you to mix and match the options. The fact of the matter is it usually takes some time to land a work at home job or build a successful online business. So in my humble opinion it's a good idea to make some money with the supplemental income opportunities than none at all as you wait for your other options to succeed. So keep that in mind. Don't limit your options. You may be surprised what you find if you venture into some of the other paths that initially turn you off.

Your thoughts….

So what do you guys think? Am I off base about the 3 types of work at home seekers? Would there be another group you would add or ones you would get rid of?

Let me know what you guys think about all this! I really hope it helps. I feel so much better about sending people to my blog. I think now everyone can easily find what they want. Hopefully you feel the same way! If so feel free to share this page using the links below.

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