Work At Home Institute Review: Is it a Scam?

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work-at-home-institute-scam-reviewAs many of you know I'm make a decent living with affiliate marketing. It's the only way I've personally found to make real money online without working for the peanuts employers usually pay work at home employees. Unfortunately the affiliate marketing industry is riddled with shady people that misrepresent what it is and the work involved. This brings me to my Work At Home Institute Review where I'll determine if this company is guilty of this misrepresentation as well.

What Is The Work At Home Institute?

The Work At Home Institute was started by Bobbie Robinson in about 2012? The site claims you will be typing ads online and that the income is easy and that you can start earning money the minute you sign up. Really? They also claim that no experience or education is required. Noticed how I mentioned the word “claim” a lot. Keep that in mind because I'll be digging deeper into those claims like a thong or wedgie in your butt. Yes, that deep.

How Much Money Can You Make?

The “company” claims that anyone can make between $300.00 weekly and $6000.00 monthly. Uh… from typing ads? Really? I wonder why more people aren't just typing ads for a living then.

Work At Home Institute Complaints

Well if you haven't guessed, I'm not really buying many of the claims made by this company. And if you've read my reviews in the past, you know I dig up the stuff that folks like to hide or conveniently leave out. Most companies have some negative things about them. It doesn't make them bad or a scam. They're just things to be aware of to make an informed decision. But then there are companies who have complaints that are so jacked up, that you need to run for the hills. I'll let you make that decision after you've read the Work At Home Institute Complaints below.

Misleading Advertising

So the allege premise of this opportunity is that you're getting paid for typing. Typing is such a subjective term. Damn near any online activities involves typing so you can skew this in many ways for “evil” purposes. (Enter evil laugh here. ) Well that's exactly what the folks at the Work At Home Institute are doing. The reality is you're not doing basic typing like you're hoping for. Instead you're really doing affiliate marketing and some of the tasks associated with that may be creating ads (aka typing ads) on to search engines like Google that you have to pay to advertise your ads. If people click on your ads and visit your affiliate link to make a purchase, click a link or fill out a lead form, then you make money and only then. You don't just make money by typing! How happy would you be discovering this after paying for this crap? What would you think of the legitimate industry of affiliate marketing if someone misrepresented it that way? Yep… I would feel the same way!

Additional Up-Sells and Fees

The initial sign up fee is (a one-time investment of $97.00). But apparently there are other hidden fees that popup. One of the fees that they hit with you with is a down payment that is required for “training meetings”. The total for just the down payment was a whopping $2,400.00. Yes, you read that correctly. Awww hell nah! Didn't they say no experience or education is needed? So why the upsell to this magical training? Why is it so much? I receive new up to date training as well as live support, tools, websites and access to experienced marketers for less than $2 per day with My Top Recommendation! So why would I need to pay this company thousands of dollars for less value? It just doesn't make any “Cents”, literally! Furthermore why don't they offer a free option like my My #1 Recommendation does if they're so confident this is something anyone can make money with instantly.

Training Videos Out of Date

As a member of the Work At Home Institute you will have access to the videos that alleged cover easy ways to promote your “typing” links. They also offer a course on the basics of internet marketing but nothing up to date. Apparently they add some other videos as well. That all sounds great but the reality is the video content isn't easy to understand and most importantly out of date. The videos tend to be overviews and miss the key components of “how to work the program”. So if you're a newbie, you basically have to fend for yourself. You're not part of a community where you can get live chat support from other successful marketers like in My #1 Recommendation

Identity Crisis

So apparently the Work At Home Institute has multiple personalities and seems there were many additional names for this company. Usually when home business opportunities are doing this, it's to hide some of their past shady activities so they try to rebrand themselves. Here are some of the other names this company has used:

  • Home Job Institute
  • Summit Mentoring LLC
  • Web Fortune Master
  • Summit Mentoring LLC
  • Work At Home Digital
  • Silver Chimney LLC
  • Web Profit Authority

This company has more identities than a schizophrenic. Sorry but that raises a red flag in my mind. No pun intended.

Refunds not honored.

Apparently many people have tried to get refunds after seeing the shady material provided by this company. But not surprising many people are not receiving these refunds.

Fake references & fake availability check

If you visit their website they reference some legitimate news websites as to give them credibility. But they've never actually been featured on any of these news websites. The logos don't link to any articles or videos proving they have been referenced in those sites. But it's a way to lure you into a sense of false security. They also have some fake security seals at the bottom of their website that links to nowhere as well. And as if that wasn't enough they're using some computer script to make it seem like they're checking for “work availability”. So what is actually real with this company? From what I can tell there is a real chance of you wasting money and being scammed!

So is the Work At Home Institute Legit?

I wouldn't touch this company with my enemy's 10 foot pole. Wow that sounded weird. But you get the point. Don't trust the positive Work At Home Institute Reviews you may have read online. The fact that this company misrepresents the legitimate business of affiliate marketing is enough for me to pass on this website. But then you couple the shady fake references, out of date videos, lack of a free option and the numerous other complaints I've covered, it just doesn't seem worth your investment or time. To make matters worse, when I compare it to my top recommendation, it definitely doesn't stack up.

But that's my two cents. What did you think of the Work At Home Institute? I'd love to hear your feedback on this “company” and I use that word loosely. Or, if you have had any experience with them, chime in your thoughts! I would love to hear from you. 🙂

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Eddy with a Y

23 thoughts on “Work At Home Institute Review: Is it a Scam?”

  1. Another great review!

    You have guided me to earning over $1100 extra in my spare time over the last few years and helped me to avoid some bad programs, so I wanted to Thank You! I have mostly earned through my own efforts such as tasks, ptc, and surveys, from your recommendation to Fusioncash, but have also done a little affiliate marketing. I also enjoy being part of the Wealthy Affiliates community!

    • Thanks!
      It’s always great to hear people who have taken action on what I recommend and come back and report their wins. I’m happy you trusted me enough to give WA a shot and you’re enjoying the community!

  2. Not sure but I think I have run across this site or one similar to it. I did not fall for it.. I was more than happy to find Wealthy Affiliate. One of the reasons that I was so willing to try this was because they were so up front with information and let me check it out for a week. During that week I was given a taste of everything they had to offer. They also gave me two free websites to keep and build. This is a very reputable company and I am so glad I found them. Robin

    • Hey Robin,

      I wouldn’t be surprised if you ran into many versions of this because the scam artists tend to repeat themselves using different domain names but they tend to have the same patterns. But I’m glad you avoided it and you went my top recommendation. You’re a testament as to why I’ve been a member of WA for so many years and why I recommend it to folks. So thanks for chiming in as usual!

  3. Hello Eddy could you tell me if Angela Bussio’s Home Internet Careers a scam. Can you recommend me home jobs that I can do from home. I am disabled and receive disability which is not enough for my bills. I would like to find something I can do from home. Thank you Leslie

  4. Like this ad I also found that if I send in $20. to this law firm that I would get my check that I won for $3,900,000.00, today. I know that’s not relevant but in a huge way it is. First, you should not be asked for money and secondly the notification would arrive first class not as part of a pre-sort at $.027.

    I am making the point that if anything sounds or even feels over the top…it IS…! Why, oh, why would anyone think that they will be paid such huge amounts of money….typing..! Even more interestingly do those people making this claim do this with a straight face or step aside hoping to avoid being struck by lightening for such ridiculous claims.

    Sense of humor will always be appreciated, Eddy.

    • Hey Nedra, that’s some great points you make. I think a lot of time our desperation gets the best of us. People are dying to work at home so badly and when they haven’t found positions they want that pay what they want then they start to suspend their natural instincts and try opportunities that promise them what they want.

      And the scam artists take full advantage of this. So it’s a sad situation. But sometimes people need to get burned to learn a lesson. And sometimes it’s a good thing because many victims end up here where I can help get them back on track.

      But I hear what you’re saying and totally agree with you. Thanks for chiming in!

  5. One more great review from the guy I can always trust to give a great review! Eddy, you did it again with this one and I’ll be sure to stay away. Seems there are fewer and fewer legit offers but I know they’re out there. As for your #1 recommendation, they’re legit but not free to all. I can’t get back in free only because I was in before and had to leave. Now, without a job, I could really use a free re-entry. Oh, well …

    I’ll be looking out for your next post after your “staycation.” No real vacation? 🙂


    • Always good to hear from you Ana! Thanks for the continued support over the years! There are a lot of legitimate opportunities out there. It’s just a matter of digging past the crap to get to them. And that’s my job. 😉

      Sorry to hear that WA won’t let you downgrade back to free. But from a business standpoint I understand why they do it. You should try doing mechanical mturk to get some income flowing back in. It would help you pay for you to get back into the premium membership and help you make money at the same time. There are people making hundreds of dollars with Mturk. And if you have the down time, it can really rack up.

      P.S. I had a real vacation earlier in the year. But this our second staycation. I’m looking forward to seeing Lake George and spending time with my extended family. Should be good times. Sometimes it doesn’t matter where you go, it’s really about the company. Know what I mean? 😉

    • I sure do understand about going pretty much anywhere on vaca and loving the who wherever it is! Losing my job sooner than I expected to took away any vaca this year, so everyone frolicked on the beach but lil’ me ;’-(

      On to happier thoughts 🙂 … they did invite me but I had to say no because my car isn’t running too well. As for mturk, I have intended to join them for some time but always forgot. Now that I mention it, I’m reminded that I’ve wanted to go back to some of your older posts to see other good opportunities I missed or forgot. Know of any offhand?

      Thanks for the response. Have a great time on your well-deserved time off!

    • Well here’s to happier days when you can go on vacation and your car is running well!

      I’m happy I could remind you about MTurk. People love that site and can do very well with it pretty quickly. So I would definitely get that back on your radar but this time run with it.

      Some of my other favorite stuff can be found here:

      So give those pages a look when you can. Let me know how you like MTurk once you’ve worked it for a week or two.

    • You’re welcome Sandy. I’m glad it helped. Just keep in mind there are legitimate instances when it’s fine to invest money in a money making opportunity. But it’s usually for a home based business not necessarily a job. A fee doesn’t always equate a scam. People tend to oversimplify that advice and misguide people. There are many scams that don’t cost you a dime that are very dangerous. 😉

    • Thanks again , Eddy, for reminding me that sometimes there IS a fee. I always read your reviews and you have steered me in the right direction to make a little pocket money in my retirement!

  6. Hi there Eddy, 😉

    I liked this review, and I’ve heard of them throughout my WAH journeys. Excellent finds on the complaints…I really liked your statement…This company has more identities than a schizophrenic! lol I WILL stay far away! :/

    Also, awesome illustration there. I thought that was a nice touch on comparing the 2 opportunities. =)

    • Glad you can appreciate my corny sense of humor. I’m happy you like the comparison chart too. I plan to use it more when comparing opportunities like this. As always, thanks for chiming in!

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